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I Need Your Love part 2


Shivaay Singh Oberoi the most wanted bachelor of Mumbai who at the age of 28 is father of business and run long chain of Oberoi business around world in his professional life but in his down personal life he's daddy of all kittens. There's no girl near him.who didn't tasted him as Shivaay Singh Oberoi wants love from all.

Romance / Erotica
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Part 2 of I Need your Love


In luxurious room on King size bed man in his mid twenties is sleeping peacfully after realising his tiredness, his bottom is covered with white sheet but his upper build tone body is complete naked. It was morning 15:10 when man lazily opened his eyes that just gets opened with lust and gets closed with lust.

He rolled his eyes to his right and his friend got straight in few seconds that was popping from sheet, he licked his lips glancing naked girl lying next to him. He scanned her body once again when his eyes gets struck on her peachy cheeks.

He kicked the sheet from his lower bottom freeing his little friend. He began giving hand job his length with lust glances her fully round butts, that made him pre cum on his own hand that he brought closed to girl insert his hand in her ass and began rubbing his pre cum in her dry ass making girl moan in her sleep.

Man groans hearing her moans, he pulled girl on top of him and in tone spoke keep on rubbing his hand inside her.

" Get up kitten daddy wants to give you ride"

Girl happily opened her eyes and with excitement said....

"Wow daddy you'll take me to ride? You know I love rides but you know my step papa always scold me whenever I ask him for money to get on rides"

" Don't get upset little kitten, yesterday you told me that nobody loved you, then I loved you. Didn't I?"

Shivaay asked with lust pecking her lips making her suck his juicy fingers

"Yes, daddy you loved me like no one loved me. Now please take me to ride. But daddy can I ask something for you?"

"Daddy never let anyone to question him but as you are the smallest kitten. So you can ask just for once"

Man permitted her making her sit on his stomach.

"Daddy how many each ride charges?"

Girl asked innocently making man eyes get dark. He cupped her tiny boobs and told squeezing them.

"It's free from my little kitten. But it'll charge you full "

"Really daddy?"

Girl moans making his length throb behind

"Yes. Now no more question from daddy otherwise...

"No, daddy no I won't ask more please take me to ride."

"Good kitten. Now open your mouth"

Man commanded playing with her buds. Girl obeyed the command and opens her mouth.

Man slide his one hand under pillow and pulled kitten pacifier close to girl mouth and told.

"Daddy will give his kitten ride and kitten will suck this pacifier, okay kitten"

Man said fondling body that was covered with his marks that he left yesterday on her flawless body but now it's all marked his

"Okay daddy. Let's go for ride but daddy will it be fun?"

Girl asked innocently once more as she was 19 years old whose step dad use to beat her and even abused him sexually when she was 15 years old, she ran from his step dad's house when on her way to run she come infront his car, who brought him to cattery.

Being daddy to all man never forced any kitten of his cattery, whoever comes or is brought she herself gets attract to their daddy and same goes with this kitten who stayed with his daddy for four years but yesterday she herself agreed to be loved by his big daddy.

Daddy groan on her last words and spoke huskily adjusting his lenght in her tiny hole attaching pacifier to her screaming mouth. Riding and grinding hard and fast not before wearing protection...

It's called Daddy's Ride. Free of cost and full of fun and pleasure. Daddy's little kitten.





Don't report my content if you are still baby then go and read barbie story books and enjoy that.

This place and book is not for thumb suckers. 😈

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