Double Take

Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Robin stood at the refrigerator exhausted. She had barely slept the night before, every time she closed her eyes she saw Daniel. Daniel, not Patrick.

There were a few little differences that only Robin noticed. Daniel's eyes were a little lighter shade of brown. Daniel didn't have that little scar from a racing accident that Patrick had on his right arm, high enough to be covered up almost all the time. Little things but it was helping her cope with what happened.

Robin stared at the corner next to the refrigerator, replaying the incident from the night before in her head. She was so caught up in the memory that she didn't hear the person come up behind her until they put their hand on her shoulder. Robin reacted instinctively, pushing the hand off her shoulder and turning around, fist ready to strike out.

"Whoa! Calm down – it's just me Robin." Matt didn't mean to scare her; he thought Robin had heard him walk up behind her.

"Matt," Robin unclenched her fist and stepped towards him, "oh God, I am so sorry."

Matt took a good look at his sister in law. She looked so tired, bags under her eyes and pale. He took her hands in his and noticed bruises around her wrists. "Robin, what happened to you?"

Robin shook her head and collapsed into Matt's arms, finally releasing all the tears she had been holding in for the past year. Holding her close, Matt gently sat down on the floor with her and just let her cry.

A half hour later Robin had finally calmed down enough for Matt to sit her down at the table. He got her some juice, her pills and a banana so she had something in her stomach when she took her protocol.

Matt sat down with her and took her wrists gently in his hands. "Did Daniel do this to you?"

Robin bit her lip and nodded. "Last night." She knew she needed to give Matt a quick rundown of what had been going on.

"Daniel was a college rival of Patrick's and wanted revenge on him for stealing the woman he loved – Lisa Niles." Matt looked at Robin in shock. "They took me to create the drug protocol and destroy him. After they placed Daniel in Port Charles, they arranged a divorce and he started pushing Emma away, sending her off to friend's houses so she wouldn't have a relationship with her dad. Daniel even started dating Sam Morgan."

"Sam, really?"

"I know. Anyway, after the divorce, Daniel met me and started hanging around in the lab I was working in. I guess it wasn't too long before decided that he was in love with me." She rolled her eyes at the notion. "Once Daniel decided that, there was a staged rescue and reunion followed by our 'remarriage'."

Matt felt horrible. He had purposely avoided any and all news from Port Charles. He had heard about Robin's return and Gabriel's death but nothing else. If he hadn't cut everybody off than maybe he could have been there for his brother and Robin. "What happened last night?"

Robin swallowed before continuing her story. "He came in here and told me that I was his wife and it was time I started acting like it. He grabbed me and pushed me that corner." She pointed to the area by the refrigerator. "He tried to kiss me but I bit him."

Matt squeezed her hands.

Robin continued the story, her head down. "It actually excited him." She looked at Matt. "Since Stone died there have only been two men who didn't run away when they found out I was HIV positive – Jason and your brother. Both of them respected me and were patient with me, knew how important it was for me to be safe. Daniel didn't care, I could see it in his eyes."

Matt watched Robin as the tears rolled down her face. "Robin, did he…"

"No, Jerry came in and stopped him. But if Jerry hadn't come in when he did, Daniel would have…," Robin stopped - she just couldn't say it and she began crying again.

Matt pulled Robin into a hug and held her again. "It's okay, he's gone and we are going to be working together now."

Robin looked at him. "What?"

Matt smiled at her. "I've been promoted from lab rat to lab assistant."

As happy as she was that Matt was no longer being experimented on, Robin had to wonder who was taking Matt's place as the test subject. "Who will be…"

She didn't get to finish the question – Jerry came into the room. "The new subject will be here in a few days. The good news is that you can take some time off. Spend time catching up, a little family reunion if you will."

Jerry smiled at Robin, gently touched her cheek and left the room.

Matt looked at Robin. "What the hell was that?"

"I don't know."

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