Double Take

Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Anna smiled and waved at Emma as she played in the park. Anna hadn't really smiled in 3 days, not since Robin's 'wedding'.

It took hours but Anna and Robert were finally able to get a group together to discuss what was needed to be done in the ballroom. Nikolas had no idea where Robin and Daniel had gone and it soon became apparent that Jerry had done something to Nikolas's memory. Nikolas had spots in his memory and absolutely no recollection of Robin being his doctor for the past two weeks.

Eventually a group was formed to figure out how to save the two doctors. Robert, Anna and Sean would use their agency contacts to start an international search. Mac, Felicia, Dante and Nathan would work with local agencies to set up an interstate search. In addition, Maxie would contact Spinelli so he could use his considerable computer skills to see if he could find out more about Daniel. The man was still an unknown quantity and that made Anna very nervous.

Last but not least, Noah was going to take over as Nikolas's physician and begin to analyze Nikolas's tests as well as any notes Robin may have left behind. His daughter-in-law was a brilliant woman who had managed to sneak a note for help in her bridal bouquet. He had no doubts that if he searched hard enough Noah would find clues to what Robin created.

Lulu walked up to Anna and smiled. She was pushing her little boy, Rocco, in his stroller and sat down next to Anna. "Any news yet?"

Anna shook her head. "Unfortunately, no. The flight plan filed was false, but we had already figured it would be. The plane has not returned yet so that is a dead end. No phone calls, no credit cards used, it's like they disappeared into thin air."

"Anna, I know how much you blame yourself for this – been there, done that with my dad. But you are doing everything in your power to bring Robin and Patrick home. In the end, all that matters is getting them home, safe and sound." Lulu took Anna's hand and squeezed it. Like with her dad, nobody had seen what was going on right in front of them.

"Thank you." Anna had a soft spot for Dante's wife. Lulu was the youngest child of her and Robert's friend Luke. Anna smiled at the woman, remembering the first time she met her. It was on the Markham Islands and Anna had just dropped in from a helicopter to arrest Luke, Robert and Robert's ex-wife Holly. One of the first things Lulu had done was point a gun at Anna to stop her from taking her dad to jail.

"Anna, what are you thinking about?" Lulu could see the wheels turning in Anna's head.

"The first time I met you."

Lulu laughed. "I pulled a machine gun on you. You know you missed the best part."

Anna looked at her curiously. "Really, what?"

"Well, I came up with a plan to throw off the bounty hunters. I convinced Robin, Patrick and Dylan to work with me and act like some wild partiers on a break. Although it really didn't take much convincing for Patrick to pull Robin into that old tub that was in the living room and start making out with her." Lulu laughed at the memory. "I swear if Liz hadn't called to get Patrick back to Port Charles to do surgery on Sam, they would have still been there in that tub when you came jumping off that helicopter."

Anna smiled. Patrick brought out a passion in Robin that she had never seen with anyone else - which is exactly why she should have known that it wasn't Patrick with her for the last few months. Anna sighed. "That's my girl."

Anna's phone rang. "Noah, did you find something?"

Lulu had been watching Emma play but she looked at Anna when she heard who Anna was talking to. Lulu was worried about her brother, Nikolas.

"You might say that. Could you bring Emma to the hospital?"

"Emma? Of course, but why?" Anna wasn't sure why Noah was wanting her to do that.

"Because I think my son may have just been brought into the ER but I want to make sure. He's unconscious and it looks like he took a pretty good beating. Anyway, I want to do 2 DNA tests, one with me and one with Emma just to be on the safe side."

Anna jumped up and waved Emma over. "We'll be right there. I'll just tell her that we are going to visit you for a little bit. Maybe that you need her help with an experiment?"

"Sounds great, I'll have Kavi take Patrick and my samples right now and Emma's when you get to the hospital."

Lulu looked at Anna questioningly. "Anna, what is it?"

Anna smiled. "Hopefully, our first break."

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