Double Take

Chapter 43

Chapter 43

10 weeks later

Robin stood at the hub and enjoyed the hustle and bustle all around her. Emma was on her way in with her mom and Patrick would be here in just a few minutes for the sonogram that will hopefully reveal the sex of their babies. Even though Robin had been giving Patrick a hard time about having 2 more girls, the truth was she was as certain as he was that there was at least one little boy in her belly.

Epiphany snapped her fingers in front of Robin's face. "Dr. Scorpio-Drake? I have the chart you were looking for."

Robin smiled at her. "Sorry, just thinking about the sonogram. Patrick and Emma will be here in a few minutes and then we head down to Kelly's office."

Epiphany laughed. "Any feelings?"

"Unfortunately for the females of the species, yes." Both women laughed at the thought of unleashing another Drake male upon society. "Quite frankly all I care about is that they are healthy."

Epiphany gently patted Robin's hand that was sitting on the counter. "They are, I'm sure of it."

"Well that does it – even in the womb my boys are smart enough to listen to Epiphany." Patrick wrapped his arms around Robin and kissed her head.

"Too bad their father can't do the same." Epiphany smiled at the couple and went back to her duties.

"So your mom just texted and she will meet us in Kelly's office – she and Emma are running a few minutes late. Ready?" Putting his hand on her back, Patrick gently guided Robin away from the nurse's hub.

Robin quickly handed Epiphany the chart she was working on and allowed Patrick to lead her to the office. Ten minutes later she was lying on the exam table while Kelly got the ultrasound set up. "Shall we get this show on the road?"

"Can we wait a couple of minutes? My mom and Emma should be here…" Robin didn't get to finish the sentence as Anna and Emma came into the room.

"Sorry, Emma wanted to pick up something for the occasion." Anna leaned over and kissed her daughter's cheek and gave Patrick a quick hug.

"Really? What did you get?" Robin smiled warmly at her little girl.

Emma settled into her dad's lap, right next to her mom while her grandma stayed at her mom's head. "Nope, not until after we see my sisters."

Patrick tickled her a little bit. "And if you are getting at least one brother?"

Emma gave her grandma a little grin. "Trust me daddy."

Kelly watched her friends and smiled. With everything they had been through, this happiness was well earned. "Okay, let's go."

Kelly spread the gel on Robin's stomach and began gently moving the wand around. Emma stared at the two babies in awe. "They are so big. How do they fit in there?"

Robin grimaced. "By pushing on mommy's bladder."

Patrick smiled at her and then looked back at the screen, still in awe of their children in his wife's belly. "Is everything okay?"

Kelly did the measurements and grinned at them. "Perfect – the babies are exactly the size we want them to be and I see four arms and four legs. Do you want to know the sex?"

Robin nodded her head eagerly. Kelly smiled. "Well, heaven help us all, they are both boys. Two more Drake boys to flirt their way around this hospital."

Tears of joy flowed down Robin, Patrick and Anna's faces. Emma giggled with glee and smiled at her grandma. Patrick looked at her confused. "I thought you wanted a sister?"

"I can have a sister next time."

Robin laughed. "Sweetie, this is probably it for brothers or sisters."

Emma thought about it for a moment before just moving on with what she had gotten the babies. "Grandma, can you give me the bag?"

Anna smiled and handed the bag to Emma. "Now close your eyes." She looked at her parents sternly. Patrick and Robin did as they were told and Emma handed them each a stuffed animal. "You can open them now."

Patrick and Robin opened their eyes to see they were each holding a teddy bear wearing a Buffalo Bills jersey. "I wanted to give my brothers their first teddy bears."

Robin was speechless. Patrick hugged Emma close, filled with pride. "That was very nice of you Emma – you are going to be a great big sister."

"Thank you. Plus if they have their own bears, they'll stay away from Butterscotch."

Robin laughed and then jumped off the table as best she could. "Sorry, have to go to the bathroom." She glared at Patrick. "Your sons think my bladder is a punching bag."

She ran out of the room as Patrick looked at Anna with a grimace. "I have a feeling I am going to hear 'your sons' a lot over the next four months, aren't I?"

Anna just laughed and nodded her head.

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