Double Take

Chapter 53

Chapter 53

Patrick stood behind Mac's car watching the house where Daniel was holding Robin. He prayed that they were in time, that they got there before Daniel took off with her. "Mac, what is going on?"

Mac understood Patrick's anxiousness but right now it was a waiting game. "Patience Patrick - we want him to come out willingly if at all possible."

Thanks to traffic cameras and Robert and Anna's connections, they were able to find the car Daniel had rented parked outside this house. It was a rental property and Dante was able to confirm that Daniel had rented the property last week. The car was still there, parked in the driveway. Fortunately, the garage was being used to store a boat and Daniel couldn't park in there.

"Patience Mac? After everything we have been through, this needs to end - today." All Patrick wanted was for Robin to be safe, free from this madman's obsession.

"And it will. Daniel will not be a threat to you or Robin anymore after today." Anna walked up to the two men and hugged her son-in-law. "I promise you that."

Mac looked at her. "Where's Robert?"

Anna stared Mac straight in the eyes. "He'll be here soon."

The front door opened and the group watched in horror as Daniel came out the door with Robin tight in his arms, a large butcher knife held to her throat. "We are going now. If anyone tries to stop us, I will kill her."

Dante answered him. "There is nowhere to go. Do yourself a favor and let Robin go so we can end this peacefully."

Daniel tightened his grip and pulled the knife tighter against Robin's neck. She winced as the cold blade made a small cut. "No! If I can't have her neither can he!"

It took everything Mac and Anna had to hold Patrick back. Mac tried to reason with Robin's husband. "Wait, Patrick if you go running over there, he will kill Robin for sure and you do not want that. Let Dante do his job, for Robin's sake."

Patrick slumped down defeated but his eyes never left his wife. He saw a small trickle of blood coming down her throat from the cut Daniel had just made. "Do you have a pair of gloves? I want to be prepared for when we get her away from him."

Mac nodded at Anna and she went and got a pair of gloves from the first aid kit in the trunk of Mac's car.

Daniel walked Robin over to the car. He stood at the passenger door. "Open it."

Robin did as she was told, taking everything in. She knew that Daniel would never get her away from this house, it was just a question of whether he killed her before they could stop him. Daniel turned her around and smiled at her.

"It's all for you Robin, everything is all for you." She saw the knife going towards her a split second before he wanted her to and managed to move to the side. The knife cut her but it was only a flesh wound, not the painful killing blow he had intended. The knife hit the car and Robin took advantage of it to punch Daniel in the lung and run.

Daniel fell to the ground, dropping the knife but grabbing Robin's ankle, knocking her to the ground. Suddenly a shot rang out and Daniel's grip on Robin ended.

Dante began yelling as he ran towards the car. "Where did that shot come from?"

No one answered, they hadn't fired it. Patrick saw Daniel and Robin both go down and took off running, Mac and Anna close behind him. Robin picked herself off the ground and ran towards them. The couple met within seconds and Patrick held her close while Anna went to check on Daniel. Patrick led Robin over to Mac's car and the first aid kit.

"You're going to need a few stitches here." Patrick was studying the wound to Robin's left side. "But it could have been so much worse. Mac, we need to get her to the hospital."

Patrick bandaged the wound while Mac got the clearance he needed to take Robin to the hospital. A few minutes later he came back to the car and climbed in the driver's seat. "Let's go."

Robin looked at her uncle. "Mac, what is it?"

Mac smiled at her. "It's over Robin. Daniel will never bother you again. They don't know where the shot came from but whoever did it knew what they were doing. Daniel's dead."

The couple sat in stunned silence holding on to each other tightly as Mac drove them to GH.

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