Double Take

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Anna and Emma were giggling in Anna's hotel room watching Olaf sing "In Summer". In unison, they both said Anna's line in the movie, 'Don't you dare', and started full out laughing.

It was New Year's Eve and Anna had asked to take her granddaughter for the evening. More and more, Emma was at a friend's house rather than with Patrick. It was just another change she had noticed in his behavior. Patrick had once been a devoted father but now he seemed to spend as little time as he could with her. It had started happening not long after Gabriel's death and had become more and more obvious as the year went on.

"Grandma Anna?" Emma noticed that Anna wasn't watching the movie anymore.

"Yes luv?"

"Can we try and call Mommy again?" Every time Emma was with Anna, they tried to get in touch with Robin. They hadn't been successful as of yet, but Anna was hoping tonight was different.

"Of course dear. How about we stop our movie and do it right now." Anna grabbed the remote and pushed pause. She then picked up the phone and hit #2 to speed dial Robin's phone. "Come on Robin, please pick up."

"Hello?" Anna couldn't believe it – it was Robin!

"Robin?" Anna barely got her name out before Emma grabbed the phone from her. "Mommy?"

"Emma?" Robin was in shock, her phone hadn't been working since she was brought to wherever she was but now she was talking to her little girl. "Emma baby, I miss you so much. Are you okay?"

"Yes, mommy. I miss you too, so much. When are you coming home?"

Robin's tears started to flow down her face. "Emma, I want nothing more than to come home to you. I love you more than anything, you need to know that." Robin was trying to take advantage of the call to reassure her daughter. She didn't know how long she had before the call would cut out.

"I do mommy. I love you too."

Anna hated to break up the conversation between the two but she needed to talk to Robin. "Emma honey, I need to talk to mommy please." Emma reluctantly handed her grandma the phone. "Robin?"

"Mom? Mom, I love you."

"I love you too." Anna tried to come up with a way to figure out if Robin was okay. "Robin, I want you to know that I talked to an old friend of ours today, do you remember Grant Putnam?"

Robin took a sharp breath in and the tears flowed faster – she had figured it out, her mom knew she was had been kidnapped! "Really, how is he?"

"He's the same. We talked about the old days and how you are so much like I was when he knew me." Grant Putnam was a psychotic madman who had kidnapped Anna after failing in his attempt to take Robin. Filomena, Robin's caretaker and Grandmother, had been killed in the attack.

"Well, I guess there's no hiding from the truth."

Anna began crying. Robin had just confirmed what Anna suspected, she was being held against her will. She decided to try and get a little more information from Robin before the call was disconnected. "Are you keeping warm?"

"Yes, I have plenty of blankets and…" The call was lost and Robin was gone.

"Grandma, what's wrong?" Emma couldn't understand why her grandma was crying when they finally got to talk to mommy.

"Nothing baby, these are happy tears because I got to talk to your mommy." Anna smiled at the little girl. "Now why don't you go and get out the noise makers and party hats so we have them for when the clock strikes 12?"

Emma jumped off the couch and hugged Anna. "Ok – it really will be a Happy New Year since I got to talk to mommy, right grandma?"

Anna hugged her close. "You bet."

As soon as Emma left the room, Anna called Sean. "I talked to her – she confirmed she is being held against her will."

"Did you get anything else?" Sean had some news as well but he wanted to wait until he heard what Anna had to say.

"Yes that, wherever she is, it is cold right now." It wasn't a huge clue but it did eliminate a good portion of the world.

"Good. I'll see if we can see where the call was received, at least a general area." Sean broached the next subject. "Have you said anything to Patrick?"

Anna shook her head. "No, absolutely not. He is out with Sam tonight and I really don't want to involve him."

"Can you think of any reason why he would be making trips to Ferncliff Sanitarium?"

"None at all, why?" Anna wasn't sure what was going on.

"He has been there 3 times in the past week. He's not seeing a patient out there possibly?" Sean wanted to give the man the benefit of the doubt but Dr. Drake's actions were just not adding up.

Anna was confused. "No, he's a surgeon so they would bring the patient to GH."

"Ok. Well, I will keep an eye on him and let you know if I come up with anything. Until then, enjoy your New Year's celebration with your granddaughter."

"I have something to celebrate now – we are getting closer to bringing our girl home, aren't we Sean?" Anna had gained a little bit of hope now that she had actually spoken to Robin.

"Yes, Anna, I believe we are."

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