Double Take

Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Robin began picking up the dishes from lunch. Matt tried to stop her but she wasn't hearing it. "You made lunch, I clean up – that's the deal."

"I made sandwiches Robin, not a four course meal."

"Which means it really isn't going to hurt me to clean up what little there is. Stop hovering." She looked at him and laughed.

Matt put up his hands in surrender. "Fine, I give up. How about I get the lab set up for Lisa's afternoon appointment while you finish up in here?"

Robin smiled. The past few weeks had been easier than any of her time in captivity thanks to her brother-in-law. "Sounds good – I'll be down in a few."

Matt headed downstairs while Robin cleaned up the table. She was loading the dishwasher when she heard someone come in the kitchen. "I said stop hovering."

"But I like to hover, especially over you."

Robin dropped the plate she was holding and turned around to make sure she wasn't hearing things. Unfortunately she was wasn't, Daniel was back. "What are you doing here?"

Daniel smiled at her. "I've come to take you home with me."

Robin began inching her way to the pantry. She needed to get down the stairs and to Matt. "What are you talking about?"

"Well, your experiment is done and your brilliance has been proven, not that there was any doubt. I have been patient but now we need to start our lives together." Daniel moved towards Robin and she continued to move towards the pantry - just a few steps more.

"We have no life together. There is only one man for me and that's Patrick Drake, not you." Robin was backing into the pantry and about to press the button when Daniel lunged at her. She quickly ducked to the side and he hit his head against the wall.

"Damn it!" Holding his head, Daniel glared at Robin. "You're going to regret doing that."

Robin turned and ran out of the kitchen and down the hall to her room. She was almost there when she was grabbed from behind and dragged into a closet. She was struggling but a voice whispered in her ear softly. "Robin, luv, stop. You don't want to hurt your dear old dad."

Tears flowed from Robin's eye instantly and she stopped struggling. Turning around Robin saw her father standing in front of her. "Daddy?"

She whispered it, well aware of the fact that Daniel was looking for her. Robert pulled his daughter close in a hug and rocked her gently in his arms. "That's right baby. Ready to go home?"

Robin looked at her dad, still not quite believing he was standing there. "Yes, but we have to get Matt - he's here too."

Robert was surprised to say the least. "As in Patrick's brother?"

Robin nodded her head. "He's downstairs in the lab."

Robert smiled. "Your mother and Patrick are down there right now. They can get him while I get you out of here."

Robert opened the door and looked up and down the hallway. Seeing it was clear, he took his daughter's hand and led her away from her captors.

"Hey Robs, let's try and get this done early – I want extra time to finally beat your ass at poker." Matt had heard the door open but had his back to it so he didn't see who came in.


Matt turned around and saw Patrick standing in the doorway. He walked over and looked Patrick straight in the eyes. "Patrick?"

"What the hell are you doing here and where's Robin?" Patrick was completely surprised to see his brother standing there, he thought Matt was still in prison.

"How do I know it is really you?" Matt wasn't about to make the same mistake twice.

Patrick smiled and ran his hands through his hair. Patrick wasn't sure how Matt got there but it was obvious that Daniel had played a part in it. "You know what Matt, we really don't have time for this…"

Matt hugged his brother. Only Patrick would start arguing with him instead of trying to prove himself. "Robin's upstairs in the kitchen. Let's get the hell out of here."

Matt and Patrick headed out into the hall and towards the stairs. They were halfway there when Jerry stepped into the hallway. "Patty boy! You've come to rescue your dear Robin and little brother, I see."

Patrick glared at Jerry. "Are you really surprised?"

Jerry smiled. "No, I am actually quite impressed that you found us so soon. Am I to assume that Jobbin's Robin's parents are here as well?"

Patrick didn't say a word, just stared at Jerry.

"Of course they are. Well if you are going to bring me some old friends to visit me, maybe I should return the favor?" Jerry waved at the room. "Dr. Drake, I believe you remember your old friend, Lisa Niles."

Patrick swallowed hard. "Oh my God."

Lisa smiled at her old boyfriend. "Hello Patrick."

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