Double Take

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Jerry smiled at the person sitting across from him. They were struggling in the chair, bound and gagged, with a look of fury in their eyes. "If you will just be patient, your guest will be here soon and then you can return to your room – unencumbered of course."

They glared at him and then resumed trying to get out of their bonds. Jerry shook his head – so damn stubborn. "If you don't stop, I can think of several people who will pay the price for your insolence."

They stopped, closing their eyes and shaking their heads. Jerry would hurt anyone if it helped him accomplish his goals. "There, much better. Now, you are getting a visitor. We need some questions answered and you are just the person to do it."

The door opened up and Patrick came in, sitting down next to Jerry. He smiled at his guest. "So, I have a few questions for you…"

Anna shook her head as she, once again, got Robin's voicemail. Standing up, she went over to the window and stared out at Port Charles.

Something was wrong, she could feel it.

Initially, Anna had been thrown by Robin's declaration that she was broken. All of the information that had been thrown at her in such a short period of time had left Anna in a state of confusion that didn't stop until she was unable to get in touch with her daughter.

After 4 unanswered calls, Anna went into cop mode and reviewed the evidence:

• Robin had been blackmailed into helping Victor Cassadine resurrect his loved ones, including Helena.

• Robin would do anything to protect her loved ones, even if it meant leaving them.

• Robin would never willingly stay away from Emma or Patrick.

• There was no love lost between the Cassadines and Scorpios, especially between Helena and Robert.

• Cesar had told Patrick that Victor caused the accident that killed Gabriel. Anna hated to believe anything he said and yet, in this instance, she did. That was why Robin hadn't come home when Gabriel died, she couldn't or Victor would have gone after her family again.

• After the explosion, Helena had turned up alive. Robin's medical expertise had saved Helena and Anna was certain that the woman would have no problem continuing to threaten Robin into working for her.

Anna picked up her phone and dialed a familiar number. "Sean, I need your help. Actually, I think Robin needs your help."

Sean listened intently as Anna told him what had been going on. "Has she spoken with Emma?" Sean knew from his talks with Anna and Robert both that Robin was a devoted mother.

"No…" Anna's heart dropped into her stomach, she had been so blind.

"I agree with you, something is not right with this entire situation. I still have a few contacts in the right places; let's see what they turn up. A woman like Helena Cassadine has more than a few enemies."

Anna shook her head. "Damn it Sean, how could I not see it?"

Sean tried to comfort her. "Anna, you were too close to the situation. Once you took a step back, you saw it. Are you going to say anything to Patrick?"

Anna hesitated. The truth was that she had a feeling something was off with Patrick. She couldn't put her finger on it, but something about her ex-son-in-law had changed and she wasn't sure she could trust him anymore. "Not until I know anything for sure."

Sean noticed the hesitation but decided not to say anything. "Makes sense – you wouldn't want to get his hopes up. Tell you what, I'm going to get right on this and see what I can find out. I'll be in touch as soon as I find out anything."

"Thank you Sean."

Sean smiled. "Anything for our girl." He hung up with Anna and immediately called up another contact. "I want to put a tail on Dr. Patrick Drake and I need everything you have on the good doctor."

Sean trusted Anna's instincts – her hesitation to include Patrick meant that she felt something was wrong with him. If Anna felt something was wrong with Robin's ex-husband, there was and Sean would find out exactly what it was.

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