Double Take

Chapter 39

Chapter 39

"So it wasn't a dream. I'm really home with you." Robin was lying in bed with Patrick the next morning, wrapped up tight in his arms.

"No dream, we're home." He gently kissed the top of her head.

"Patrick, we avoided it last night but we really do need to talk." Robin rolled over and faced her husband. "I will never forgive myself for not being here when…"

Patrick put his finger up to her lips to stop her from talking. "It is not your fault. I said some horrible things to you when I thought," he stopped for a moment, "anyway it didn't take me long to figure out that you would never willingly stay away from me and Emma, especially when we were going through something like that. I had my phone in my hand to call your mom when they knocked me out and took me. It kills me that, for even one moment, you thought I had turned my back on you."

"It's ok – you were hurting and confused, I understand. Now we have other issues to deal with – Lisa for one. My parents said that she has been brought to GH so we can monitor her and see how long the effects of my protocol last. I tried to make it a temporary effect but I really don't know if it worked yet."

Patrick nodded his head. "When she walked out that door I couldn't believe it. Then when she asked me, nicely, about you – it was almost as scary as when she held us hostage. It wasn't normal or right."

"I know but we will take the next few weeks to observe her and see what happens. On the plus side Matt has been exonerated and can begin rebuilding his life." Robin sighed. "He said he wanted to talk to Maxie. I told him about Nathan but he still wants try. What he and Maxie had was really good. I don't know - I just want them both to be happy."

Patrick hugged her close. "Me too." He looked at Robin. "There is something else we need to discuss – Daniel and Jerry are still out there."

"Strangely enough, I don't think Jerry is going to be as big an issue. There seemed to be a resignation to him the last few weeks. He would make comments about enjoying our time together while he could – I don't know. I think Jerry is gone for good. Daniel on the other hand…"

Patrick tensed up. "That man is obsessed with you Robin." He looked at Robin. "Matt said something about Daniel being sent away because of you."

Robin began tearing up and nodded. "He came in one night while I was in the kitchen making supper. He said," Robin paused, "he said it was time for me to act like a wife to him. I told him you were my husband, not him. He was not happy with that response."

"I'm sure he wasn't." Patrick gently stroked her face. "It's okay, you can tell me anything Robin. Nothing will change how much I love you."

"I know." She couldn't stop the tears from slowly coming out. "He grabbed me and threw me into a corner. He tried to kiss me so I bit him but it just excited him. He tried to kiss me again…"

Patrick gently pulled her close, comforting her as she remembered the attack. "Did he…?"

"No – Jerry stopped him." Robin snuggled into Patrick's chest. "I have never been so happy to see Jerry Jacks in my life."

"I never thought I'd say this but thank God for Jerry." Patrick held her close.

"I know. Right before you arrived to rescue me, Daniel was back. He told me it was time to come home so we could start our life together." Robin shook her head. "It was almost like I was a prize that he had won. I'm beginning to think that Helena promised me to him and Jerry knew what was going to happen and was not happy about it."

"That would explain why Jerry just let Matt and I walk away without a fight. Can I ask you a question – when you look at me, do you see him?"

"What – no, of course not." Robin gently rubbed his cheek. "I know the difference between that son of a bitch and you. I could see at least a dozen differences between the two of you. They may have been subtle, but they were there. Patrick, when I look at you, I see you – not him."

"And now you are here with me and that is never going to change." Patrick looked at Robin. He gently put his hand on Robin's belly. "You, Emma and our baby are all safe and that is what matters."

Robin smiled at him and then turned around, curling back into his chest. "That's right. Speaking of our daughter, we have at least another hour before she wakes up – any ideas on how to spend it?"

"I can think of a couple of things." Patrick said right before he began gently kissing his wife's neck. "Welcome home Robin."

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