Double Take

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

"But I don't want to go away to school Daddy." 'Patrick' had just told Emma that she was going to boarding school. He had chosen Kelly's in hopes of avoiding a scene but that hadn't worked.

"Emma, I have to go and help someone far away from here and I can't take you with me. What am I supposed to do?"

"Patrick, is something wrong?" Anna had walked in to get some coffee and overheard Emma's outburst. She looked at her granddaughter and quickly intervened. She pulled some money out of her pocket and gave it to Emma. "Why don't you go play a couple of songs on the jukebox while I talk to Daddy?"

The little girl smiled at her grandma. "Thank you Grandma Anna." She turned to her dad. "Is that okay?"

'Patrick' smiled back at her. "Of course baby. Go on." He turned back to Anna. "Thank you."

"So what is going on? Why are you sending Emma away to boarding school?" Anna was trying to remain calm but this was just another reason she didn't trust Patrick anymore. It had been a month since she had spoken with Robin and Patrick had continued to pull further and further away.

He had had a brief dalliance with Sam Morgan until she realized Jake was actually Jason Morgan. Jason still had no memory of where he had been while he was 'dead' but Sam was trying to help him recover his memories of that time; he may remember something that would lead to Robin.

"I have been requested for a special case out of the country and Emma cannot come with me. I don't know how long it will take but it will guarantee millions of dollars of funding for the hospital and I can't turn it down. What am I supposed to do?" 'Patrick' tried to at least sound a little conflicted.

Anna thought about it for a moment and then had an idea. "You leave her with me."

'Patrick' raised her eyebrows at her. "With you?"

"Why yes. I have plenty of free time and Mac would love to spend more time with Emma, especially with Robin gone." Anna hoped that 'Patrick' would go for this. She would feel much better if Emma were with her until she could figure out what the hell was going on.

"Anna you are a lifesaver. I can't tell you how much this means to me. Emma, could you come here please?" Emma walked back to the table. "How would you like to stay with Grandma Anna while I am helping the person who is sick?"

Emma smiled and nodded her head excitedly before throwing herself in her daddy's arms. "Yes, thank you Daddy!" She let go of him and hugged Anna. "Thank you Grandma Anna!"

'Patrick' smiled. "Alright then. I need to leave tomorrow so what do you say we get home and get you packed?"

Anna was shocked – this was not the Patrick she knew. He should be upset and conflicted, not relieved and okay with it all. "Of course. So where are you going?" She helped Emma on with her coat and tried to act casual. Anna had a theory and it was time to test it.

"Paris actually. I thought I would see if I could figure out where," he looked at Emma, "someone might be while I am there."

Anna saw her opportunity. "You should touch base with the doctor who developed LS49 and helped with Laura Spencer's case, Dr. Chevalier. Robin and him were always close."

'Patrick' smiled at Anna. "Great idea – I'll contact him as soon as I get to the hotel."

Anna's heart sank as he confirmed what she suspected. She didn't know who this man was but he was most definitely not Patrick Drake. Patrick had personally met with Robin's friend and mentor, Dr. Legrasse to discuss Laura's case and the drug protocol LS49. There was no way he wouldn't remember the man's name.

Anna smiled back at him, hiding her true feelings as best she could. The important thing right now was to get Emma away from this man. "You know I still have a key to your house and you have a lot of packing to do so why don't I take her home with me tonight? I have clothes and a toothbrush at my place for her and we can have a girl's night in."

'Patrick' hugged Anna. "That would be wonderful, maybe I can get out of here tonight. The sooner I help this man, the sooner I can come home to my girl." He leaned over and hugged Emma. "You have fun with Grandma and I will talk to you soon, okay?"

Emma hugged him back and then immediately grabbed Anna's hand. "Ok Daddy. Come on Grandma, let's go."

Anna led Emma out of Kelly's and got her buckled into the car. Within minutes she had Emma sitting in her room at the Metro Court watching Frozen for the hundredth time while Anna began making calls.

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