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My House


I feel you in these walls You're a cold air creeping in Chill me to my bones and skin I heard you down the hall But it's vacant when I'm looking in Who let you in? You walk around like you own the place But you never say anything I caught you walking straight through my walls Guess it was all my fault I think I let you in My House-- PVRIS

Romance / Drama
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It wasn’t all that rare for a pureblood witch or wizard to be sorted in to another house that wasn’t Slytherin. For example, Ron Weasley, he was a pureblood but he was sorted in to Gryffindor, Neville Longbottom too. Even though he was thought to be a squib at first.

But for some reason it seemed to shock my classmates when the sorting hat called out, “Ravenclaw!”

It certainly surprised my oldest friend; his clear blue eyes blinked in a quick twice as if he wasn’t sure he had heard right. He was so positive that I would have gotten in to Slytherin with him but to say I was disappointed would be a lie.

My loyalty always lied with those closest to me but my morals and ideals were my own.

Pureblood or not; I just wanted to improve my skills if not invent something no one in my world had ever heard of. Slytherin was a house known to cheat to achieve their ends. Something that always left a bitter taste in my mouth. Being a pureblood didn’t excuse us from using our own intelligence.

Despite the difference of opinion with many of the students in Slytherin house my closest friends were sorted in to the silver and green.

Draco Malfoy being the closest of them. Of course there was Crabbe and Goyle as well but they were really just Draco’s followers. I found that an interesting conversation couldn’t be held with them if Malfoy wasn’t around to lead it. Which was fine I preferred speaking to him anyway.

I grew up with Pansy Parkinson, and I grew to like Millicent Bulstrode because of Pansy.

I had friends in my own house and Gryffindor too. Luna Lovegood and Cho Chang for example both excellent company in our common room. They were good a mix of perspectives for a problem, and of course there was the Golden trio, Neville, and several others in Gryffindor.

Although those raised with me weren’t much too happy about it. I didn’t really care I marched to the beat of my own drum.

The only friendship I wished to maintain was the one with Draco.

We were thick as thieves as children and now in our sixth year we were more than partners in crime.

We were lovers in crime.

Although I hadn’t the slightest clue.

Some smart Ravenclaw I was.

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