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Boku no Hero Academia : Another Destiny


Yuki is an orphaned girl she was only a new born when her family was killed and her brother was no where to be found. She was sent to the orphanage in Tokyo called Tokushu. This is the destiny if the Symbol of peace chose a different successor and someone's fate will change because of that alternate life. Yuki is the next symbol of peace and her courage shall be tested in the rings of fate. She'll be attending UA high and became the Hero that will resemble peace and hope to the world

Action / Romance
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My Past

My past is always important even from other people to remember, but me the only thing I don't really remember is my family. I was only a new born child when my family died, Mother, Father, sister and my brother let's just say he's nowhere to be found. When the day my family was murdered I was sent to Tokushu orphanage in Tokyo, kids in the orphanage are different since all of them got different quirks. However my quirk is different if I use my quirk it could sustain heavy damage on myself.

Every night I always dream of a lady that wears a hero costume consisted of a dark, sleeveless bodysuit with a high collar, yellow elbow-length gloves, and white knee-high boots. Around her waist was a belt with an angular golden buckle, a small cape attached around the back which hung down to her knees, and over her shoulders was a longer cape, buttoned to the shoulders of her bodysuit. Her appearance she looks like me but more matured her hair was dark and straight, kept shoulder-length with the exception of a clump of short bangs hanging above her forehead, and was usually styled in a half-up-half-down bun. Every night I alway see her smile and she always talk to me of how to use my quirk and she always say ‘So no matter how scary things get, give 'em a smile, as if to say, "I'm a-ok". The people in this world who can smile are always the strongest.’ I believe in her words it also makes me stronger, ever since I've dreamed about her I was able to use my quirk properly.

All those years I kept Idolizing All Might in television because he's so cool and strong he saved people with a smile like nothing ever happen, just like that nice lady said people in this world who can smile are always the strongest. And I wish I could be just like All Might and that lady in my dreams.

Now I'm 6 years old I was walking back to the orphanage when I saw a man with dark green hair with yellow streaks drop his handkerchief, I quickly pick up the handkerchief then call him.

“Mister, Mister” I kept calling him

He noticed me “what is it little girl?” he ask

I hand him the handkerchief “you drop your handkerchief” I said

He smiled “thank you little girl” he said then grab the his handkerchief from my small hands, suddenly I saw him gasped.

I became curious “Mister are you okay?” I ask

He was daze but he blinked then kneel down “what is your name little girl” he ask

“sorry Mister I don't tell my name in front of strangers” I said honestly

He sighed “right, then where do you live then?” he ask

I became sad “I... I lived in Tokushu orphanage” I said honestly

“alright, maybe we'll see each other again little girl” he said

“okay, goodbye Mister” I said then I turn my heels away then walk.

Nighteye POV

I kept staring at the little girl while she disappear ‘that little girl she's a worthy candidate, not just any worthy successor of All Might she already has One for All. I better tell him’ I thought then leave.

That night I kept researching about the orphanage that little girl told me, she didn't tell me her name because she was taught not to talk to strangers very smart then I don't know her history records. I sighed I'll just call him.

Phone call


“All Might we have something to discuss”

“discuss, almost middle of the night?”

“this is quite important

The 2 days

Well here we are at Tokushu orphanage we're standing right in front of it.

“okay let's just get this over with then find that little girl” I said

“are you sure about this Mirai” All Migth ask

“I'm sure about this, you just need to know the girl then she can be your successor” I said

“wait successor. Wait how old is she” he ask

I thought so “maybe around 6 years old” I answer

“6 years old, you gotta be kidding me” he said

Now where in front of the door I sighed “good thing I schedule here for you”

“and why is that?” he ask

“because we need to find her from a lot of children” I pointed

After the long conversation I just rung the door bell seconds later the door open.

“wow, All Might you came”

“you must be Miss Mara a pleasure to be here” he laughs

“oh the children are waiting come inside I've prepared tea and sandwiches” she said

After that we came inside the hall we saw a lot children playing suddenly they all ran to All Might.

“I am here to bring joy to the children”

“It's All Might” they all said

“so cool and he looks amazing in person”

“can you show us one of your moves”

They all began to ask questions, I look around but the little girl that I saw yesterday is not here ‘strange’ I thought. I approach Miss Mara.

“Miss Mara do you perhaps know a little girl around 6 years old, black hair, half-up-half-down bun and with grey eyes” I told her

Her eyes widen then smiled “oh, you must be talking about Yuki”

‘Yuki so that's her name’ I thought “um do you know where to find her I just wanted to talk to her” I ask “I just can't see her from these children” I said

“oh, usually Yuki is always at the garden since” she pause “ever since her quirk manifested she's trying to avoid everyone from her power and she's quite training how to use it more often, but she's a helpful and kind every time she's around.”

“I see, thank you” I thanked her

I left All Might alone for a while to find the little girl, I just arrived on the orphanage garden it was quite peaceful. I walk around then see a huge three around 200 years old then I saw her she's using her quirk to jump on the tree, I saw her land then sit alone. I can see she's training to use One for All even in the young age, I should get back and tell him.

After that I return it was already recess for the children and All Might is having tea and sandwiches.

“Mirai come have this it's good” he said

I sighed then approach him “I found her” I whisper

“where?” he ask

“at the garden, there's a huge tree there where she's resting alone”I said

All Might's POV

After what Mirai told me the where abouts of the little girl he told me about. I thought of bringing her some snacks because she's missing her recess with the other children.

I just arrive at the garden it was really peaceful then I saw a huge tree under the shadow is a little girl resting, I approach her when I saw her appearance she looks exactly like my Master. I felt surprise when the first time I saw her it's like I can see a younger version of her.

I cleared my throat “hello little girl do you mind if I sit here with you” I said

Then she look up and look surprise “wow, All Might you really are here!” she said

I did my signature laugh “of course, because I am here to bring happiness to your friends” I said “but please it's just you this time because I already brought it to the other kids, mind if I sit here?”

She giggles “ufu, sure you can sit here” she said then she move over

I sat down “thank you little girl and I brought your snacks since you're already missing your recess” I said

“oh thanks All Might” she thanked me “here” then she offer me a sandwich

“thank you” I accept the sandwich the I took it “so what's your name young lady” I ask

“Yuki” she said

“how old are you Yuki” I ask

“I'm 6 years old” she said

“do you want to be a hero” I ask

She nods “mhm, more than anything I want to save and protect people. Then I want to make them smile like is everything a-ok” she soad

When I heard her said those words it reminds me of my master “what's your quirk” I ask

She became silent all of a sudden the she lift her chin up “I don't know” she said

“what do you mean Yuki?” I ask then I felt worried

“the docter said they couldn't find out what my quirk is, because when my quirk first show up it kinda broken my arm” she said “but I took a handle of it, wanna see” she ask

“sure, it couldn't be that bad” I said confidently

Then she walk up to the huge rock then she tried to lift it, then I saw her use it she has One for All ‘strange how did she got One for All could it be’ I thought I became curious.

“Yuki” I called

She look at me “hm?” she react

“um, what is your full name” I ask

“oh, it's Yuki Shimura” she said

I became surprised on her last name ‘this can't be, could it be that master chose her. But impossible she's already gone but maybe it was genetically passed down but maybe she was found worthy’ I thought.

“ah, Yuki what is your past before you got here in the orphanage” I ask

“I don't remember, since Miss Mara said I got here when I was a baby. They said my family died” she said then I saw she became sad then she shot up “but it doesn't matter, it doesn't mean my family died it doesn't mean I'll stop being happy. Just like that nice beautiful lady said.”

“nice lady” I react

She look at me very happy “oh, she only appears on my dream she looks like a hero and she's very beautiful she wears dark sleeveless bodysuit with a high collar, yellow elbow-length gloves, and white knee-high boots. Around her waist was a belt with an angular golden buckle, a small cape attached around the back which hung down to her knees, and over her shoulders was a longer cape, buttoned to the shoulders of her bodysuit. Her appearance she looks like me but more matured her hair was dark and straight, kept shoulder-length with the exception of a clump of short bangs hanging above her forehead, and was usually styled in a half-up-half-down bun. Every night I alway see her smile and she always talk to me of how to use my quirk and she always say ‘So no matter how scary things get, give 'em a smile, as if to say, "I'm a-ok". The people in this world who can smile are always the strongest.’ I believe in her words it also makes me stronger, ever since I've dreamed about her I was able to use my quirk properly” she explain “I guess I just want to be like her making people smile like nothing ever happen.”

When she told me those could she be dreaming about my master and she acts like her I became worried, then I realize she is worthy being my successor. I stood up “Yuki do you want a new home, life or someone who can make you happy” I ask.

She nods “hm, I've been waiting for the people who wanted to adopt me but it's kinda long since they pick the other kids” she said

I kneel down to her then hold her shoulder then nod “I have decided, I'll pick you” I said

Her eyes widen “really” she jumped at me “yay, All Might is gonna be my Dad!” she excitely

I smiled “sure I can't wait for you to be my future Daugther” I said “just wait for a little while then I'll come pick you up in a few days.”

After that I just saw her face she's smiling and full of joy I became so happy that I decided to pick her as a successor and as a daugther, so I asked Miss Mara about Yuki.

“ah, I see you want to adopt Yuki so that's why you're here” Miss Mara said

“but please keep this a secret from everyone in public” I beg

“sure, I don't want Yuki to be in danger and she has a bright future with that with that happiness and energy she had” Miss Mara said

After that we left the orphanage saying goodbye to the children then I saw Yuki waving at me with a big smile on her face, we're at the office taking care some files.

“what do you think about the girl” Mirai ask

“you're right she is worthy” I admited “that's why I decided to adopt her”

“wait you did? I didn't expect for you to do that” Mirai said

I paused “she's my the grand daugther of Nana Shimura” I said

MirI became surprise “no wonder why she had One for All” he said

“but still I need to inherit my One for All in any case, she still needs to learn” I said

3 days later Yuki's POV

I'm so excited today is the day I'm leaving the orphanage and I'll have a new life and a new Dad. I already pack my stuff then close my bag.

“Yuki are you ready” Miss Mara ask

I turn to her “yes, just a second” I said

Then I took my bag then head outside. Then I saw the kids crying

“Yuki we'll miss you”

“Yuki, please don't forget us”

When they said those my eyes became teary then I smiled “sure I won't forget you all” then they all hugged me along with Miss Mara. Then we break the hug then run over to the car, but I stop then turn around then wave “good bye guys, I will never forget you” I said then I hop on the car then I saw All Might is wearing a disguise. Then I look at the window I saw them waving at me I smiled then the car starts moving as I saw them disappear as I get farther and farther away.

I fell asleep for a while then I felt the car stop when I woke up, I yawn then I saw the building where I'm staying. It's a apartment building I felt overwhelmed when the first time I saw it. When we arrive on the top floor I saw the whole apartment building is huge. I kinda felt overwhelmed the first time I saw it.

“are you happy Yuki” All Might ask

I nod “hm, All Might” I said

Then he laugh “please call me Dad now, since you're my daugther now” he said

Then I smile “hm, yes Dad” I repeated I feel happy

“now let me show your room” then he walk

I followed him, then he opened a door then I saw my room is huge. It's filled with, dolls, books, a huge bed and a huge cabinet a door to a private bathroom also a balcony and it has a great view. I feel overwhelmed with happiness my eyes are widen in excitement and my eyes sparkle when I saw the view up on the city.

“do you like it” All Might ask

I turn my head to him “are you kidding I love it Dad!” I said

Saying those words giving me happyness a new home, life and someone who can make me happy. During those days All Might gave all the education apply me in any private elementary schools and train me since I wanted to.

“tired already” he said

I shook my head “no” I said

He laughs “then let's just have lunch outside” he said

Those days were happy he gave me ice cream and the love that I wanted, even he's the only father to me I'm happy even he's raising me alone, he told me not to tell anyone about my quirk One for All. He even took me to his interviews sometimes but I need to stay hidden since the media always wanted an interview to All Might along with me, sometimes I attend hero celebrations but he had to leave me in the kids room every time.

We're in a private resort in the forest since this is a heroes celebration party and the pro-heroes can bring their kids here so they can know the other pro-heroes kids, I wore a white party frilled dress with yellow ribbons, but I feel bored every time he leaves me in the kids room but I don't blame him since I'm not an adult or a hero.

I see there are other kids in here all have different quirks all of them are the heroes kids. But what caught me the most is a boy with half-white and half-red hair wearing tuxs and black shorts sitting in the corner I can see no one of the other kids want to talk or play with him so I approach him.

“are you alone kid?” I ask

He look up to me “yeah” he said

I feel worried then I sit beside him “so who's your parent among the heroes?” I ask

He became silent then he lift his mouth “it's the No. 2 hero Endeavor” he said

“wow, our Dad's must be rivals” I said

He look up to me “wait, you mean All Might is your Dad” he exclaim

I nod “hm, he is” I said “I'm Yuki, Yuki Yagi” I introduce myself

He became silent then I saw smile on his face “I'm Shoto, Shoto Todoroki” he introduce himself

We talk all about All Might which is my Dad, but when I ask Shoto all about his life with his Dad I became angry and worried about his life then he told me about his Mom is kind and gentle hearted. But we move on to the next topic.

“what's your quirk Shoto?” I ask

“... my quirk is called half-cold and half-hot which can control ice and fire. My right side can control ice while my left side can control fire, but it's dangerous when I use my fire” he mumble

“are kidding I think it's kinda cool” I said

I can see a blush on his face “really, you think?!” he said

I nod “hm, I can see you can be a strong hero and I can see you can do better”

He blushed then I realize I was already near him I stepped out.

“sorry I just feel interested” I said embarassly

“ah no, I just didn't think that you'll be amaze on my quirk” he said

I pause then an idea popped out on my head “I know, why don't we get out for a while I'm sure our Dad's would take too long in their celebration” then I grab his hand “so why don't we leave the building for a while” I said

He look at me he smiles then he nods “hm, let's go”

We snuck out from the window using One for All to carry Shoto then land to the ground safely then I put him down carefuly.

“Yuki, I didn't know your quirk can be strong” he said

I nod “my quirk is called super power, which grants me strength and it flows around my body every time I use it” I lied about the name of the quirk accept for the information.

“I see” he barely said

After that we ran towards the forest for a while so we can be alone for a while, then we stumble upon a lake and the moon is shining bright.

I smiled “so pretty” I said

“do you want to skate” he ask

I turn to him “but we don't have skates or the frozen iced water” I said

He smiled “don't worry I'll handle that” he said then he touched the lake turn it to crytal ice.

“so cool” I said

“sit for a while” he said

Then I sit, then he took my shoes then put ice skate made from ice then put it to my feet. Then he put ice skate to his shoes then he helped me stand.

“uwaah” I almost slip then he grab me

Shoto hold my hands to balance me “there, I'll teach to skate” he said

I smiled “sure, I just don't think I can skate on my own” I said

He smiled “ufu, you can as long I'm here” he said

Then we start skating we first slid to the side he hold my hand like gentle care, he never let go of my hand. I felt happy but a little cold since we're on ice.

“there you're doing it” he said

Then I let go of his hand then I realize I already balanced it then I start skating on my own, twirl then I skate back to Shoto.

“ufu, it's fun Shoto” I said

Then he came close then he put his hand on my waist then the other on my hand “shall we dance” he said

I smiled then nod “sure” I answer

Then he pulled me close as we skate while we're waltzing in ice, I feel cold around me but his hands are warm. He's staring deep to my grey eyes while I stare deep to his Heterochromia eyes, we skate for a while but we had to sit down.

“that was fun” I said

He nod “hm, I enjoy it” he said

Then I realize “should we head back, I'm sure my Dad is worried since we've been gone far enough” I said

“sure, let's head back” he said

Then he put his left hand on the ice then melts the ice back to a normal lake, then we hold hands while we're walking back to the building resort, we snuck in the entrance then walk to the corridors. When we reach the door to the kids room we saw our Fathers are in front of the door. I saw Dad look at me

Daf ran toward to me “Yuki where have you've been young lady?” he hugged me “I've been worried” he said

I hugged him back “sorry Dad we got bored so we had to go outside” I said “I'm sorry Dad” I said then I felt a pat on my head

“it's okay, atleast you're not hurt” he said

Then I saw Shoto still on my side “Dad, this Shoto” I introduce him

“hi, hi sir” Shoto became embarassly said then he pat his head

“nice to meet you young man” Dad said the he turn his head on me “Yuki you made such great friends”

I nod “hm

Then I saw Endeavor walking behind him

“Shoto where have you've been” Endeavor questioned

“I've, I took a walk” Shoto answered

Then Endeavor turn his head on me “I see, you walk with this girl” he said “All Might is this your Daugther” he ask

“hm, my pride and joy My Yuki” he said “Yuki introduce yourself”

“hm” I nod then I bow “I'm Yuki, it's nice to meet you Sir” I said then raise my head

“I see, you're daugther is quite different” Endeavor said straight “but I can see she's promising”

“she sure is, she can inherit my name if she wanted to” Dad said

“oh, I will Dad” I said

“I'm impress your Daugther is so attached to you” he said “unlike my son here is not very” he said

I became serious when he said those then I saw Shoto's reaction when he said those.

“well, it's kinda late we'll be leaving Shoto” Endeavor said

Then Shoto approach me “good bye Yuki” he said

I became sad but I smiled “don't worry” I said “I'll come visit you sometimes” I whispered.

Then I look at him then a smile appear on his face. Then we left “bye Shoto” I said to him

Then he look at me he smiled “bye Yuki” he said

Then the car start then left.

After those I always visit him in weekends but a month has passed when I visit him, I saw bandage on the left side of his face.

I hugged him “Shoto what happened” I said

He's crying “my mom, my mom called me unbearable” he sniffle “then she poured boiling water on me” he said

I felt tears falling from my back “it's okay” I repeated while I carress his hair “I'm sure your mom didn't mean it, I'm sure of it” I said

I kept comforting him but eventually we lost connection when his Father banned him for meeting each other, because it'll affect his training. I missed him we just talk in messages now.

“Yuki are alright” Dad ask

“I'm fine Dad” I said

Then he sat beside me “are you worried about Young Todoroki” Daf mentioned

“it's because we can't see each other anymore” I said

Then Dad hugged me “don't worry, I'm sure you and Young Todoroki will see each other” he said

He comfort me “Thanks Dad” I said

A year later Dad show me around UA high school one of the most prestigious school in all of Japan. I first met the staffs then I watched the students do their studies, lessons and excercise.

“hello uncle” I called Mr. Aizawa like that

“Yuki aren't you too close to watch” he said

I shook my head “I'm not afraid as long I can see, all the students use their quirks on training so I can learn from them” I said

Then he grinned “I see” then he threw a ball then I catched “here, can you throw that using your quirk” he said

“okay, but I'm not a student of UA yet and I'm only 8 years old” I said

“don't worry, your in UA besides you'll be a student here within 7 years” he said

I smiled “okay” then I stood up then head to the circle, as I use One for All then throw the ball. Then I saw it landed a far.

“675.10 meters” Uncle said “pretty far for a kid”

“aha, I didn't expect to be that strong” I said.

He pat my head “don't worry I know you'll be a promising or a pain” he said

“come on, I'm not gonna be a pain for you uncle” I said

Ever since thdn I've been visiting UA in my free time when ever I want, I always listen to Uncle Aizawa's lessons and I always join their PE lessons but not the activities. Uncle thought me about close combat he even gave me a combat stick, it was on my size since I'm a kid. Then I always go to Present Mic's to ask about the english lessons, Midnight I always ask her about history lessons she's like a mother to me, Cementoss I always ask him about Modern Literature to advance my studies and Ectoplasm for my Math lessons. I felt all UA teachers are like a family to me, sometimes Recovery Girl give me gummy bears every time I help her in her office, Lunch rush is very nice I feel overwhelmed every time he gives me a cheap lunch but it taste so good that even the flavor melts in my mouth, Power Loader I always ask him to create a new combat stick since I always break mine, he always make me a new one, and lastly Principal Nezu he treats me like his niece. All the staff loved me even Dad noticed that since I always visit them more often.

And I always visit Uncle Mirai's office for advice he always said that I will be the future symbol of peace, I always think he was joking but I think he's not. And I couldn't even make him laugh.

I'm happy in my life even though me and Shoto couldn't see each other I always send him letters and parcels for his birthday and other occasions. Shoto send me some presents and letters either, he's still doesn't get along with his Dad ever since his Mom was sent to the hospital for confinement. I'm worried for him, but he said he'll be attending UA high then I told him the same thing eventually we'll see each other in 5 years I suppose.

May 20

I felt a blindfold on my eyes I don't know where Dad is taking me, then he took off the blind fold then I see a sign said ‘happy 11th birthday Yuki’ it says then I heard confettis are being popped.

“Happy birthday Yuki” they all said

I can see all the staff and teachers in UA are here, Uncle Mirai and Dad are surrounding me, I felt happy and overwhelmed with love.

“make a wish Yuki” Midnight said while holding the cake

I lean over then close my eyes for a few seconds I opened them then I blew the candle, then I can hear them cheering.

“what did you wish for Yuki” Uncle Aizawa ask

I paused then calmly smiled “I wish to be the Hero who can make everyone feel safe, and everyone on this room will continue to be my family” I said

Then they all hugged me, after the party Dad gave a small box then I saw Shoto's name on it, I quickly open it then I saw a letter on it.

“Dear Yuki

I know it's your 11th birthday and I know you wish I could have been there but my old man is still persistent, but you kept trying to get in touch with me. So I picked this gift which is very special since we couldn't see each other this one will make you remember me.

Your friend Shoto”

I open the box then I saw a bracelet with an emerald gem he must have bought a very expensive item, but then the I look inside the box I saw Shoto's photo now a days he still looks handsome just like 3 years ago, I always wear the bracelet in occasions.

‘I'm now happy in my life even though my friend couldn't see each other but we still get in touch, a new family that gave me concern, care and love especially that All Might became the Father who stands for me. I'm happy that he became my Dad’

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