Double Take

Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Robin went into the kitchen to make herself something to eat. She had been at her new 'home' for 2 weeks and she was getting into a routine. Every morning she got up at 7 am, had breakfast, took her morning protocol and got ready. By 8 am she was in the lab working. At noon she had lunch and then returned to the lab by 12:30 pm. She left the lab at 5 pm and had supper at 7 pm, followed by her evening protocol. Immediately after supper, she went to her room and locked the door doing her best to secure it before a shower, reading and bed.

Once a week, Jerry insisted on a 'family' dinner with her and Daniel. Robin sat there in silence as Jerry talked on and on about his various adventures and plans for their future. Daniel would occasionally contribute but his focus was always on Robin. She never ate much on those nights.

Robin had just put her supper in the oven when she heard someone walk in the room. "Make enough for me?"

Robin stayed facing the stove and rolled her eyes. "No."

Daniel walked over to her. "I just thought that my wife might surprise me with supper for once." He put his hands on her shoulders but Robin quickly turned around and put her hands up between them.

"For the hundredth time, you are not my husband." She started to go around him but Daniel grabbed Robin's arms and pushed her into the corner by the refrigerator. Robin struggled against him but Daniel kept her pinned in the corner.

"You stood at that altar and vowed to be my wife." He held up his left hand. "You put this ring on my finger and said I do."

"You forced me to do that. I said I take Patrick as my husband, not you!"

"No, I am your husband and it's time you started acting like my wife." Daniel leaned down and kissed her but Robin bit him. He smiled at her. "See, I do bring out the passion in you."

He went in for another kiss and Robin screamed. Before Daniel could get any further, Robin felt him pull away. Less than a minute later, Daniel was on the floor and Jerry had a gun trained on him. "Dr. Scorpio, would please excuse us?"

Robin nodded and ran to her room, slamming the door and locking it behind her. She went to the bed and, after taking a moment to process what had just happened, began crying.

"Robin, would you please open the door?" It had been almost an hour since Daniel's attack in the kitchen and Jerry was knocking on her door.

Robin walked over to the door and cracked it open. Jerry was standing there with a tray. "I'm alone, I promise. May I please come in? I brought your supper and your pills."

Robin opened the door and Jerry set down the tray he was holding on the dresser. "Thank you, for everything."

Jerry sat down by the tray on the dresser. "Danny boy will no longer be assisting in our experiment. He has become far too volatile."

Robin wasn't sure what Jerry was saying. "Where is he?"

Jerry smiled at her. "Daniel is going away someplace to think about his actions and why he should be more respectful of you. I will be bringing you a new assistant to work with, at least until I can trust Daniel again. Will that be a problem?"

"No, that will be fine." Robin hated Daniel but she didn't want him dead.

"Good." Jerry got up from the dresser and headed towards the door. "Well, good night little Robin. I will see you in the morning."

Robin followed him to the door and locked it behind him. She took a deep breath and then went to eat her supper, well aware of the fact that sleep wouldn't be coming anytime soon.

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