Double Take

Chapter 54

Chapter 54

1 year later

Robin laughed as she watched Emma chasing her brothers around the back yard. Alex suddenly stopped and turned around, taking Emma by surprise. She went to his left side to avoid him but Alex grabbed her leg and she went down, laughing. Alex jumped on his sister to tickle her but she quickly recovered and began tickling him while Ryan stood over both of them. Emma reached out her hand and quickly tickled Ryan's belly and he started laughing. Emma got up and began the chase all over again.

Patrick walked up behind Robin and put his arms around her. "They look like they're having fun."

Robin nodded, leaning back into her husband's embrace. "Hard to believe that a year ago…"

Patrick kissed the top of her head. "I know."


Kelly finished stitching up Robin's side. "It isn't too deep but I don't want to take any chances. You are one lucky woman, you know that right?"

Robin smiled at Patrick. "Of course I do Kel."

A few minutes later Anna came into the room followed by Mac, Noah, Matt and Robert.

"Thank God you're okay." Anna held her daughter close while the men in her life smiled at her.

"I'm better than ok. Did you ever find the shooter?" Robin watched her father as she asked this question.

"No, whoever it was disappeared. I don't think the police will ever find them." Mac had a strong suspicion as to who fired the shot that killed Daniel and he wasn't the only one.

Robin smiled at her father. "Too bad, I wanted to thank him."

Robert winked at her and walked over the bed. "I'm sure whoever shot that bastard did it because they loved you and wanted to make sure Daniel never hurt you again."

Tears filled Robin's eyes and she hugged her father tight. Everyone in the room knew Robert had fired the shot that killed Daniel and no one would turn him in. Daniel was like a rabid dog and killing him was the only way to protect Robin.

Patrick came over and smiled down at his wife. "It's over. It's finally over."

End Flashback

Patrick looked around the kitchen at all the boxes. "Are you about done packing?"

Robin sighed. "I'm beginning to think I will never be done – how did we accumulate so much stuff?"

Patrick just laughed. "I don't know but we have plenty of room for it at the new house."

After everything that had happened, the couple decided to finally use the piece of land Patrick had bought before Robin's 'death' and build their dream home. A new home for a new life. The movers would be here shortly to begin taking everything to their new place and their friends and family were coming over for an unpacking party.

Robert, Mac and Anna had worked together to install a brand new, state of the art security system for the house. Because the property backed up to the woods, there was an underground security perimeter to protect them while still allowing them the beauty of the woods. No expense was spared, the family's safety was everyone's top priority.

"I am going to miss this place, we have a lot of great memories here. This was our first home." Robin spoke wistfully.

"Home for me is wherever you and the kids are." Patrick turned her around and kissed her. "I love you, so much."

Robin smiled at him. "And I love you, so much."

The End

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