Double Take

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Anna smiled and looked at Felicia. "It's from Robin!"

Anna unfolded the paper and read what her daughter had written her.


I have been trying to find a way to tell you what is going on since my escape. Please understand that I couldn't actually come to you and tell you, someone is always watching me and I couldn't risk it. Hopefully, if all goes well, I am still here with you and you can figure out a way to stop me from going on my 'honeymoon'. If not, I know you will find me.

It wasn't Patrick next to me today, it was Daniel. It turns out that I didn't escape as much as Jerry let me escape. It was all a plan to bring Daniel and Jerry back to Port Charles. As soon as I left Patrick, they moved him and put Daniel in his place for you to find. When you brought him back to the station and he put his hand behind my neck I felt a pinch – Daniel had drugged me.

When I woke up in the hospital Daniel told me what was going on and provided proof that he has not only you under constant surveillance, but Emma, dad and everyone I love. Patrick is being held in another location, I don't know where but I know you can find him.

They are not working alone – this is all a master plan created by Helena Cassadine. They forced me to create a drug that will aid in mind control. I hate myself for doing it but they were holding so much over me I really didn't feel I had a choice. I am already working towards creating a counteragent and I have a great incentive to get it done – they are testing my drug on Nikolas Cassadine.

Mom, I know you are beating yourself up over not seeing that it wasn't Patrick but please don't. Daniel and Jerry did their homework and I was doing my best to hide it from everyone. Who knew I could actually lie convincingly?

If it's too late and I am already gone, I know you will take good care of Emma. I did not file the paperwork to rescind the custody order – you still have full custody of her. I know you will find not only me but also Patrick. I know you will do everything in your power to bring Emma's dad home to her.

I love you very much and have faith that you, Dad, Uncle Mac and Sean will be able to bring Patrick and I home soon.

Love, Robin

Anna cried as she read the letter, the guilt ripping her apart. Felicia held her as she waved Maxie over.

Maxie noticed Anna's tears immediately. "Mom, Anna, what's wrong? Is Robin okay?"

"Maxie, I need you to do me a favor – could you and Nathan take Emma home tonight – right now? Something very important has come up and we need to get Emma away from here."

Maxie looked at her mom, worried. "Of course, but why?"

Mac came up behind Maxie and hugged her. "Can you please just help us out? We'll explain everything to you tomorrow – we may need yours and Nathan's help. In fact, why don't you come over to the house in the morning and see if Dante and Lulu want to come as well."

Maxie nodded her head and went to get Nathan and Emma.

Robert, Noah and Sean came in a few minutes after Mac. They entered the ballroom and quietly, but quickly, joined Anna and the group. "I take it they were gone?" Robert nodded his head and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close.

"Yes, but we will find her. Did she say anything before she left?"

"No, but she had Emma give me her bouquet." Anna gave a little laugh. "She snuck a note into it."

Anna handed Robert the note. "That's our girl." Robert looked Anna in the eyes. "It may have taken her a little bit but she found a way to let us know what is going on."

Robert read the note. "So where is Nikolas? We need to find him immediately. He's as much a part of this as anyone."

The group looked around the room and saw Nikolas talking to Lulu and Dante. Mac volunteered to go over and talk to him. Before Mac could get over to him, Nikolas left the room.

Nikolas returned a minute later to make an announcement. "Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been informed that although our bride and groom made it off the island safely to get to their honeymoon, the launch broke down after arriving back here at Wyndamere. The bad news is that you will all need to stay here tonight – it should be fixed by morning. The good news is that we have plenty of rooms, food and drinks. So let's continue to enjoy the evening and, one by one, I will get everyone set up in their own rooms. Thank you."

The group looked at each other. They were stuck on Spoon Island for the night. They decided to speak to Nikolas, recruit people to help and begin making plans to find and rescue Robin and Patrick.

Tonight, they would come up with a plan. Tomorrow, the search would begin.

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