Double Take

Chapter 37

Chapter 37

"Patrick?" Lisa continued to smile at him while Patrick just shook his head in disbelief. She gave a little laugh. "I'm sorry, you're here to see Robin. I bet she's in the lab."

Lisa turned to Jerry. "Do you need anything else?"

Jerry smiled at her. "No dear. Why don't you get some rest and I will see you in a little bit."

Lisa nodded her head and smiled at Matt and Patrick. "Well, I'm sure you've got more important things to do. Tell Robin I said hi!"

Patrick watched as Lisa walked back into her room and Jerry shut the door. "What the hell is going on?"

Jerry considered what he wanted to say. "The human testing is a complete success as you can see. Your wife's brilliance shines through once again with an assist from the able Dr. Hunter. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a plane to catch."

Jerry walked past the two men. "I believe little Robin is still upstairs, but I would hurry – Danny boy arrived not too long ago looking for his 'wife'."

Patrick looked at Matt and the two men headed towards the stairs. They ran up them in record time and entered the kitchen. The dishwasher was open and there was a broken plate on the floor.

"Robin!" Both men turned their heads at the sound of Daniel screaming Robin's name. "Where are you?"

The men heard Daniel and tried to figure out where he was. It took a moment but Matt figured it out. "Robin's room!"

Matt ran down the hall with Patrick close behind him. Both men stopped at the door and looked in to see Daniel tearing the room apart. The dresser drawers were pulled out and her clothes were everywhere. The bed was overturned and the closet door was open, hangers flying out as Daniel searched for Robin. He stormed out and saw the brothers standing at the doorway staring at him. "Where is she?"

Patrick smiled. "Someplace safe; someplace where you will never touch her again."

Daniel charged at him but Patrick was ready. Patrick had spent some time with Anna and Robert practicing some basic self defense and when Daniel charged Patrick turned his right side to the man and lowered his shoulder. Daniel ran him into the wall but Patrick's arm was up and he elbowed Daniel right in the chest. Daniel had the wind knocked out of him and Patrick took advantage of it to punch Daniel out cold.

Patrick looked at Matt. "I'm positive that Robert has Robin, let's get the hell out of here while we can."

The two men headed down the hallway and out the front door. Stepping out of the house Patrick saw Robin standing there with her parents. Patrick didn't hesitate, just ran over to Robin and pulled her into his arms. "Are you okay?"

Robin smiled back at him. "I'm better than okay now that you're here. I knew you'd find me." Tears of joy ran down her cheeks as she looked at her husband.

Moments later, Patrick pulled Robin into a deep kiss.

"I hate to break this up but shouldn't we be getting the hell out of here before Daniel wakes up or Jerry changes his mind?" Matt was thrilled that his brother had been reunited with his wife but this was not the time or place.

Robert smiled and grabbed his daughter's hand. "I agree – let's go."

The group left the house and headed towards the gate where Sean was waiting with a van. Less than an hour later they were on a plane headed back to Port Charles.

Sean had called in a few favors and gotten the group a private flight home so, after briefly talking to her parents and Matt, Patrick had taken Robin to the back of the plane for a more private reunion. He held Robin tight in his arms and just enjoyed being with her. They made out like teenagers while talking to each other.

"Are you sure you're alright?" He kissed her.

"Of course I am. God I've missed you." She kissed him.

"I've missed you too. I keep thinking about that last night together." He kissed her even harder.

Robin stopped kissing him. "Yeah, we need to talk about that."

Patrick went in for a kiss but Robin pulled back. "Robin, what's wrong?"

"You need to get tested as soon as we get home."

Patrick looked at her, confused. "Why would I…" His eyes lit up when he realized what she was saying. "Oh my God, are you…?"

Robin nodded her head and Patrick's smile filled his face. He gently stroked Robin's face and then pulled her down into a searing kiss. As he gently rubbed Robin's stomach, a feeling of joy and relief flowed through his body. They were back together, headed home to their daughter and having another child. "I love you Robin, so much."

Resting in her husband's arms, Robin felt something she hadn't truly felt in a long time – hope. "And I love you, so much."

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