Double Take

Chapter 31

Chapter 31

"I'm not sleepy Daddy." Emma's eyes were barely open but she was protesting being put to bed.

"Of course you're not princess." Patrick laid her down in the bed and covered her up, tucking his daughter in tight. "But you do have school tomorrow and you need some rest, okay?"

"And you are looking for mommy while I'm in school, right?" Emma turned on her side and curled up with Butterscotch the bear firmly in her grasp.

Patrick smiled at her. "Yes, I promise." He kissed Emma on the forehead and then left her room before she could see him cry.

Patrick had been released from GH 10 days ago. He spent every minute he could with Emma and was only away from her when she was at school or in bed. Emma knew that the bad men had taken mommy again and hurt daddy. For Emma's protection, Patrick had told her about Daniel – not that he had taken Patrick's place but that there was someone who looked just like Patrick who may try to take her away from her daddy.

Working with Sean and Robert, Patrick devised a series of code words for Emma to use to make sure she was talking to her dad. The decision was made to leave the protocols in place for Emma's school as well. Patrick didn't like it but the priority was keeping Emma safe and his feelings didn't matter.

Patrick stood in the doorway and waited until Emma was sleeping before he went to her window and double checked the lock, looked under the bed, and then checked the closet. He left the door to her room open and laid out the sleeping bag by her door before going back downstairs for some more research.

Patrick slept in the hallway every night just in case someone tried to get into Emma's room. Sleeping in their bed without Robin wasn't possible anyway.

Sitting down at the couch, Patrick pulled out his laptop and began reviewing the files Spinelli had sent him. Now that they had Daniel's correct name Spinelli had been able to dig up a ton of information on him and what they had found out about Daniel was absolutely frightening.

Daniel had been arrested a dozen times over the past 15 years for stalking, assault, battery, and attempted rape. Because of his family's money, the charges were dropped before he could go to trial. Spinelli was investigating to see if this was because of lack of evidence or if people had been bought off. If that wasn't enough, there were also 7 separate restraining orders against him in 5 different states and his medical license had been censured twice.

Patrick rubbed his eyes and picked up his and Robin's wedding picture off the coffee table. He gently ran his finger over her face and smiled. He put the picture back down and headed back upstairs. After double checking that Emma was still in her bed, Patrick got into the sleeping bag and fell into a restless sleep.

Matt and Robin were in the lab for the first time in two weeks because their new subject had finally arrived. Matt kept a close eye on his sister-in-law, something still wasn't right with her. Robin insisted there was nothing to worry about but Matt was only giving her a few more days and then he was insisting on her getting a full physical.

"Good morning! How are we doing today?" Jerry had been gone since his last appearance in the kitchen. He took a good look at Robin. "Are you okay Dr. Scorpio?"

Robin glared at him. She had been held hostage for almost a month, of course she wasn't okay. "I'm fine and getting very annoyed that everyone keeps asking me that."

Jerry looked at Matt who quickly shook his head. "No you're not. I want to do a blood panel so I can check her viral load and make sure her medicines are still working."

"No!" It came out harsher than Robin intended. "I just mean I'm fine, just a little tired that's all."

Jerry considered what she was saying and made a decision. "I'll let it go for now but if you do not look any better in a few days I will have Dr. Hunter perform a full physical and blood panel. Understood?"

Robin sighed but nodded her head.

"Good, now I am pleased to introduce you to your test subject. Gentlemen, please escort her in."

Matt came over to the table and stood by Robin while their patient was brought into the room. Matt saw her first. "Oh my God."

Robin went weak in the knees and Matt caught her as their patient got up on the table and smiled at them. "Bet you thought you were rid of me, didn't you?"

Robin looked at Matt and then back at the patient. "Lisa?"

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