Double Take

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Robin rubbed her eyes as she pulled back from the microscope. She was absolutely exhausted. She had barely slept the night before in her excitement – help was coming. Now that her mom knew that Robin had been kidnapped she would stop at nothing to rescue her.

She was about to resume her study of the slide when she heard the door to the lab open.

"Jobbin Robin, how goes the research?"

Jerry loved coming by just to torture her. He always had a gun drawn, a not so subtle reminder of their first meeting when he shot her just to prove how vicious he could be. "Fine, but it would go better if I were left alone."

Jerry smiled. The truth was he had great admiration for the resilient doctor. Her refusal to immediately roll over to his threats never failed to amuse him. "Now is that any way to speak to someone who is bringing you a late Christmas gift?"

Robin rolled her eyes at him. "Whatever it is Jerry, I don't want it."

"Oh I disagree, little Robin. I think you will want this gift very much." Jerry nodded at the door and suddenly someone was pushed through it. Robin rubbed her eyes in disbelief.


He took a moment and then turned to her. Running over, Patrick pulled Robin into his arms and swung her around. "Robin? What is going on?"

"It's Helena and Jerry, they are working together to keep me here. I wanted to come home to you and Emma, I swear, but they said they would kill you and…" Tears filled Robin's eyes as she explained what had happened.

"Robin, it's okay." He took her face in his hands and gently rubbed her cheeks. "I believe you."

"You do?" Robin couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Well, considering I was just kidnapped from the hospital…yeah."

Robin laughed. "That would be a big hint. I have missed you so much. I love you."

Patrick pulled her close. "I love you too." He leaned down and pulled her into a kiss.

Almost immediately Robin pushed him away and shook her head at him. "You're not Patrick. You're not my husband."

"Give the lady a prize – you're right, I'm not your ex-husband." He stressed the ex part. "I have to admit, I'm impressed. No one in Port Charles has figured it out but you knew with one kiss. I guess he wasn't kidding when he said you two were soul mates."

Robin's breath caught in her throat. "Where is he?" Robin demanded.

"Patty boy is locked away, safe and sound, for now. Whether he stays that way is all up to you." Jerry stepped forward to answer the question.

"And Emma?" She knew Patrick could take care of himself but her little girl was a different story.

"Safely staying at Grandma's. I must admit that I think your mother is having some doubts about your little story. I am hoping you can finish your work here before she figures it out, not only for your sake but your erstwhile ex-husbands as well."

"A few more weeks and I should have what you want. If I could get some assistance from another doctor…"

"Say Dr. Drake?" 'Patrick' glared at her. This woman had a lot of nerve but he was getting the attraction now. Not only was she beautiful but she also exuded a confidence and daring he wouldn't have expected. Too bad he didn't have the time to get to know her better, at least not yet.

"Patrick and I have always worked well together. We have a way of bringing out the best in each other."

"That may be so but for now Patty boy stays where he is, understood?" Jerry pointed the gun at her and Robin winced.

"Understood." She glared at both men. "When can I see him?"

Jerry stared at her for a moment – still a bossy little thing. Drake really wasn't worthy of her. "Soon, it all depends on the work you accomplish for us."

"Fine, then if you don't mind…" she gestured to the door.

"By all means, see you soon little Robin." Jerry headed to the door.

'Patrick' took another look at her. Until now he was basing his opinion of Robin on what Lisa had told him but, having actually met her, he started to see why Drake chose his wife over poor, sick Lisa. Oh yes, this was a situation that would definitely need to be revisited. "Yes, very soon Robin."

Both men left and Robin's brave face crumpled. She grabbed a beaker off the table and threw it across the room with a scream. Patrick was supposed to be safe, that was the deal and now he was in more danger than ever.

Robin took a few deep breaths and then returned to her microscope. With the stakes higher than ever, she had no time to waste. She needed to find the proper protocol and she needed to find it now.

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