Double Take

Chapter 46

Chapter 46

Kelly walked over to Patrick and Robin and checked on the couple. Robin's belly was shielded behind a sterile hanging sheet so she couldn't see what Kelly was doing. "I'm going to see if the spinal block is working – let me know when you can feel me."

Robin held Patrick's hand and waited as Kelly gently poked her body. She was almost to Robin's chest when Robin stopped her. "There."

"Good – we're ready to go. I'm going to get the babies out and have a portable CT brought in to check on that bump on your head. Meanwhile we will get the boys checked out. Okay?"

Robin and Patrick nodded, squeezing each other's hands tight. Robin began to cry. "It's not too early is it Kelly?"

"No Robs, I promise we will take great care of you and your boys." Kelly smiled at her friend and then began the C-section.

"Matt, what happened?" Anna came careening down the corridor of the maternity ward, followed closely by Robert and Mac. "I thought she was being released?"

"You haven't talked to Dante?" Matt was certain Dante had let them know what happened less than an hour ago.

Anna shook her head. "What would Dante tell me?"

Matt sighed and ran his hands through his hair. "Robin was getting ready to leave. Patrick went to get the car and she was finishing getting her things together when Sabrina came in the room. She went after Robin, yelling at her about the boys, how she couldn't believe that Robin was having two sons and her son was dead."

Anna shook her head and Robert came up behind her and pulled her close to him. "So did the stress cause Robin to go into labor?"

"No, she grabbed Robin and Robin yelled for help. I had met Patrick in the hall and we heard Robin yell so we ran into the room. Patrick told Sabrina to let her go and Sabrina," Matt paused, "Sabrina pushed her down."

"What!" Robert couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Is she okay?"

"She lost consciousness for a minute." Anna gasped. "Only for a minute, I swear. She woke up, but her water broke and she went into labor. Kelly rushed her into the OR and now we're just waiting."

"Is it too soon?" Mac was beside himself with worry for his niece and her sons.

"All of their organs should be fully developed but we won't know anything for sure until they are born." Matt was trying to go into doctor mode but it wasn't easy. The truth was he was scared to death for Robin and the boys.

"And Sabrina?" Robert was furious that this woman had harmed his daughter.

"Dante came and arrested her for assault. She is at the PCPD and an emergency restraining order is being issued." Matt hoped it would be enough to keep Sabrina away from Robin and the boys.

"Good." Robert pulled Anna into a chair and sat with her, holding her hand until the saw Patrick walk down the hall a few minutes later.

"Patrick, how is she?" Anna was worried about her daughter.

"She's fine. They are doing a CT right now to be on the safe side but Marucci came in while they were closing her up and did a quick exam. Everything seems to be fine." Patrick smiled. "The boys are being checked out but they both came out screaming their heads off. They are getting their HIV tests, AZT shots, weighed and measured and then they will join Robin and I in her room."

Anna jumped up and hugged Patrick and then Robert. "When can we see her?"

"Give them a little bit and then she should be able to have visitors. The boys will be in the nursery shortly, so you can go see them."

Mac laughed. "Finally some boys in this family." Everyone laughed. "No offense, I love my girls but I have wanted a nephew for years."

"Come on, I'll walk you down to the nursery. They should be there by now." Patrick was leading the group down the hall and he paused at room 815. "This is Robin's room." He poked his head in and saw Robin sleeping in the bed.

"I think they gave her enough morphine to knock her out for awhile. Let's go see the boys. Who is bringing Emma by?" Emma was on a field trip and they hadn't able to get her yet.

"Maxie is picking her up." Mac had called her immediately upon learning Robin was in labor. "She is not going to be happy about missing her brothers birth."

Patrick smiled. "No she won't but it couldn't be helped."

They arrived at the nursery and were admiring the two small dark haired boys when they heard alarms going off. A guard ran by them talking to on his walkie-talkie. "Security to room 815!"

Patrick looked at Matt. "Robin!" The group took off running down the hall back to Robin's room.

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