Double Take

Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Two weeks later

Robin and Matt said hello to the guards before entering Lisa's room. "Good morning Lisa."

"What's good about it?" Lisa snarled at them. In the two weeks since ceasing use of the protocol Lisa had regressed back into her former psychotic self. She still had lapses of kindness but for the most part the old Lisa was back.

"For us it is. Matt's license has been reinstated in record time and I was just notified that you will be transferred to Pentonville later today while you await trial for murder, attempted murder, assault and battery and whole laundry list of crimes. The best news is that even Johnny won't help you now. So yeah, I'd say it's a good morning." Robin had been thrilled to come back to General Hospital after the firing of Dr. Obrecht for gross incompetence. The woman had let a man posing as Patrick have full access to the hospital for almost a year and the board decided that was the last straw and let her go. Monica Quartermaine was named interim Chief of Staff until a permanent replacement was named and her first order of business was to get Robin back on staff.

Matt smiled at his sister-in-law. "I'd have to agree." Matt had been able to convince Maxie to at least talk to him. They may not be getting back together but he wanted the chance to talk to her and make sure she was truly happen with Nathan.

"Now do I have to have you restrained or are you going to cooperate for your final examination?" Lisa had attempted to attack Robin the day before while Robin was getting her vitals but Robin had stopped her and had Lisa restrained.

Lisa glared at her. "Just get it over with."

Matt began taking her vitals while Robin did a brief physical exam. Satisfied with the results, the two left the room and stood at the nurse's hub discussing the case. All their findings were supposed to be turned over to the WSB for further testing but Robin didn't want this drug out in the world so she had changed a couple of the formulas and eliminated a necessary chemical compound from her notes. No one would be able to recreate it.

They were deep in conversation when a pair of arms wrapped tightly around Robin's waist. "Shhh Matt, don't tell my husband."

Matt laughed as Patrick pulled Robin closer in his arms and kissed her cheek. "Very funny Robin."

"I thought so." She giggled happily and turned around in his arms, kissing him again. "I thought you were in surgery."

"The patient spiked a fever so I have all afternoon free. How did the exam go?" Patrick did not want Robin anywhere near Lisa but he understood that Robin needed to finish what she started.

"Great – she is back to her normal psychotic self and is being sent to prison today. We won't have to see her again until the trial." Robin smiled at him.

"Yet another reason to celebrate. Emma is still at school so how about ribs from Kelly's and a gallon of milk and then we, uh, remember creating this little guy." Patrick gently touched her stomach and smiled. After getting an exam done with Kelly and assuring themselves that everything was alright, Patrick and Robin had told everyone about the baby. To say they were thrilled would be an understatement.

"That is the best idea I have heard all day."

Robin kissed Patrick again while Matt rolled his eyes. "Go get a room, please. I already know I am going to be an uncle again, I don't need to see how it happened."

"What!" None of them had seen Sabrina standing a few feet away. "You're pregnant?"

Robin looked at Patrick. He had been planning to sit Sabrina down and explain but they had been so busy with getting Robin and Emma secured that it just hadn't happened. Patrick walked over to her. "Sabrina, let me explain."

"Explain what? My son is dead because of her." Sabrina glared at Robin. Matt walked over and stood in front of Robin protectively.

"Sabrina, no, Gabriel is gone because of the Cassadines. Robin did everything they asked, Victor did it to hurt her." Patrick reached out to take her hand but Sabrina pulled away.

"To hurt her! Well it didn't – it hurt me! And now she not only gets you back but also gets have another child with you? It's not fair." Sabrina was crying and screaming but none of them stopped her, she had a right to feel the way she did.

Patrick tried to be as gently as he could with Sabrina. "But Victor did it, not Robin. She is a victim in all of this too. You need to understand that…"

Sabrina interrupted him. "I understand perfectly. It has always been and will always be about your precious Robin." Sabrina started to push past Patrick to get at Robin when 2 security guards stepped in front of her with Monica in tow.

"Nurse Santiago, you are no longer on staff. My grandson has asked you to work at his clinic but I can assure you that, if you attack Dr. Scorpio-Drake, the offer will be rescinded. I would suggest you leave now." Monica was very protective of Robin and would not allow anyone to hurt her.

Sabrina threw one final glare at Robin and then turned and left, heading towards the elevators. After she got one, Monica turned to Robin. "I apologize for that. I will make sure you are notified if she is in the hospital again."

"Thank you Monica but she has every right to be upset with me." Robin couldn't imagine losing her baby.

"No, she has every right to be upset with Victor Cassadine." Monica smiled at Robin. "You need to focus on your family and getting that lab of ours back into shape. I will see you all later."

Patrick put his arms back around Robin. "Are you okay?"

Robin swallowed and nodded leaning into her husband's embrace. She had started seeing Kevin to deal with everything that had happened over the past three years. They had met 6 times already and one of the big issues that had dealt with was her guilt over being pregnant while Sabrina had lost her baby. Kevin had finally gotten her to begin to understand that the accident was Victor's fault and not hers. "I will be. So, I believe you said something about ribs?"

Patrick smiled down at her. "That I did. Let's go."

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