Double Take

Chapter 32

Chapter 32

"What the hell is going on?" Matt led Robin over to a chair while yelling at Jerry.

"Watch that temper Dr. Hunter." Jerry smiled at him. "So much like your brother in so many ways."

"Not in all ways." Lisa smirked at Matt.

"You are dead. It may have been an accident but I killed you." Matt couldn't believe Lisa was sitting there.

"Well it turns out that Dr. Niles was only mostly dead, to quote a favorite movie of mine." Robin raised her eyebrows at him. "What? I told you I have a bit of a romantic side. Anyway, Anthony Zacchara found her after her meeting with Dr. Hunter and put her into hiding while he searched for a cure. Anthony arranged for a double to be created, much like our Danny boy. That is the woman in Dr. Niles's coffin."

Robin's head was spinning. Lisa had nearly destroyed Robin's marriage and tried to kill her several times. She had put Emma in danger, shot Spinelli and tried to infect Patrick with HIV. Robin hated to admit it, but she had found some peace when Lisa had died. "How?"

"It is actually thanks to you that Dr. Niles is back among the living, Dr. Robin. The same protocol that brought Jason, Helena and Stavros back also saved Lisa."

Robin's stomach turned, this was not happening. "Oh God."

Matt ran over to Robin and held her. "It's ok – you didn't know."

"It doesn't matter. Ignorance is no excuse for the evil I have unleashed on the world." Robin was devastated that the medicine she had created brought all these horrible people back to consciousness.

Matt turned her around so Robin was looking at him. "No, you created something to help people and it is not your fault that it was used for the wrong reasons."

"Hey, I am still in the room." Lisa took offense to the way she was being talked about. "I am not evil, just your run of the mill psychopath – right Robin?"

Robin walked over to Lisa. "You do realize what is going to happen? You will be given a drug that will aid in mind control. You will be nothing more than a pawn in their game. They are planning to use you to achieve their goals."

Robin couldn't help it – she was a good person. Even with everything Lisa had done to her and her family, Robin couldn't let Lisa be the test subject without making sure she understood what was going to happen to her.

"You are talking to me as if I care. I don't. I told you before that I don't care what happens to me. I keep getting dragged back into this life that I don't want. I feel almost nothing except regret that I never succeeded in killing you." Lisa smiled at Robin, hoping she had upset her.

Jerry stepped in between the two women. "Dr. Niles, I am going to have to request that you do not speak to Dr. Scorpio-Drake that way." He looked at Robin. "Now, Dr. Niles is the subject and you will begin your testing. I would suggest that Dr. Hunter do the initial exam and all blood draws so we can keep the contact between you two ladies to a minimum."

Matt pulled Robin back to the table and set her back down in a chair. He then turned and glared at Jerry. "You knew didn't you? You knew all this time that she was alive and you let me rot in prison?"

Jerry smiled at the young doctor. "Guilty. It doesn't matter now. We will finish the testing, provide the evidence of your innocence to the authorities and you can have a life again."

"Except I lost years of my life and the woman I love." Matt's eyes welled up thinking of Maxie.

"Then I guess it wasn't true love; not like your brother and Jobbin Robin here." Jerry walked up to Matt and stared him straight in the eyes. "I will tell you again that it doesn't matter, at least not now; forget the past and concentrate on the present."

He headed towards the door. "I'll be back to collect Dr. Niles in one hour."

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