Double Take

Chapter 48

Chapter 48

6 weeks later

"Mommy, Alex smiled at me!" Emma and Robin were on the floor of their living room with the twins, lying on a blanket.

"He did? That's great Em." Robin laughed at her daughter's excitement. Emma had been constantly by her brothers sides since they came home, taking her role of big sister very seriously. She helped feed them and helped push their stroller, as well as keeping them 'entertained' while Robin made supper. The only thing Emma refused to do was diapers.

Patrick stood in the doorway and watched the scene before him was a smile on his face. Their boys were both healthy and, as of now, HIV negative. They had completed their 6 weeks of medication and would be tested again at 6 months. They were both just over 5 pounds when they were born with Alex outweighing his brother by 2 ounces. Alex was also an inch longer than Ryan which had led to everyone calling Ryan 'squirt'. Both boys shared their father's dark hair but Alex had Patrick's eyes while Ryan had Robin's.

Robin was doing wonderful. She was almost completely healed from the c-section and she had no injuries from her run in with Sabrina. Robin was still seeing Kevin once a week but there were no signs that she was having a relapse of her PPD. Robin wanted to be vigilant and not bury her head in the sand like she did with Emma.

Sabrina had been committed to Fern Cliff following a psychiatric evaluation and a restraining order issued to keep her away from the entire Drake family following her attack on Robin. Sabrina had slipped into complete paranoia and was convinced that Robin had stolen her life and her son from her. Patrick and Robin were petitioning the court to have Sabrina moved to a more secure facility, hopefully in another state.

Jerry was true to his word – within a day of being arrested he was free on bail and disappeared but not before sending a bouquet of flowers to Robin at the hospital. Patrick threw them out before she saw them. Robin was still not aware that Jerry was in her room after she gave birth, just that he was arrested at the hospital and that he claimed Helena was dead.

Patrick came in and sat down next to Robin. "How did your check up go with Kelly today?" Patrick had been called in to do an emergency surgery so her mom had taken her to the follow up appointment with Kelly while Mac, Robert and Emma watched the boys.

"Great. Kelly wants me to take a full twelve week maternity leave and I have to say I agree. I'm not quite ready to turn these two over to the hospital daycare just yet." Robin smiled at the boys and gently tickled Ryan's belly. He cooed at her and she did the same to Alex with the same results. Robin then leaned over and whispered in his ear. "We'll talk about the rest after the kids go to bed."

Patrick smiled at her. The twins were on the same schedule and actually were sleeping at least 3 hours in a row before getting up to feed. Alex was the noisy one, usually waking his parents up to let them know that he and his brother were ready to eat while Ryan would lie there cooing at the race car mobile above his crib.

Patrick wrapped his arms around Robin's waist and held her close, gently kissing her neck. This was what was important, the peace and togetherness they had fought so hard to get. They spent the rest of the afternoon together, enjoying time with their daughter and sons.

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