Double Take

Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Noah sat on the couch at Mac's playing Trouble with Emma. "I win Grandpa!"

"Of course you did." He kept looking at the door. Anna and Robert had called and told him that they had found Robin and they were bringing her home. They group would be here soon and he couldn't wait to see his daughter-in-law again.

Emma had noticed that her Grandpa's attention was not focused on her. "Is someone coming over?"

Noah debated what he should say. He had no idea what shape Robin was in, he had not gotten any details. He assumed Robin was doing well since they were not heading to GH but Noah didn't want to get Emma's hopes up. "No, just thought I heard something. Let's play again and maybe I can finally win a game."

They were just getting the game started when the front door opened. "Mommy?"

Emma jumped off the couch and ran over to her parents, jumping into her mom's arms. "Mommy! You're home!"

Robin held her daughter tight, relishing this moment. "That's right baby, mommy's home."

They walked over to the couch and sat down next to Noah who gently hugged his daughter-in-law. "Thank God you're home. Are you okay, feeling good?"

Robin smiled at Patrick – the only person who knew about her pregnancy was Matt and they weren't going public with it until she had met with Kelly and made sure everything was okay. "I'm perfect. I'm home with my family."

Patrick sat down next to Robin and held her close, Emma leaning in between the two of them. Patrick looked at the door and smiled. "The whole family."

Noah looked and saw Matt standing in the doorway. "Matt!" He ran over and hugged his youngest son. "I don't understand – I thought you were in prison."

"It turns out that I was needed to help my beautiful sister-in-law. I have been with Robin for the last month."

Patrick interrupted. "Something I am very grateful for. But the reality is that Matt shouldn't have been in prison in the first place."

Noah looked at Patrick. "I think we can all agree on that but shouldn't we have this discussion at another time." Noah looked at Emma who was holding onto her mom tightly.

Robin smiled. "I am in the mood for some pancakes and my daughter makes the best ones." Mac, Felicia, Anna and Robert were all gathered by the front door, observing the family reunion.

Mac made his way over and took Emma's hand. "What do you say kiddo, should we go with mommy and make pancakes?"

"Yeah!" Emma grabbed Robin's hand and dragged her into the kitchen while Patrick sat down with Noah and told him all that they had found out during Robin's rescue.

Robin came downstairs and Patrick smiled at her. "How's the girl?"

"Out like a light. I was beginning to think I would have to sleep in her bed with her." Robin curled up in Patrick's lap.

"And how's my girl?" He hugged her close.

"Happy to be home. I missed this." Robin kissed him. "We need to talk about…"

"Tomorrow. Tomorrow we will talk about everything. Tonight, I just want to celebrate being here with you." Patrick gently sat up and Robin reluctantly left his arms. He walked over to the computer and pushed a button. "I want to dance to with my wife."

The music started and Patrick put out his hand. Robin smiled and took it. Patrick pulled her close, wrapping his arms tight around her. She recognized it as This Love by Taylor Swift.

Patrick kissed the top of her head. Robin listened to the lyrics, lifted her head and looked at him, tears slowly rolling down her cheek. She just stared at him, still in disbelief that this was real, that she was in her husband's arms. Patrick rubbed her back and kissed her again.

As the music faded, Patrick gathered Robin in his arms to carry her up the stairs. "Now I think it is time for me to properly welcome you home Mrs. Drake."

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