Double Take

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Noah sat by Patrick's bed, monitoring his vitals. The DNA tests had been a match to not only Noah but Emma too. Patrick was finally home.

It had been 4 days since Patrick was found unconscious on the outskirts of town and he still hadn't woken up. His injuries were actually minor and almost healed but he had been drugged and they had no way of knowing when his body would finally be rid of the medicine.

"Hey sport, I think you have slept long enough. Your daughter is missing you and we could really use your help to bring Robin home."

Noah shook his head. "I have failed you so much since your mother died. Turning to the bottle instead of you and losing 10 years of your life, the relapse, missing your wedding and Emma's birth, and not realizing the moment I saw that man that he wasn't you, so many mistakes. But that ends now – we are going to work together to find Robin and bring her home to you and Emma."

He stood up and began pacing the room. "But you need to wake up for us to do it. You are the only one who knows what is truly going on Patrick, you are the only hope we have to find her."

Noah sighed and headed towards the door. Patrick's latest lab results should be in soon and Noah needed to review them.

"Robin." It was soft, more a whisper than a full word but Noah heard it loud and clear. He ran to his son's bedside.

"Patrick? Come on son, it's time to wake up."

"Robin." His voice was stronger now, almost as if saying her name was giving him strength. "Robin!"

Noah took Patrick's hand. "She's not here son, but we are going to find her."

Patrick's eyes finally opened. He looked around and recognized his surroundings – he was at GH. "Dad?"

"Yeah, it's me. Welcome back." Noah smiled at Patrick, barely able to keep the tears at bay.

"Where is she? Where's Robin?" Patrick was looking everywhere he could for her.

Noah shook his head. "She's not here son. You were found unconscious just outside of town. She wasn't with you. Did you see her?"

Patrick felt the tears falling down his cheeks and nodded. "She and I were together and that bastard took her."


Patrick wasn't surprised they knew about Daniel but that wasn't who he was talking about. "Jerry Jacks." He spit the name out. "Dad, between Jerry and Daniel…"

Noah decided to get more information about the man posing as his son. "What can you tell us about him? All we know is his name is Daniel Chriton."

"No, not exactly, Crichton-Clark."

Noah interrupted, "As in the clinic that Robin was being held at?"

"Yes – it was all one big set up. They needed Robin to believe that I had given up on her but they also wanted to make sure that she wouldn't reveal the truth." Patrick couldn't believe how far Daniel had gone to destroy his life.

"But why?"

"Daniel was in school with Lisa and I. He was in love with Lisa but she didn't see him that way and told him so, many times. When Lisa died, he blamed me and Robin for it."

"But if he wanted to destroy your marriage, why get remarried?" Noah was confused.

"Because he spent time with Robin and fell in love with her." Patrick's voice shook. "I think Daniel thinks that since it was him standing at the altar with her it makes him Robin's husband."

"That's insane Patrick – it is your name on that license, not Daniel's. Robin would never willingly marry that man."

"He is insane Dad; that is what I am trying to tell you. Daniel is obsessed with her. He truly believes that if he is with Robin all the time she will eventually accept him as a replacement for me." Patrick didn't even fight the tears that ran down his face. "Where is Emma? I want to see her as soon as possible. I miss her so much."

Noah smiled. "She is with Anna – I'll call and have Anna bring her over as soon as possible."

"What does she know about what has happened?" Patrick was concerned about the effect all of this would have on their little girl.

"She thinks you are still on your honeymoon." Noah said as he got up to go call Anna. "We wanted to let you decide how much you wanted Emma to know. Take some time to think about it and I'll go call Anna. And son, welcome home."

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