Double Take

Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Robin woke up to the sound of an alarm clock. She stretched out, turned off the alarm clock sitting on the nightstand and looked around her. She was in an actual bedroom for the first time in a long time. There was a bed, a dresser, and even a picture of Emma on the nightstand. Sure, there were bars on the window but at least she could see outside and the sun was shining. Rubbing her eyes, Robin got out of bed and walked towards the door. She was shocked when she turned the doorknob and it opened.

Walking slowly, Robin made her way down the hall, unsure of what she would find. Eventually she found herself in a kitchen. She looked around, talking to herself. "Am I dreaming or are they actually letting me wander around this place?"

"It's not a dream – we're home Robin." Robin froze when she heard Daniel's voice.

"What do you mean home?" She didn't turn around, didn't want to look at him.

"I mean our home." Daniel walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around Robin. He kissed her head. "Now take your pills and get ready, we need to get started on our trials."

"Is it just us here?" For the first time in all the years she had known him, Robin wanted Jerry to be nearby.

"Jerry is downstairs in the clinic waiting for us." Daniel gently turned Robin around to look at him, keeping her in his grasp. "Our subject is ready for their first treatment. It's time to start human testing."

Looking at the clock on the wall, Daniel reluctantly released her. "I'll meet you back here in 15 minutes. Don't be late."

Robin watched Daniel as he walked down a different hallway than the one her room was in. At least there was some distance between them. Robin decided to make sure she had a lock on her door after she got ready.

Robin got some juice and found her protocol on the counter. She had packed two weeks' worth of her pills for her 'honeymoon' and she took her morning pills before heading back to her room to change. After changing into jeans and a t-shirt, and assuring herself that she could indeed lock herself into her room at night, Robin headed back to the kitchen.

She walked in to find Daniel and Jerry both waiting for her. Jerry smiled at her. "Good morning Dr. Scorpio. I trust you slept well."

Robin was not in the mood. "Yes, it was almost like I was drugged."

"Touché." Jerry watched her carefully. "You'll be pleased to know that your ex-husband is on his way back to Port Charles."

Robin nodded at him. "I will want proof when he gets there."

"Of course, but for now we need to get started on the testing. Please follow me."

Jerry headed towards the pantry. Daniel watched Robin for a moment and motioned for her to follow Jerry. Daniel then walked right behind her, so close that when Jerry stopped, Daniel ran right into the back of her. "Sorry."

She didn't believe him.

Jerry pushed on a panel in the wall and a door slid open revealing a set of stairs. Robin followed Jerry down them and into a lab.

"Our patient will be brought in shortly. Please go ahead and make sure you have everything you need while you wait." Jerry smiled at Robin and then quickly walked out the door, slamming it shut behind him. Daniel settled in at a desk right by the door while Robin took inventory. A few minutes later the door opened and Jerry walked in with their subject.


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