Double Take

Chapter 45

Chapter 45

2 weeks later

"Everything looks good. I want to schedule the C-section for next week, give these guys a little more time to grow but I see no reason you can't go home today. I'll get your release papers ready."

Robin squealed in excitement while Patrick laughed at her. "Thank you Kelly."

Kelly smiled at her friends and left the room. Patrick sat down on the bed and held Robin. "I know this was tough but it was for the best."

Robin nodded as she snuggled into his arms. "You're right. Now our boys are ready to come out and take over the world – or at least GH."

"I don't think their sister is going to let that happen. Now get some rest, we're going to need it." Robin laid there with him but didn't close her eyes. Patrick could almost feel the wheels turning in her head while it was touching his chest. "What is it babe?"

"It's just that, now that we are so close to having the babies, what if something goes wrong? They could still be HIV positive or what if I develop post-partum depression again? Not to mention the DIC." Robin started to cry. "I'm scared."

Patrick squeezed her tighter. "Robin, we have no control over any of those things but no matter what happens, we will get through it together. If the boys are HIV positive they will have you to show them that it is not a death sentence, that you can live a full and healthy life. You know I will be watching for the signs of PPD and your parents are here this time to help with Emma and the boys to help alleviate the stress. As for the DIC, we have no control over that, but Kelly will be monitoring you closely."

Robin just squeezed his hand and closed her eyes. "You picked the perfect time to be wonderful."

Patrick smiled. "I know – now get some rest."

They were still lying there when Kelly came in with the discharge papers an hour later. After setting the date for the C-section, Patrick went to bring the car around while Robin packed her things to leave. She was almost finished when she heard the door open.

"Just a second babe, almost done." Robin didn't look at the door to see who had come in.

"It certainly looks like it." Sabrina stood in the doorway glaring at Robin and her pregnant belly.

Robin didn't like the way Sabrina was looking at her. "Sabrina, what are you doing here?"

"I had to see it with my own eyes, see that you really are pregnant with twins. From what I hear it's twin boys. Congratulations." She spat the last word at Robin. "My son is dead but you get two – how is that fair?"

Robin shook her head and leaned against the bed. She was not up to this. "Sabrina, I am so sorry about Gabriel…"

Sabrina crossed the room and grabbed Robin by the arms. "Don't you say his name! You killed my son."

Robin felt a twitch in her back that went around to her belly. She tried to calm herself but Sabrina would not let her go.

"He was a beautiful little boy who should be at home playing with Emma and Patrick but instead he is in the cemetery because of you, because Victor Cassadine wanted to keep you in line." Sabrina's grip tightened on Robin's arms.

Robin struggled with Sabrina, trying to pull away from the woman. It was clear that Sabrina had lost her grip on sanity. Unable to reach the call button Robin screamed out for help. Within seconds her door flew open and Patrick came in, followed closely by Matt. "Sabrina, let her go."

Sabrina looked at Patrick in disbelief and then looked back at Robin. "Fine." She gave Robin a sick smile and shoved her to the floor. Robin hit it hard and cried out in pain. Patrick rushed to her while Matt pulled Sabrina out of the room and handed her over to the security guards who had heard Robin's cry as well.

"Robin, Robin are you okay?" Robin had hit her head when she fell and was knocked out. Patrick was checking her out. "Matt, help me get her on the bed."

The two men gently picked her up and set her on the bed. Working from memory, they started hooking the monitors back up to Robin. They were almost done when Kelly came running in. "What happened?"

"Sabrina attacked her and knocked her out." Patrick was trying to get Robin to wake up. "Come on babe, look at me. Come on."

Suddenly Robin screamed out in pain and the monitors went crazy. Kelly went over to the bed and did a quick exam before going over to the phone in the room. "Get an OR prepped for an emergency C-section. Notify me as soon as it's ready."

Kelly walked back over to Robin and Patrick. "So much for going home – your water just broke. Matt, we need to get Robin prepped for surgery so I need you to leave."

Matt walked over and kissed Robin's forehead. "I'll let everyone know that the boys on their way. I love you sis."

Robin nodded and smiled at him. "Love you too." She had barely gotten the words out when a contraction hit her and she screamed out in pain. Mere moments later the surgical team came in to prep Robin and she and Patrick were whisked off to the OR.

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