Double Take

Chapter 49

Chapter 49

6 weeks later

Patrick wrapped his arms around Robin and smiled. She was facing him and smiled back before burrowing her head into his chest. It was their last weekend before Robin went back to work and they were taking full advantage of it. Emma was at Maxie's for a girl's night and the boys were now sleeping 6 hours at a time which gave Robin and Patrick plenty of time to play. "I can't wait to get you back at work. I have missed our consults."

Robin giggled. "Really? You haven't had any consults since I've been gone."

"Well Matt and my dad but those aren't the consults I was talking about." He gave Robin a little tickle on her belly and she laughed out loud.

"So this is just about getting me in the supply closet?" She was teasing him and loving every moment.

"The supply closet, your office, my office, the roof…" Patrick began listing all the places their consults had been in over the years.

"We're terrible." Robin shook her head, still laughing.

"On the contrary, we are exceptional. In fact, I think I am in desperate need of a house call consult right now." Patrick gave her his best come hither look and she just continued laughing.

"Well, technically I'm not back on the roster until Monday but I think I can make an exception in your case." Robin leaned up to kiss her husband when his phone went off.

He picked it up. "It's the hospital."

Patrick answered the phone and listened to the caller. "But I was supposed to be off call this weekend. I know, if Dr. Quartermaine is requesting me I need to come in but couldn't you call…"

Robin nodded her head at him. "Go, it's okay."

Patrick sighed. "I'll be there in 20 minutes."

"If Monica is requesting you than you need to go. I'll get a little sleep and the boys will be up in a few hours anyway. I'll get them fed and back down and then we will have plenty of time to play when you get done. Go, be brilliant."

Patrick leaned down and kissed her. "I love you."

Robin smiled back at him. "I love you too."

She laid back down and Patrick took one last look at her before heading to the hospital.

Robin woke up to an arm wrapped tight around her. She smiled. "How'd it go?"

"Perfect." He tightened his grip.

"Babe, you don't need to hold on so tight, I'm not going anywhere." Robin wasn't sure what he was doing.

"I disagree."

Robin's eyes flew open in awareness and she tried to get away but he held her tight and put the chloroform covered rag over her mouth and nose.

Minutes later Daniel carried an unconscious Robin out of the house and into a waiting car.

Patrick walked up to the nurse's desk on the 10th floor and smiled at the charge nurse. Epiphany looked at him in surprise. "What are you doing here?"

Patrick was about to answer when he heard Monica Quartermaine's voice call out to him. "Patrick?"

Patrick smiled at her. "I'm here."

"I can see that but why?" Monica knew Patrick was off call for the weekend and didn't know why he had come in.

"You asked for me." Patrick started to get a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"No I didn't." Monica wasn't sure what was going on but it wasn't good.

"But I got a call from the hospital…Robin!" Patrick pulled out his phone and called Anna. "Can you get to the house – I think something is wrong. No, I'm at the hospital, someone called insisting I was needed for a consult but I think it was just to get me out of the house."

Patrick then called Robin's cell phone. "Come on, come on please answer."

"Hello, you have reached the voice mail of Robin…" Patrick hung up.

Epiphany had paged Matt and Noah to the desk as soon as she realized what was going on. Both men rushed over in time to hear Patrick's conversation with Anna.

"Come on son, I'll drive you back home. Maybe Robin just didn't hear the phone or she had her hands full with the boys." Noah was trying to be reassuring but it wasn't working.

Monica looked at Epiphany. "Call in Marruci, you three go." Robin was like a daughter to Monica and her safety was a priority.

Patrick looked at Monica. "Thank you."

The three men headed to the elevator and back to Patrick's house.

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