Double Take

Chapter 51

Chapter 51

Robin slowly opened her eyes and felt a pair of arms holding her tight. "Babe, you need to let me get up and check on the boys."

"They're fine, trust me."

"I haven't heard them in a little while, I need to check on them." Robin tried to wiggle out of his arms but he held on tight.

"And I said they're fine – Patrick has them."

Robin had a flash of a memory, she was in bed and the arms came around her and… "Daniel?"

Robin began to struggle with him furiously. "Stop Robin! I don't want to hurt you but I will if I have to."

Robin stopped, deciding to conserve her energy until it was of better use to her. "That's better. Now, is there anything I can get you?"

Daniel loosened his grip on her and Robin relaxed her body a little bit. "My pills, I need my pills."

Daniel smiled. "I grabbed your pills before we left. I will go get them and something to drink. You need a banana too, right?"

Robin nodded. "It helps with my stomach."

Daniel jumped off the bed, his smile even bigger, happy that he was right. "I'll be right back." He left the room, locking the door behind him.

Robin slid off the bed and began looking around for a way out or any kind of weapon she could use against Daniel. The drawers were full of clothes, the window was boarded up and there wasn't even a mirror to smash. Robin sighed and sat back down on the bed. She just needed to take her time and think. There was a way out of this, there had to be.

Somehow, someway, she was getting out of here and back home to her family.

"Okay Ry, you have got to work with me buddy." Ryan was crying and had been for the last hour. Even though Patrick tried to help out as much as possible with the boys, Robin had been their primary caregiver since they were born and they were missing her terribly, as was their dad.

Mac walked in the door with Alex sleeping soundly on his chest. He carefully laid the little boy down in his crib and held his hands out to Patrick. "Do you want me to try?"

Patrick sighed and handed the crying child over to his uncle. "I don't know what to do. It's like he knows his mom is missing."

Mac nodded as he expertly rocked Ryan slowly back and forth. "He does. Fortunately, I think he has about worn himself out. Why don't you lay down for a few minutes?" Patrick began to protest but Mac stopped him. "You will not do Robin or your children any good if you collapse from exhaustion. Anna and Robert are working with Dante to do house to house searches. We know she is still in Port Charles, it is just a matter of time until we find her."

In his head he knew Mac was right but his heart was a different story. At this point in time though, Patrick was too tired to fight him. "Thank you."

Patrick walked into their room and laid down on their bed. Gently, he pulled Robin's pillow close to him and inhaled her scent. A few minutes later he finally gave in to his exhaustion, still holding her pillow tight in his arms.

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