Double Take

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Robin sighed in her sleep. She had nodded off on the plane and was dreaming of Patrick.

"Robin, Robin." Robin looked up to see Patrick looking at her. She smiled at him until she realized it wasn't Patrick but Daniel standing over her and then her smile disappeared. Daniel noticed and frowned at her. "We are getting ready to land. Buckle up."

Robin nodded her head, stretched and sat up on the couch. Buckling up, she looked out the window and tried to see if anything looked familiar as they landed but it was too dark to see any landmarks. Not that it would matter if she could; she had no way to contact her parents and let them know where she was.

The plane landed 15 minutes later. Jerry walked over to Robin and held his hand out to her. "Shall we? I would certainly hate to keep Patty boy waiting?"

Tears filled Robin's eyes. "Patrick?"

"Yes my dear, I feel you might need a little incentive before we head to our final destination."

Robin noticed that Daniel hurried off the plane before them. "Where is he going?"

"Well, it seems that Daniel needs to see Patrick about something first. After he is done, it will be your turn to see Patty boy."

Robin couldn't help but smile at the mention of Patrick. Jerry noticed. "By the way, I want to congratulate you on the way you got your letter to your mother. I am sure she has read it by now." Robin started to speak but Jerry stopped her. "I have to admit, I was impressed by your plan. So impressed that I decided to let you go ahead and implement it. The truth is that you were never coming back from your honeymoon but I think you had already figured that out, didn't you?"

Robin nodded her head. Yes, she had figured that out which is why she had tried to reach out to her parents at the wedding.

"So, shall we go see your Patrick?" Robin reluctantly took Jerry's hand and left the plane.

Jerry smiled as he led Robin down the hall. "You know, I am feeling rather generous tonight Robin."

"What do you mean by generous?"

"I mean, it is your wedding night. Technically, you and Patty boy were married today." Robin raised her eyebrows at him. "It may surprise you to learn that I actually do have a bit of a romantic side. It is now 10 pm, I will be back at 6 am to collect you. Consider this a wedding gift from me to you. I'm sure you'll find everything to your liking."

Jerry opened the door to a simple bedroom. "You will notice the complete lack of windows and the door will be locked, of course." Robin entered the room. "Please, make yourself comfortable. I'll be having your Patrick brought in here shortly."

Jerry closed the door and Robin heard the lock click in place. She nervously wandered around the room, looking in the refrigerator, the adjoining bathroom and the drawers of the dresser. She found wine, clothes for both of them, towels and various other 'items' the couple would need for a romantic evening.

After a few minutes, Robin heard the door open and someone was pushed through the door. They fell to the floor and the door was shut behind them. Robin rushed over and knelt down beside them. "Patrick?"

Patrick looked up at her and smiled. He had a black eye and she could see a bruise forming on his cheek. "Who did this to you?"

Daniel had attacked him right before Patrick was brought in to see Robin. "Daniel, he didn't appreciate my little trick." Robin looked at him questioningly. "I told him Anna was the one who arrested me not Mac." No further explanation was needed, Robin knew exactly what he was talking about.

Robin leaned over him and began checking out his wounds. Patrick couldn't bear to tell her how bad it was. He knew that there would be bruises all along his back and stomach in the morning but he didn't want her to worry about him right now.

Robin looked at him apprehensively. She wanted to believe that this was Patrick but she couldn't be sure until…Robin leaned down and kissed him.

Patrick wrapped his arms around Robin and pulled her into him. The kiss went from tentative to passionate in seconds. Finally, if only for tonight, they were back together.

Robin pulled away and smiled at him. "It's you!" Tears flowed down her face. "It is really you." She kissed him again. "I love you Patrick."

Patrick gently ran his fingers down her cheek and smiled back at her. "And I love you Robin." It took him a moment but he stood up. "And I don't want to waste a single moment I have with you."

He picked Robin up and carried her to the bed. After over a year apart, they were finally back together. They both knew that they had only this night together and they were going to make the most of it.

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