Potter and Black: The Order of the Phoenix


Harry,Ron,Hermione and Arabella are back for their fifth year.How are they going to deal with Hogwarts when a toadfaced witch becomes a teacher?Secrets will be revealed as well as hidden relationships

Adventure / Romance
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We are at the fifth book! Hope you like! I'm sorta nervous about this one. Anyway, the beginning of this chapter is a bit boring-ish (well, to me it is), but towards the end, this get a little bit interesting. And I cannot wait for the next chapter! Hope you like it!

disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, just Arabella and her story.


'Here,' said Remus, giving her a piece of parchment. 'Read it quickly and memorize it.'

Arabella looked down at the piece of paper. It said:

The Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix may be found at number twelve, Grimmauld Place, London.

'What's the Order of the -?' Arabella began.

'Not now,' whispered Remus, looking around them.

He pulled the parchment out of Arabella's hand and set it on fire using the tip of his wand. Arabella looked around at the houses. She remembered that there was another one between number thirteen and number eleven.

'Wasn't the house right -?'

'Think about what you just read,' said Remus.

Arabella thought about it, and no sooner, a battered door emerged out of nowhere between numbers eleven and thirteen followed by dirty walls and grimy windows. Number twelve Grimmauld Place just suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

'Come on,' said Remus, holding on to her truck and Shay. 'Someone wants to see you.'

Arabella walked up the stone steps slowly and carefully as she was using her clutches and her arm was still wrapped in a cast. Remus pulled out his wand and tapped the door once. The door creaked open.

'Get in quick, Arabella,' said Remus.

Arabella stepped over the threshold carefully. Remus followed in soon after with her truck and Shay, and closed the door.

'I really hate this place,' muttered Arabella.

'Me, too,' came a voice from the staircase.

Someone was descending down the stairs very quickly. Arabella smiled when she saw that it was Sirius Black, wanted murdered and her father.

'Arabella,' he said, smiling, and opening his arms at her.

'You could walk towards her, Sirius,' said Remus, smiling. 'Her ankle still needs to heal, you know.'

'Right,' said Sirius, shaking his head. 'How stupid of me.'

He walked the short distance to Arabella and pulled her into one big hug. She tried to return it as best as she could, but there was a broken arm in the way.

'How are you?' asked Sirius, still hugging her.

'As best as I can be,' said Arabella.

They stayed like this for a while. Remus went upstairs to put her trunk and Shay away.

'Well, this place has gone into the dumps,' said Arabella, when they let go of each other.

'Kreacher hasn't done much,' said Sirius. 'Want a tour?'

'God no,' said Arabella, shaking her head.

'Let go to your room,' said Sirius, walking towards the staircase.

'I do not want to go there,' said Arabella, shaking her head. 'I hate that room.'

'Come on,' said Sirius, smiling. 'Me and Moony redecorated it. Got rid of anything my mother touched in there.'

'Fine,' said Arabella reluctantly.

Together, they walked up the stairs to the top floor slowly. She ignored everything in the house, especially the wall with the mounted house-elves on them and the portrait with the curtains on them. The house was dark and depressing, and she hated spending her time in here.

'Here we go,' said Sirius, as they reached the top of the landing. 'Your new and improved room.'

The plaque in front of the door read: Arabella Kassandra Black in gold letters.

'Nice touch,' said Arabella, pointing at her name.

'Thank you,' said Sirius, bowing a bit. 'It was my idea.'

Arabella opened the door, expecting the worse, and was slightly taken back. She was expecting dark green walls with snakes on them; an enormous bed with black coverings; clippings of Voldemort on one side of the wall and pictures of Death Eaters. She expected Walburga's horrible decorations, but was ecstatic with the new decorations. The walls were painted in a nice rich blue colour, and there was one normal size bed with nice brown covers. There were no clippings of Voldemort or Death Eaters, but posters of The Beatles, Frank Sinatra and a Triumph Bonneville T120. There was also a nice big mahogany chest drawer at the corner of the room. Shay was near the window, hooting. This was by far the brightest place in the whole room.

'We thought that if Hermione and Ginny come and visit, we can just bring in some of the other beds in here. There's certainly enough room,' said Sirius, looking around. 'You like it?'

'I love it,' said Arabella, smiling. 'Thank you.'

She gave him a big hug.

'No problem,' said Sirius, smiling and rubbing her back a bit. 'Moony helped, you know.'

'Yes, I did,' said Remus, entering the room.

'Thank you, Moony,' said Arabella, letting go of Sirius and hugging Remus.

'Okay, well Nymphadora is coming over soon,' said Sirius. 'She wants to see us, and she'll help you unpack your… stuff.'

'He's uncomfortable saying clothes,' said Remus, smiling at Arabella. 'He keeps thinking about your other types of clothes.'

'Really?' said Arabella, smiling wickedly.

'Let's not get into this conversation again,' said Sirius, looking uncomfortable.

'This natural for a girl to have –'began Remus, who enjoyed torturing his friend like this.

'I'm not listening!' said Sirius, leaving the room quickly.

'Why don't you look around, Nymph should be here soon,' said Remus, kissing her forehead before following Sirius out the door.

Arabella chuckled before looking at her room again. It definitely made the whole house seem better. She could get used to living here.

'I heard you need my help, oh broken one,' said a voice from the door.

Arabella turned around from her trunk and saw that it was Nymphadora Tonks, her clumsy cousin. She had her hair short today in a bubble-gum pink colour. She was holding a plate of sandwiches and two bottles of butterbear.

'Remus made these for us,' said Nymph, walking towards her. 'Thought we could eat and work at the same time.'

'I really just need to put my clothes away,' said Arabella. 'The rest I just have to figure out if I want to throw it or not.'

'Here, let me,' said Nymph, taking out her wand and pointing it at Arabella's clothes in the trunk. 'Wingardium Leviosa!'

Arabella's clothes levitated into the air as Nymph brought them closer towards the drawers and dropped them inside.

'That's very untidy,' commented Arabella.

'They're in there, aren't they?' said Nymph. 'And since when do you care about neatness?'

'I don't,' said Arabella, shrugging.

'Anyway, let's take a break. I'm beat.'

'You barely did anything!'

'I put all your clothes away,' said Nymph, exasperatedly, 'didn't I?'

'Fine,' said Arabella, pursing her lips into a thin line. 'Take a break, I'll sort out the other stuff.'

Arabella sorted out her other things with Nymph sitting beside her, doing nothing but eat, drink butterbear, and make comments.

'Is this for me?' asked Nymph, picking up one of the Irish scarfs from her trunk.

'No,' said Arabella, taking it away from her. 'This is for Moony and the other one is for Padfoot.'

'Fine,' said Nymph, pouting. 'I get it, you don't like me.'

'Not at this moment, no,' said Arabella, smiling at her.

'Okay, fine, let's get through these other stuff,' said Nymph, rolling her eyes and sorting out the rest of Arabella's things.

'Charms – Transfiguration – Potions – Charms, again – Divination!' said Nymph, looking shocked. 'You took that class? With Trelawney?'

'Yeah,' said Arabella, shrugging. 'She's a phoney.'

'I know,' said Nymph. 'I took her for one year and then dropped out. Kept telling me that I was in grave danger of fur balls.'

'She keeps saying random numbers to me,' said Arabella. 'Last year was six, this year was eight.'

'Know what they mean?'

'Ron thought it was the number of kids I was going to have?'

'Eight? Really? Wow. You and your husband are going to be pretty busy,' teased Nymph.

'It's not going to happen,' said Arabella, rolling her eyes.

'You never know,' said Nymph. 'You've got to name one of them after me.'

'And if they're all boys?'

'Highly unlikely,' said Nymph. 'One of them has got to be a girl.'

'Fine, fine, I'll name my kid after you,' said Arabella sarcastically, rolling her eyes, 'if, and only if, you name me the godmother of your first born.'

'Deal,' said Nymph, spitting into her right hand and sticking it out.

'I'm not shaking that hand,' said Arabella, looking disgusted.

'Fine,' said Nymph, rolling her eyes. 'But we still have our deal, right?'


The next week flew by slowly for Arabella. She managed to get her cast off and wasn't using her clutches any more, but still walked with a little limp. She spent most of her time in her room, trying to come up with a new invention, but was having a difficult time.

There was a knock on the door and Sirius's head popped from the door.

'Hey, you need anything?' he asked.

'No, I'm fine,' said Arabella, sitting on the ground.

'Whatcha got there?' he said, entering the room and taking a seat next to her.

She was holding her little book of pranks and inventions Hermione and Ron gave her for her birthday. So far, she wrote every single one of her pranks and inventions in there and was in the middle of thinking up one.

'A book of all my pranks and inventions,' said Arabella, passing the book to her.

Sirius flipped through the book, looking interested and excited.

'You know,' said Sirius, looking at the colour skin potion, 'you change the plant here from a blue flower to a red one, it will change the colour of the person's skin.'

'Yeah, I know,' said Arabella, smiling. 'Fred and George figured it out. They pretty much added all the colour of different flowers and made Nikola look like a rainbow.'

'Nikola?' asked Sirius. 'Isn't he the guy that -?'

'Yup,' said Arabella.

'Do you want to talk ab -?'

'No,' said Arabella sharply. 'I don't want to talk about any of it.'

All week Remus, Sirius and Nymph (whenever she comes over) has been trying to ask whether or not Arabella wanted to talk about what happened in the graveyard. She refused each time and locked herself in her room; not allowing anyone to come in if that was going to be their topic of conversation.

'Are you su -?'

'Yes, I'm sure,' snapped Arabella.

Sirius opened his mouth to say something, but decided against it and went back to the book. Arabella felt bad that she wasn't spending enough time with him over the last week, but everybody wanted her to talk about the incident, and she didn't want to. She pretty much locked him and Remus out of her room.

'I'm sorry,' mumbled Arabella.

'It's okay,' Sirius reassured her, putting his left arm around her shoulders. 'I get it.'

Sirius continued to flip through the book, looking at each of her ideas.

'What about this one? How come you labeled it as 'Not Bloody Likely'?' he asked.

'Because it's impossible to do,' said Arabella.

'Not really,' said Sirius, taking the pencil from her hand. 'If you just not use maple syrup, wherever that came from, and use nail polish remover, then it could work.'

'But what about that part?' said Arabella, pointing at the book.

'What about it?' said Sirius.

'It can't work!' said Arabella.

'Yes it can!' insisted Sirius. 'Just use nail polish remover. Trust me, it will work.'

'Fine,' said Arabella stubbornly. 'Moony!'

'Yes,' said Remus, walking into the room, dressed up.

'Going somewhere?' asked Arabella.

'Yeah, going grocery shopping. We need more food,' said Remus.

'Can I come? I need nail polish remover,' said Arabella.

'What?' asked Remus, looking confused. 'Why do you need nail polish for?'

Sirius handed him the book, and Remus immediately understood.

'You could also us lipstick, you know,' said Remus, looking at the ingredients, 'and not chili powder. Where did that come from?

'Are we going or not?' asked Arabella, irritated.

'Yeah, just get dressed and we'll go,' said Remus.

Remus and Sirius left her room as Arabella got dressed. She changed out of her pyjamas and dressed in jeans, over-sized orange sweatshirt and sneakers. She left her room and went downstairs to the door where Remus was waiting for her.

'I thought we could get your stuff first then get some food,' said Remus.

'Okay,' said Arabella, nodding. 'Let's go.'

'I hate grocery shopping,' moaned Arabella, pushing the trolley miserably.

'You hate everything,' said Remus, amused.

'Yes, I do,' said Arabella.

'Fine,' said Remus, sighing. 'Why don't you go and get some eggs? Do something besides complain.'

'Yeah, yeah,' said Arabella, patting his arm, 'I'll be back.'

Arabella walked over three aisles, regretting ever going with Remus grocery shopping. She stood in front of the different types of eggs, bored out of her mind.

'Why are they priced so differently?' asked Arabella quietly. 'They're eggs, what's so different?'

She stood there, pondering which eggs to buy. Not noticing the person watching her at the end of the aisle.

'Arabella!' yelled that person. 'Arabella!'

'Coming Moony!' said Arabella, not turning around to see who it was.

She kept looking at the eggs, and only removed her eyes when someone grabbed her arms painfully. It was an old man who was dressed in an oversized knitted sweater, sweatpants and sandals with socks. He had long, untamed white hair with blue eyes that twinkled with madness.

'Arabella, my dear,' he said, hysterically. 'It's so good to see you again. Where have you been? Why haven't you visited me in such a long time? You're mother has been worried.'

'Who are you? What are you talking about?' said Arabella, trying to free herself from his grasp, but he was strong for a man his age.

'Ara!' said a voice from the other end of the aisle. It was Remus. He was walked very quickly towards them, looking angry at the man. He suddenly slowed down when he got a clear picture of the stranger. The colour seemed to have drained from Remus's face.

'Abel,' Remus said quietly.

'You!' the man exclaimed, pointing a finger at Remus. 'This is all your fault! You took my Arabella away from me! If it wasn't for you and that girl!' He spat out venomously. He was crushing Arabella's arm with his strength.

'Listen to me Abel,' said Remus cautiously. 'This is not your Arabella. Now, please let go of her.'

'I will not!' shouted the man, gathering unwanted attention from other customers, including one in a nurse's outfit, who came rushing towards them. 'Don't you tell me what to do, Lupin! This is entirely your fault! I'm taking back my Arabella!'

'Mr Torell!' gasped the lady in the nurse's outfit, prying the man's hand away from Arabella. 'Behave yourself! You are in public!'

She then turned to Remus and Arabella, looking a bit ashamed. Torell was looking around the ground, waving his arms around, muttering under his breath.

'I'm so sorry,' she said gently. 'He hasn't been out of the house in a very long time. I turned around just for a minute and he just disappeared. I'm really sorry.'

'It's fine,' said Remus, but his voice suggested otherwise. 'Just keep him away from us.'

'Yes,' said the lady apologetically. 'I'm sorry.'

The lady grabbed Torell's hand and pulled him out of the store. People all around them kept staring at them shamelessly.

'Arabella! Arabella!' the man kept screaming, even after they left the store.

Wordlessly, Remus and Arabella paid for the food that was already in the cart and headed back to Grimmauld Place. Arabella didn't say anything; she was still in shock about what happened. Some random stranger came up to her and he knew her name. It freaked her out.

Remus opened the door and they entered silently. Sirius was already there, waiting for them. He was holding a wooden chest box that was slightly bigger than both of his hands.

'You guys are back early,' he commented.

'Ran into someone,' said Remus.

'Anyone I know?' asked Sirius.

'Abel Torell,' said Remus.

Sirius's eyes widened in shock.

'Oh,' he said, looking uncomfortable. 'Yes, well… okay…'

'Who is Abel?' asked Arabella.

'Why don't we all –' began Sirius.

'No! You're going to tell me right now!' snapped Arabella. 'Who's Abel? Who's Isaak? Who's Arry? What's going on? I want to know the truth, and don't lie to me!'

They were all standing next to the door, all looking at each other. Remus and Arabella were still holding their grocery bags. Remus and Sirius were giving each other uncomfortable looks, as though they were debating something to each other mentally. Arabella was watching the two of them with a furious expression on her face.

'How about I put all the food away,' said Remus, taking the grocery bag away from her, 'and Sirius will show you something.'

Arabella stood there glaring as Remus went to the kitchen with the food.

'Let's go upstairs,' said Sirius, motioning towards the stairs.

Reluctantly, Arabella followed him up that stairs to her room. Once they entered the room, he set the chest box on her bed. He had already been here before as there was a pensive next to her bedside table.

'This should be able to explain everything to you,' said Sirius, looking conflicted. 'Remus found it in the house when he was looking for the dress. Um… Kassandra made it for you, thinking that she wasn't going to be able to survive the war. She wanted to give you something to remember her by. You just have to tap your wand to it and say your full name clearly, it should open. I brought the pensive here just in case. I think Kas put some of her memories in a bottle. So… yeah… I'll just… leave you to it then.'

Sirius clapped her on her shoulders and left the room very quickly. Arabella looked at the wooden chest box. It was a nice looking chest box; it had golden handle with swirls of design all over it. At the top it had AKB in cursive with two dogs curled up beside each other.

Arabella drew out her wand from her back pocket, tapped her name twice and said, 'Arabella Kassandra Black.'

The top of the box creaked open and Arabella opened it all the way. There were pictures, bottles with a blue-slivery liquid inside them, some dried up flowers, and a big envelop inside.

Arabella took out the envelope and opened it. Out came a stack of papers. On the front read Kassandra Aminta Anastas. The next page read:

To my daughter Arabella, who I love very much, I leave this to you. In here, you will find out everything about my life. The good, the bad, and the ugly. All my secrets, you will learn. But no matter what you find in here, I did it all for a reason, and I hope you understand that.

Love, Mom

Arabella flipped to the next page and began to read.

Thank you for reading! If you don't like it, trust me, next chapter will be better.

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