Double Take

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Jerry stared across the table at Dr. Patrick Drake. Patrick was fully restrained in a straight jacket so that he couldn't attempt to escape.

Patrick glared at Jerry, seething with rage at this man who seemed to make it his life's mission to keep Patrick away from his wife. "Why am I here this time Jerry?"

"You know your bedside manner is sincerely lacking. You really should take a few tips from your wife, sorry, ex-wife on how to improve it." Jerry smiled with satisfaction at the look of fury the crossed Patrick's face at the mere mention of Robin.

"You son of a bitch." Patrick hated that they had destroyed his marriage. "If I weren't in this damn straight jacket I would tear you apart."

"But then what would happen to poor Robin or little Emma?" Jerry bent over and stared Patrick straight in the eyes. "You are in no position to protect them so I would mind my tongue. I would hate it if anything happened to them."

"Bastard." Patrick took some deep breaths so he could get his anger under control. "What do want Jerry?"

"Our friend will be visiting soon. He needs some more information about our dear little Robin. Specifically, your love story."

"Why, you already said she knew he wasn't me." This didn't make sense. Until today they had only been interested in general things about their relationship, their wedding day, favorite things to do, but no intimate details.

"Well, it seems that you and our new Patrick share a similar taste in women. Since you are, shall we say, indisposed at the moment, he is hoping to take advantage of the time to get to know Robin better. He wants to know what makes her tick and how to break through those many walls she has up. Who better to ask than you."

Patrick felt sick. This could not be happening. "No, I won't do it."

"I thought you might feel that way so I brought you a little surprise." Jerry pulled out a tablet and showed it to Patrick. On the screen were Anna and Emma, playing in the park. "I would hate to have Emma suffer the same fate as Gabriel."

Patrick leaped out of chair and attempted to charge Jerry, momentarily forgetting that his right foot was shackled to the table in front of him. He fell hard to the ground, almost breaking his ankle.

"There's that temper that always gets you into trouble. Oh well, if you don't care enough about Emma to cooperate…"

"No!" Patrick attempted to pull himself off the ground but, without his arms, he just didn't seem to be able to.

Jerry came over and bent down, getting in Patrick's face. "Are we going to behave ourselves now?"

Patrick nodded his head. Jerry helped him up and back into his chair as the door opened and Patrick's double walked in the door.

Patrick still couldn't believe this was happening. Less than a year ago he had been sitting at home by himself. It was a week after Gabriel's funeral and he was looking through his and Robin's wedding album. Emma had gone with Mac and Felicia for the night so that he could take a little time to himself to not only grieve but also think about what to do about Robin.

Deep down in his heart he knew that Robin would have never stayed away if she had any choice. Once he had had time to think about everything that had happened, he realized that Victor had stopped Robin from coming home.

Patrick made a decision – it was time to tell someone what he knew and what he suspected was going on with Robin. No more protecting Victor Cassadine or the WSB. Patrick had picked up his phone to call Anna when he felt a sharp pain in his neck. He reached up and felt a small dart near his carotid artery. He pulled it out and had only a few seconds to look at it before everything went black. When Patrick woke up, he was in a locked room with his twin staring down at him.

The same man who was staring at him right now. "So let's begin, how did you and Robin first meet?"

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