Double Take

Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Patrick held Robin close, her back against his chest, his chin resting on the top of her head, his arms wrapped tightly around her. "I can't do this."

Robin wrapped her arms around his and squeezed him tight in return. "I don't want to do this either but we don't have a choice." In between bouts of making love, Robin had told Patrick everything that was going on. "Emma is safe with my parents but you and I both know that neither one of those men have any problem using her to make us comply. The only reason that man was anywhere near me is because they have a constant watch on our daughter and I had to protect her. You do believe me?"

Robin began softly weeping, worried that Patrick would think that she wanted to be with Daniel. Patrick turned her around so she was facing him but still wrapped in his arms. "Of course I do. You told me that you haven't been with him and I believe that too."

"We may have shared a bedroom for appearances sake but we never shared a bed, never." Robin had insisted that Daniel sleep on the couch in their room and she had slept in her sweatpants and t-shirts every night.

Patrick smiled at her. He knew that Robin would never sleep with Daniel, at least not willingly. "Robin, I know you, I trust you and I love you. Never doubt that."

He ran his fingers through Robin's hair. "It's just that I don't think I can let you walk out that door in a few hours. We have spent so much time apart, not only from each other but from Emma, due to Jerry's machinations and I just want it to end. I want to tear them both apart and drag you out of here, I want to rescue you and instead I am one of the reasons you are in this mess."

Robin shook her head but he continued. "Because of Lisa's obsession with me, Daniel is now a part of your life and, from what I can see, obsessed with being with you. He is doing this because of me."

"But Jerry and Helena are doing this because of me, because of my medical knowledge. If it wasn't Daniel, they would have found someone else. This isn't your fault and it isn't mine." Robin gave Patrick a gentle kiss. "My parents are going to find us and we will be together again, I promise you."

Robin took her hand and slowly began rubbing his chest. "Until then, I want to savor every last moment with you." She looked at the clock on the wall. "We still have a couple of hours left - what do you say Dr. Drake?"

Patrick smiled at Robin and pulled her closer. "I can work with that." Smiling he began kissing her slowly and passionately. He slowly kissed his way down her cheek and to that special spot on her neck that drove her crazy. She moaned as he kissed her, reveling in the moment and in his touch. Patrick was reaching for the necessary precautions when the door flew open and Daniel walked in.

Robin pulled the covers over her body as Patrick shielded her from Daniel's view. They weren't quick enough to stop Daniel from getting a quick look at her. He smirked at the couple and then spoke. "Sorry to interrupt but we are leaving in 30 minutes."

Patrick kept in front of Robin. "No, Jerry said that we have until 6."

Daniel walked over to the bed. Two guards stood at the door and started to follow him in but he waved them off. "And I said we are leaving in 30 minutes. You have two choices – either the guards can leave and we will give Robin time to get a shower and get dressed or I will have the guards come in right now and they will hold you down while I drag Robin from the bed as she is. Which will it be?"

Robin wrapped her arms around Patrick and buried her face in his back. Patrick knew they didn't have a choice. "Fine, 30 minutes."

Daniel signaled the guards and they took up positions in the hall facing the door. Daniel walked over and closed the door, standing in front of it while staring at the couple. "Come on Robin."

"Not until you leave." Patrick could not believe the nerve of the man.

"I never said I would, only that the guards wouldn't be in here." Daniel smiled at the couple. "She is my wife after all."

Robin tightened her grip on Patrick. She quickly leaned up and whispered in his ear. Reaching up, he wrapped her hands in his and then scooted to the side of the bed closest to the bathroom, Robin staying close behind him the whole time. Together they wrapped the sheets around themselves and quickly entered the bathroom, Robin completely shielded from Daniel's view the entire time.

Patrick shut the door and pulled Robin close to him. "That bastard. Robin, are you okay?"

Robin leaned into her husband and nodded. She should have known that Daniel would pull a stunt like this. She looked around the bathroom and realized that she didn't have any clothes in there. Patrick smiled, realizing the same thing."I will go out and get our clothes, you get the shower going."

"Patrick, knowing he is right outside the door I can't…"

"Uh, me either but it doesn't mean I can't enjoy looking at you for a little while longer." Smiling, he kissed her, grabbed the sheets and darted out the door, quickly shutting it behind him.

Daniel still stood there, staring at the bathroom door as Patrick walked out it. "I am getting our clothes while Robin starts our shower." He picked up his and Robin's clothes. "See you in 30 minutes."

Frustrated, Daniel lunged for Patrick but the door opened and Jerry pulled Daniel back towards the door. "We need to talk." Jerry looked at Patrick. "Dr. Drake, I will be back for Dr. Scorpio in an hour. Please make sure she is ready to leave by the time I return."

Jerry dragged a furious Daniel out the door and locked it behind him. Patrick wasn't sure what had just happened but he didn't care if it gave him more time with the woman he loved. He walked back over to the bathroom and walked in, smiling.

Robin was already in the shower and was surprised when Patrick opened the door and stepped in. "What are you doing?"

"Jerry took Daniel away for a talk and gave us another hour. Now, where were we?" He stepped under the water and reached for her.

"Really?" Robin smiled at him as she wrapped her arms around him. "Well in that case, I think we were right about here." She wrapped her arms around him and pulled Patrick down for a searing kiss.

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