Double Take

Chapter 41

Chapter 41

Two weeks later

Robin was slowly waking up from another great night's sleep when she felt her camisole top slowly being pulled up. She laughed softly. "Good morning."

Patrick leaned over and kissed her. "Good morning." He then slid down and kissed her belly, which had just the slightest hint of a pooch starting. "Good morning to you too."

Robin smiled and just enjoyed the moment. Emma would be up soon and they would begin their morning routine. Breakfast, her morning protocol, getting Emma off to school and then she and Patrick would head to the hospital. It was heaven to Robin, a normal life with her husband and child.

Monica had decided to allow Robin and Patrick to be on the same schedule until the baby was born. The main reason was the time the couple lost due to Robin's captivity but it was also decided that it would be better for security measures. If the couple were together, it was easier to guard them.

"So, what are you two in the mood for this morning?" Patrick was enjoying getting to be a fully involved in this pregnancy from the beginning. He didn't get to do that with Emma and, if Daniel and Jerry had had their way, he wouldn't have been able to be with Robin for this one. "Whatever you want?"

Robin giggled and pretended to think about it. "Hmm, what do you say little girl, daddy's chocolate chip pancakes?"

"Is Emma in here?" Patrick smiled and kissed her. They had been needling each other over the sex of the baby since their first appointment with Kelly. He was positive he was getting a son while Robin was convinced that Patrick still had some more karmic retribution coming to him from his bachelor days.

"No, but she will be in a minute so you might want to…" She didn't get finish her sentence as Patrick cut her off with a kiss. Patrick moved his hand to her shirt and slipped it under the camisole top. He was just about to pull it off of Robin when their bedroom door flew open.

"Morning!" Emma jumped on the bed as Patrick quickly sat up on his side of the bed.

"Good morning little girl." Patrick made sure that Robin's shirt was back in place. "What did I say about knocking?"

Robin was trying to hold back her laughter but she just couldn't.

"What's so funny mommy?" Emma didn't understand why her mom was laughing.

"Daddy was, uh…"

Patrick interrupted, "tickling mommy when you came in."

Robin shook her head at him. "But now he wants you to go downstairs with him to make me and your sister pancakes." Emma shared in her mom's belief that she was getting a sister.

Patrick gave Robin a dirty look but got out of bed. "Come on little girl, let's make mommy and your little brother some pancakes."

Emma shook her head at her dad. "It's a girl daddy."

Patrick leaned down and kissed Robin before being lead downstairs by their daughter. "Take your shower and we will see you downstairs."

Robin waved goodbye to them and headed to the bathroom to start another great day.

Sabrina was doing inventory at the clinic, still stewing over Robin's pregnancy. "You get everything. You show up at my wedding and take away my husband and daughter. You get yourself kidnapped and I know that you did something that upset Victor Cassadine to cause him to target me and because of that I lost my son."

She continued to go through supplies. "You have Patrick. You have Emma. What do I have? I've lost Patrick and my children and I'm basically banned from the hospital because of her."

She pulled out the booklet from Gabriel's funeral. "She took you away from me. She took everything away from me."

"How would you like to make her pay for that?" He stepped into the room.

Sabrina jumped. "What are you doing here?" Sabrina knew she should run out of the room and call the police but something stopped her.

"I'm here to help make your dreams come true." He smiled and closed the door behind him so they could talk in private.

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