Double Take

Chapter 35

Chapter 35

Patrick stared at the notes Anna had gathered regarding Daniel's family holdings, trying to figure out where his wife was being held. Patrick thought it might be someplace overseas but he was hoping that the Daniel's arrogance would lead to his keeping Robin close by. Daniel had done it before.

It had been six weeks since Patrick had seen Robin. Six weeks since they had made love, six weeks since he had touched her. When Patrick slept, what little sleep he got, his dreams were filled with memories of that night. The dream always turned into a nightmare with Jerry dragging Robin away from him again.

Emma woke up each morning hopeful that today would be the day that daddy would find mommy and bring her home. Patrick was amazed at her faith in him. Just like Robin, Emma had more faith in him than he had ever deserved.

Patrick was deep in his notes and decided to take a break and check his email – Spinelli said he would be sending additional information about Daniel's family soon. He was startled when he realized that there was an email from Robin. It was two words: Remember April.

"Did you get it sent?" Robin was worried that Matt would get caught.

"Of course – you had doubts?" Matt smiled at her.

Matt had managed to figure out a way to access their e-mail. It was a long and weird path on the computer and he figured that they had only one shot at it. In addition, they needed to make sure that the message that they got out was vague enough that they wouldn't be moved before help could come for them but clear enough for Patrick to figure it out.

Fortunately Matt had, by complete accident, been able to figured out where they were. Matt had been looking out the window and recognized a mountain range in the distance. It was the Agua Dulce Mountain range. Matt had done some hiking there in between college and med school. They were in Arizona.

Once they had figured out where they were, they needed to figure out the message. Robin had decided on April. April Gilbert had been an AIDS patient that Patrick and Robin had operated on after she was involved in a car accident. Patrick had accidently stuck himself with a needle covered in her blood and Robin had helped him through the crisis. Before April died, she had told Patrick she wanted to have her ashes spread in Arizona.

"Do you think Patrick will be able to understand it?" Matt was worried that the message was too vague.

Robin smiled at him. "I know my husband – he will go through every conversation he had with April. Arizona was the only place he and April talked about. Trust me, he'll figure it out."

Just then Jerry walked Lisa in the door. She smiled at the doctors. "Good morning Dr. Drake. Good morning Dr. Hunter. I'm ready for my shot."

Robin cringed at this new version of Lisa. Every day she was nicer to Robin because Jerry was using the protocol to control her. Jerry's goal was to have Lisa convinced that Robin was one of her favorite people. If Jerry could convince Lisa, of all people, that she was friends with Robin than the drug was obviously a success.

"Good morning Lisa. Let's begin."

An hour after getting the message, Patrick was on the phone with Anna. "I'm telling you I know exactly where they are."

After reading the message Patrick had replayed his conversations with April in his head and realized that Robin was in Arizona. He read through all the research and discovered that Daniel's family had a ranch near the Agua Dulce Mountain range.

Anna didn't want to waste time on a false lead but she also didn't want to ignore her son-in-law's feelings. When it came to Robin, he was usually right on target. "Are you sure?"

Patrick ran his hands through his hair. "Of course I'm sure, I wouldn't have called you otherwise."

"Okay, call Felicia to watch Emma and I will make all the travel arrangements. We leave in 2 hours."

Patrick hung up the phone and looked at their wedding picture. "You're coming home."

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