Double Take

Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Jerry sat down across from Robin on the Cassadine jet. "Well, Nikolas did as he was told and everyone is staying at Wyndamere tonight. That should buy us some time to get where we are going without your super spy parents finding us."

Robin ignored him completely and just stared out the window as Port Charles faded from sight. She prayed that Emma had gotten the flowers and note to her mother.

It had been risky but Robin couldn't think of a better way to let her mom know what was going on. Robin's original plan had been to give her mom the bouquet instead of doing the usual flower throw, followed by 'Patrick' giving Robert the garter belt. It would look like she was just trying to get her parents back together and she was, just not for the reason everyone would think.

She felt Daniel's hand rubbing her arm. "Good. Now we just need to make one quick stop and then we can settle into our new home."

"We have reached our cruising altitude, please feel free to move about the cabin." The captain's voice came over the loud speaker and surprised Robin. She quickly unbuckled her seat belt and moved from the men.

"I assume my suitcase is here. I'd like to get out of this dress." Robin had been stuck in that dress all day and it was feeling heavier by the moment.

Jerry smiled at her. "Of course, in the back of the plane. It is sitting by a small bathroom that someone as tiny as you should have no problem using as a changing room. I figured that your dress may not be the most comfortable thing to travel in."

"No, it's not." She started walking to the area Jerry pointed her to.

"Do you need some help with the zipper?" Daniel stood up to follow her.

"No!" Robin took a deep breath in an attempt to calm herself. She didn't even want to be near him, let alone have him touching her. "I made sure before I got it that I could get myself out of it." Turning away from the men, she went to change.

Daniel sat back down, disappointed. "Why can't she see that Patrick is all wrong for her and that we belong together?"

Jerry snickered. "Did you really think that a few weeks living together was going to convince her to give up on poor Patrick and take up with you? Tsk, tsk Danny boy, Robin is not a woman easily swayed or won. But that is also the reason that, when you do finally win her, the victory will be so sweet. You will have earned every moment with her."

Daniel sighed and looked out the window. He had never had to work so hard to get a woman in his life except once, and he didn't get her – Lisa. A part of him would always love her and miss her but his heart now belonged to Robin, completely. He knew it would take time but Jerry was right, she was worth it and now they had all the time in the world.

Jerry's phone rang. "Good, so they will be waiting at the clinic for us? Okay, we have to make one short stop and we will be there." Jerry hung up the phone and smiled at Daniel. "Our new subject has been brought to the clinic."

Daniel nodded. When they left Port Charles they also had to leave behind their test subject, Nikolas. The good news was they already had a second subject that they could use.

Robin came back in wearing jeans, a black t-shirt and tennis shoes, her hair pulled back in a loose pony tail. Instead of sitting back down with Jerry and Daniel, she took a seat on the couch on the other side of the plane. She pulled out her Kindle and began reading an article in the latest edition of JAMA, completely ignoring both men.

Daniel watched her intently. Soon she would realize that he was the right man for her and as for her ex-husband, well he would learn that there would be a price to pay for feeding him false information.

A much higher price than Patrick could have ever dreamed of.

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