Double Take

Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Robin laid in bed, fighting to keep her supper down. She was exhausted and, quite frankly, terrified. She was certain she knew what was going on - her protocol was failing.

When it first started weeks ago she had just thought it was exhaustion and stress. She wasn't sleeping well at all. Besides being held hostage, she also had to worry about Daniel breaking down the door and attacking her. Even after Daniel was taken away Robin still had nightmares about him.

But yesterday the nausea started. She had managed to keep her food and protocol down but it wasn't easy. Robin found some chicken noodle soup for lunch and supper and that helped, along with the saltines, seemed to help keep it at bay. Tonight she decided to chance a grilled cheese sandwich but it wasn't doing as well.

There was a knock on her door. "Robin, may I come in?"

Robin smiled at the sound of her brother-in-law's voice. Most nights they would play a game or talk after supper but the past two nights she had just come straight to her room. "Of course you can."

Matt opened the door and walked in carrying some supplies from the lab. "Enough hiding – it has been almost a week and you are still not better. I actually think you're worse."

Robin shook her head. "Matt, what's the point? We both know what is happening – my protocol is failing and there is not a damn thing we can do about it."

Matt sat down on the bed next to Robin and looked at her. "First of all, you are assuming that is what is going on when it may be something else entirely. I'm worried that you are going to turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy."

"But what if it is? Neither one of us are HIV specialist so if it failing then there is nothing we can do about it. I will slowly die and never get to see my husband or child again. Why was I stupid enough to think coming back was a good idea…I should have stayed dead."

Matt jumped off the bed. "No! What the hell are you talking about?"

"Patrick and Emma would be leading a normal life if I hadn't come back. He would have married Sabrina, their little boy would still be alive and…"

"He would be completely miserable. Robin, he never truly loved Sabrina, never. Patrick and Emma were destroyed when you died and, from what I understand, completely elated when you came back to them. Don't give up now! We will find out what is wrong with you, fix it, and then we will get out of here and back home where we belong."

Robin dried the tears she had been crying and smiled at Matt. "Okay. Where do we start?"

Matt put on his doctor hat. Putting on gloves and pulling out a tourniquet, he began the blood draw while questioning her. "What are your symptoms?"

"Fatigue, dizziness, nausea."

"When did this start?"

"Fatigue for a couple of weeks, a couple of episodes of dizziness in the last week and the nausea just started yesterday."

Matt looked at her curiously. "Robin, you said you saw Patrick before they brought you here – when was that?"

Robin smiled at the memory. "Five weeks, 3 days."

He got a little uncomfortable. "And I assume you didn't do a lot of talking when you were together?"

"That's a little personal Matt. Ow!" Matt stuck the needle in to do the blood draw.

"Sorry but Robin, did you ever think you may be pregnant?"

Robin scoffed at the question. "No – you know we take every precaution."

"So you are on birth control?" Matt finished filling the tubes and put gauze over the draw site.

Robin stumbled over her words. "Well no, I've only been given my HIV protocol but still we took precautions."

Matt smiled at her. "I have one word for you – Emma. I will include a HCG reading but I do think it is a possibility."

Robin thought about what Matt was saying – it was possible, not likely but possible.

Matt took Robin's hands in his and stared into her eyes. "Robin, I know you have given up but I haven't. I have been studying every inch of this place and trying to figure out what we can do to get out of here but it will go better if you and I work together. Maybe this," he held the blood filled tube up in his hand, "will be the kick in the ass you need."

Robin realized Matt was right. She had never been a quitter, she was a fighter. She was a Scorpio damn it!

Robin hugged Matt, tears rolling down her face. "Thank you, I think I needed a little tough love."

"Anytime." Matt gathered up his supplied and headed towards the door. "I'm going to take this down and run the tests. I will be back as soon as I can and, no matter what the results say, we will begin working out how the hell we get out of here and home to our family."

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