Double Take

Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Matt paced his room trying to figure out how the hell he ended up here. He wondered if anyone knew he was even missing – if not, it was his own damn fault.

Depressed and upset about accidentally killing Lisa, Matt had starting refusing all visitors and calls at the prison. He didn't want to see anyone and eventually people stopped trying to see him. He didn't even contact anyone when he found out he was being paroled last month so he had been shocked to find Patrick waiting for him outside the prison gates on his release date.

Of course, he now knew that it wasn't Patrick but that bastard posing as his brother. He had gotten Matt in the car and before Matt knew what was going on, he was grabbed from behind and knocked out. Matt had woken up in a cell and was in it for a week before he was transferred to his new prison.

He had been there for a few days, receiving 3 meals a day and bathroom breaks when Jerry Jacks had told him what was going to happen. Matt was going to be used as a guinea pig for a new drug trial. If Matt refused to participate, Jerry would use the drug on the real Patrick and Maxie. Matt quickly agreed to be the test subject.

Then Matt had received the biggest shock – the doctor running the trial was none other than his sister-in-law Robin.



Robin crossed the room and Matt ran over to her, meeting her in the middle. "Robin?"

Tears filled Robin's eyes and she shot Jerry a look that stopped him cold. "No, absolutely not."

"This is not open for debate Dr. Scorpio – Dr. Hunter has graciously volunteered to be our test subject and he will be." Jerry knew Robin would be upset but it didn't change his plans.

"Robin, it's okay." Matt hugged her and tried to calm her down.

"No it's not. Matt I don't know what it will do to you and I could never forgive myself if anything happened to you." Robin was crying and shaking at the thought of using the protocol on Matt.

"Hey, I trust you."

Daniel walked up behind Robin and put his hands on her shoulders. Matt noticed that Robin stiffened as soon as Daniel touched her. "We really need to get started, dear."

"Don't touch her you son of a bitch." Matt turned Robin away from Daniel and stepped in front of her protectively.

Daniel raised his fist but Jerry stopped him. "Now, now. Danny boy, back to your desk. As for you Dr. Hunter, please take a seat so Jobbin Robin can begin her exam."

Matt nodded at Robin and then walked over to the exam table and sat down.

End Flashback

Matt hated Daniel and hated what this experiment was doing to Robin. Every day she seemed more worn down, exhausted almost, and constantly on the brink of tears. Matt needed to get more than a few minutes with her to make sure Robin was still taking her protocol and taking care of herself.

The door opened and Jerry walked in. "Dr. Hunter, it's your lucky day! I have a proposition for you."

Matt regarding Jerry curiously. "Danny boy has to go away for a while. I know that Robin could continue her work on her own but I would prefer that she have someone to assist her. Now, if you will agree to assist her with a new test subject, I will stop using the drug on you permanently."

"Who will that subject be?" Matt worried that Jerry would go after Patrick or Maxie.

"No one you will have an issue with, trust me. This is a limited time offer, tick tock, tick tock."

Matt glared at him. He hated to do this but it was a chance to keep an eye on Robin and possibly work with her to figure out a way to escape. Matt had to take it. "Fine."

"Wonderful!" He signaled to the guard. "Since you are now an employee, your accommodations will be upgraded." Jerry spoke to the guard. "Please gather Dr. Hunter's belongings while I take him to his new room."

Jerry turned back to Matt. "Follow me please."

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