Double Take

Chapter 47

Chapter 47

Patrick led Matt, Mac, Anna and Robert down the hall towards Robin's room when Patrick suddenly stopped. "The boys – I don't want to leave them unprotected."

Mac looked at Matt and nodded. "We'll take care of the boys. You take care of our girl." The two men ran back to the nursery while Patrick, Anna and Robert headed towards Robin's room.

Kelly was standing outside the room with the security guards when they got there. "Kelly, what's going on?"

Kelly looked at Robin's door and then back at Patrick. "She has a visitor. I saw him go into her room and immediately called security. I think you might want to go in and try to talk to him before we send the guards in."

Patrick opened the door to see Jerry Jacks standing over Robin. She was still sleeping and he was just watching her. "Come in Patty boy – we've been waiting for you."

Patrick walked into the room, noticing the gun in Jerry's hand. "What do you want Jerry?"

Jerry smiled at Patrick. "To see little Robin of course. I understand you have two sons now – congratulations."

"She isn't going anywhere Jerry." Patrick crossed over to Robin's bedside and took her hand in his. "Her parents are just outside and…"

Jerry interrupted. "I have no intentions of removing Robin from this facility. I am actually bringing you two a little gift - Helena Cassadine will no longer be a threat to you."

Patrick couldn't believe what he was hearing. "What are you talking about?"

Jerry walked towards the door. "She met with a most unfortunate accident. Rather sad but it does give you and your wife a little breathing room."

"And what about Daniel?"

"Oh Danny boy – unfortunately I have no idea where that sick man is, only that his obsession with our Robin is still going strong." Jerry reached the door. "As for me, I am going on a well earned vacation."

Patrick made sure to keep himself in front of Robin's bed, a wall in between Robin and Jerry. "There are people out there waiting to arrest you."

Jerry laughed. "They will and within 24 hours I will be headed out of town never to be seen again. At least not until I need Jobbin Robin's brilliant mind again. Good day Dr. Drake."

Jerry headed out the door and Patrick heard him being arrested. Kelly came in, followed by Robert and Anna. Kelly gave Robin a quick exam while Patrick recounted his conversation with Jerry. "Could it be possible, could Helena really be dead?"

Robert shook his head. "I won't believe it until I see her body myself but anything is possible."

Kelly joined the group. "She seems fine. I unplugged her IV and ordered a new one to be started as well as a full blood panel." Kelly gently rubbed Patrick's arm. "She should be waking up soon so why don't you go ahead and stay with her while I check on the boys?"

Patrick nodded and took a seat by Robin's bed. Anna joined him while Robert went to update Matt and Mac.

"No." Robin was beginning to wake up. "Patrick?"

Patrick took her hand in his. "I'm right here babe."

Robin looked over at him groggily. "I had the strangest dream that Jerry was here."

Patrick looked at Anna and then back at his wife. "Well that's it – no more morphine for you." He wanted to wait until Robin was stronger to talk about Jerry's visit.

Robin smiled at him. "The boys? Are they okay?"

The door opened and Mac and Matt came in pushing the twins bassinets. "See for yourself." Expertly, Mac and Patrick picked up the boys and brought them to Robin. Mac handed one of them to Robin while Patrick carefully sat down on the bed next to her and held his brother.

"Where are Dad and Noah?" Robin wanted their fathers there before she told everyone the babies names.

"Right here sweetheart." He came into the room carrying Emma with Maxie and Noah right behind him.

Emma ran over to the bed and smiled at her brothers. "You were supposed to wait for me."

Everyone laughed as the little girl climbed up on her dad's lap and stared at the twins. "Which one is this?"

"Robin, you want to do the honors?" The stress of the previous minutes were gone as Patrick sat there with his family.

"Everyone I would like you to meet Ryan Matthew Scorpio Drake," she looked down at the little boy snuggled in her arms, "and Alexander Mackenzie Scorpio Drake." Robin nodded at Patrick and they both smiled. Together they had decided they wanted to honor Mac along with Matt – Robin's surrogate father had been an integral part of their relationship from the very beginning.

Mac and Matt both had tears in their eyes as they looked at their namesakes, two beautiful dark haired boys both resting safely in their parents arms. For the first time in a long time, everything was right in the world.

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