Double Take

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Robin stared at the results and shook her head. Something was wrong, the numbers shouldn't be this high. It was almost like someone was sabotaging her work.

For the past month Robin has slowly made progress in her research, enough to put together a formula that should work. She followed the procedure for using the centrifuge strictly. The protocol she had created needed 12 hours in the centrifuge to properly combine. She put the protocol together and left it in the centrifuge over night but, according to her results, it didn't work at all. She felt like she was back at step one.

She was never going to get out of here. Robin kicked the table in frustration.

"What did that table ever to do you?" Robin looked up to see 'Patrick' standing in the doorway.

She rolled her eyes; she really didn't need this right now. 'Patrick' had been stopping by the lab more and more often lately although she didn't have a clue why. "Sorry, just not getting the results I had hoped for. Why are you here?"

He smiled at her. "To bring you good news – you are getting help with your reserach."

Robin got excited. "Patrick?"

His eyes darkened but he quickly recovered. His feelings for the lovely Dr. Scorpio had become stronger the more time he spent with her. Patrick had never been worthy of her and he needed to show her that. "No, me. I actually am a neurosurgeon too. I even come bearing gifts." He pulled a fudge mocha brownie ice cream bar out from behind his back.

Robin eyed him suspiciously. "How did you know these are my favorite? Did you ask my husband?"

He laughed and pulled a second ice cream bar. "Please, they just happen to be my favorite and I took a chance. If you don't want it…"

"No, I'll take it." She took the ice cream bar from him and opened it. "Thank you, it was very kind of you. I needed this today."

"Problems with your research?" She nodded her head. "Well then it's a good thing that I am here to help you."

"What about Emma?" Robin worried that her daughter had been brought their as well.

"She is perfectly safe and living with your mother while I assist in this research project."

Robin relaxed. "Good. Thank you…I don't even know your name. Calling you Patrick just seems wrong."

He smiled. This was progress, she wanted to know his name. "Daniel. Jerry calls me Danny boy."

Robin shook her head and laughed. "What the hell is it with Jerry and Irish nicknames? He's Australian."

Daniel laughed with her. Finally she was beginning to trust him. "I don't know." They finished their ice cream and he sat down at the desk with her. "Show me what you have done so far so we can create this protocol and get you home to your daughter."

Robin looked at him. For some reason she believed him when he said that. She nodded her head and began telling him about what she had come up with so far.

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