Double Take

Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Jerry watched from the control room as Robin and Matt worked in the lab. He was happy to see that she was looking better. Whatever it was that had made her ill was obviously gone and she was fully concentrated on her work.

His phone rang – Helena. "Yes?"

Helena paced in her room at Wyndamere. "How is the testing going? I trust everything is on schedule."

"Yes – we should be able to start testing Dr. Niles to see if the drug was working next week."

Helena smiled. "Good – then I will call Daniel and tell him to expect little Robin soon." She hung up and Jerry went back to watching the two doctors work.

Patrick Drake had been right, there was no way Robin was going to be let go. Unfortunately for the Drakes it wasn't Jerry that she would be with – it was Daniel. Helena was in business with the Crichton-Clark family and a mutually beneficial deal had been struck: After this experiment was done, Robin would be turned over to Daniel and Helena would be able to use her many talents at any time she chose. There was only one condition - Robin would remain with Daniel at all times. It was Helena's version of a thank you gift for keeping her and Stavros alive all those years.

Matt walked over and said something to Robin and she smiled and nodded at him. Jerry wondered sometimes if they were planning their escape. A few weeks ago Jerry wouldn't have even considered the notion but something had changed since they had confirmed that Robin's viral load was still undetectable. It was almost like she had a new zest for life and wanted to take full advantage of it. This woman would risk almost anything to be reunited with her family.

Dr. Robin Scorpio – the woman intrigued him greatly. Daniel's attraction to her made no sense to Robin but Jerry understood it. She was brilliant and beautiful and yet had no idea the effect she had on men. She was also loyal to a fault - she had fallen for a man who was so completely unworthy of her and yet she showed him an almost blind devotion that he did not deserve.

Jerry was protective of the good doctor and, even though he had tried to kill her, felt a kinship with her. Robin, like him, was a survivor. She had lived with HIV for over 20 years with dignity and grace, building a life that most people only dreamt of. She had survived being shot, held hostage multiple times, kidnappings and even being blown up. She had lost multiple loved ones, some in horrendous ways, but had also created an adorable little girl with that dog of a husband.

He watched as Robin prepared the injection and handed it to Matt. Jerry didn't want to hand Robin over to Daniel, the man would destroy her, but he may not have a choice. Daniel was a man with an obsession and he wouldn't rest until he made Robin his.

"How are you feeling? Doing okay?" Matt was standing next to Robin going over notes.

Robin rolled her eyes at him. "It's a family trait isn't it?"


"Hovering. Patrick always does that and you are doing it too. I'm fine, I swear." She patted his hand and smiled at him.

"Fair enough. So are you up for a rematch in poker tonight?"

Robin laughed. "Isn't losing 4 nights in a row enough for you?"

"No, I want to play until I win. You have to lose sometime." Matt walked back over the desk to retrieve Lisa's file and review the blood draws.

Robin followed him. "Wanna bet? Your brother has never won."

"Patrick? Really, did he ever give up?" Matt didn't believe it.

"Well no. Actually we stopped playing for money and started playing for other things and suddenly he didn't mind losing so much." Robin was laughing as she told the story.

"Too much information – I do not need to know about my brother's sex life. I already know more than I want to." Matt leaned over and whispered in Robin's ear. "I think if we play our cards right, we might be able to get a message to Patrick or Anna soon. Working on something."

He stood back up. "So knock it off."

"Aye, aye captain. Ready to get your butt kicked in poker again?" Matt nodded and they headed out of the lab for the night.

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