Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Prologue Part II

Hello! This is the Part II of the first chapter. This will tell the history of Kassandra, Arabella and the Marauders. The next chapters will be in the same format as the first book. Most of the story will be true to the original story with some changes from me.

Anyway, enjoy this chapter, though it's really sad and depressing. Please review and tell me what you think about it :)

disclaimer: I don't own any of the Harry Potter characters. I only own Kassandra and Arabella.

Prologue Part 2

August 11th, 1983

Ever since the unfortunate incident that happened on Halloween, Kassandra's life has not been the same. Her best friends are dead and her godson is living who knows where. Her husband is in prison for betraying them and killing 12 Muggles and their friend Peter Pettigrew.

Kassandra was thinking back on her life as she was doing the dishes. She remembers the first time she met Lily on the train and instantly became best friends with her. She also remembers Snape, Lily's other friend at that time and how she tried to be kind to him, but found that difficult as that boy wasn't very nice. She remembers meeting Remus and instantly found an older brother in him. She remembers meeting James, who would always bring a smile on her face with his many pranks. She remembers Peter, who would blush whenever she tried to talk to him.

She remembers Sirius and how they didn't get along with each other when they met. She remembers the times they would pranked each other and the insults they said to each other. She remember fifth year when the pranks and insults stopped and they started to be civil with each other. She remembers the times when they joked and started pranking other people together for a while. She remembers the first time he asked her out in his casual elegant way, trying not to make a big deal out of it, while inside he was hoping that she would say yes. She remembers him trying to make that date memorable, but in the end turned out to be a disaster as everything went wrong. The weather was wrong, Three Broomsticks was packed, the Marauders kept showing up and interrupting them. She remembers the look of surprise on his face when she kissed him at the end of the date.

She remembers when after Hogwarts he proposed to her in front of all their friends and the look of joy on his face when she said yes. She remembers the happiness on their faces and their guests when the celebrated their wedding. She remembers the time when she told him that she was pregnant and how he reassured her that she was going to be an amazing mother and how that baby was also going to be amazing. She remembers the look on his face when he saw his daughter, how happy he looked at her. She remembers the time when Arabella started to crawl and later then walk. She remembers the day when Arabella said her first word, 'Padfoo', and how he had tears in his eyes. He tried to say that they were allergies, but they both knew the truth.

She remembers the day when he came and said that James and Lily were dead and that Harry was going to his uncle and aunt's. She remembers the feeling in her stomach when he said that he was going after Peter and that he'll return soon. She wanted to grab on to him and tell him to stay and never leave her. But she knew that they was no stopping him at this point and that he was going after Peter no matter what she'd say. She held onto Arabella until he came through that door and say that everything was ok. He didn't.

She remembers Aurors knocking on her door, telling her that Sirius was in prison for killing Peter Pettigrew and 12 Muggles. She remembers them telling her that Sirius betrayed James and Lily, their best friends. She remembers breaking down in front of then telling them that they had the wrong man that he would never betray them and kill Peter. She remembers Remus coming over the next day trying to get her to calm down and Andy coming over to cheer her up.

It's been two years and she still remembers this all very clearly with tears in her eyes.

As she was remembering her past, a girl with dark brown hair and grey eyes came into the kitchen.

'Mommy? Why are you crying?' asked Arabella with concern for her mother in her eyes.

'It's nothing baby. Just remembering something. Don't worry about it,' said Kassandra, wiping the tears away from her eyes. 'Why don't you get ready? Uncle Moony wants to take you to the carnival today while I go to work.'

'Really?!' exclaimed Arabella in a cheerful voice, as she ran to her room to get ready to spend the day with her favourite person in the world, besides her mother.

Kassandra watched her daughter fondly as she went to go get ready. She was happy that her daughter was caring and happy with life and that the situation with her father hasn't upset her.

'Hello? Anyone here?' said a voice from the living room.

In came Remus, one of her closet friends. When she saw him she smiled and hugged him. She was grateful that he was still in her life after the incident. He would always come over to help her out and look after Arabella if she had work to do. She became a father-figure to Arabella and she was grateful for that.

'Hey Remus. How's everything?' asked Kassandra.

'Everything's fine. Where's Ara? Is she ready yet?' asked Remus.

'I'M READY!' exclaimed Arabella as she re-entered the kitchen and saw Remus. 'UNCLE MOONY!'

She ran and hugged the life out of him.

'Hey Ara. Are you ready for our day at the carnival?' said Remus, looking at Arabella with a father like fondness in his eyes.

'Yes! Yes! Yes! Are we going now?' shouted Arabella, jumping up and down, excited to spend the day with her Uncle Moony.

'Bit impatient are we?' said Remus, smiling at his goddaughter with an amused smile.

'Yes! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!' said Arabella, pulling on the sleeve of Remus towards the door, ready to go. 'Bye Mommy!'

'See you later Kas. I'll bring her home in a couple of hours,' said Remus, following his goddaughter.

'Bye Arabella. Bye Remus. Have fun!' said Kassandra, as she saw her daughter and friend leave for the carnival.

Kassandra got ready and left for work. Alastor Moody needed her for a case today as he suspected that a couple of Death Eaters were still out there hiding. Kassandra chuckled to herself, thinking about how paranoid Mad-Eye is.

Couple Hours Later

Kassandra came back home from work and went straight to the couch. Mad-Eye worked her to the bone, trying to find any trace of evidence that there was any Death Eaters still out there. She was tired, looking for people that hid their tracks very well was tiring, working with Mad-Eye Moody was worse.

There was a pop outside her house, signaling that there was someone outside. Remus and Arabella came through the door. One of them tired and the other one jumpy from all the candy they ate. It was a no-brainer which was which to Kassandra.

'Mommy! Guess what? Uncle Moony won me a stuffed animal! Look!' shouted Arabella, showing her a black stuffed animal that's in the shape of a dog. 'And we went on all the rides and ate all the candy! We had such a great time! You should have come with us! It was amazing!'

'That's great honey. Why don't you go ready changed and ready for bed?' said Kassandra, smiling at her daughter in a tired voice.

'Bye Uncle Moony,' Arabella said while hugging her godfather. Walking away to get ready for bed.

'How was she?' asked Kassandra after her daughter left the room.

'She was fine. Really hyper. She wanted to go everywhere and try every food,' replied Remus smiling at the day he had with Arabella. 'How was work?'

'Horrible. Mad-Eye's becoming more paranoid every day. 2 years after the end of the war and he still thinks that there are Death Eaters out there. He's making me track down Death Eaters and I' not sure who to even look for!' exclaimed Kassandra, throwing her hand up in the air.

Remus looked at his friend in an amused smile.

'Don't worry. He'll probably forget about it in a couple of weeks or assign you to a new task soon.'

Kassandra looked at Remus with a disbelieved look on her face.

'Fine, fine. Maybe not. Anyway I better go. Take care Kas,' said Remus, giving his friend a kiss on the cheeks before flooing out of the living room to his house.

Kassandra got up from the couch and headed upstairs to Arabella's room. She stood outside her daughter's room, watching her find a place for her stuffed animal.

'What are you doing honey?'

Arabella turned around to find her mother by the door.

'Trying to find a place for Snuffles,' said Arabella, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Kassandra chuckled fondly at her daughter's antics.

'Why don't you sleep with it instead?'

'Good idea Mommy!' said Arabella as she got in her bed with her stuffed animal.

Kassandra went to her daughter and sat on her bed.

'Did you have a good day,' said Kassandra as she tried to smooth Arabella's hair.

'I had fun today with Uncle Moony. You should come next time Mommy,' said Arabella, with a twinkle in her eyes, as she swatted away her mother's hand from her hair.

'We'll see sweetheart. Goodnight,' said Kassandra with a kiss on her daughter's head and left the room.

Kassandra went downstairs to her living room and got out a photo album the said, 'Arabella's First Birthday.'

Kassandra opened to the first photo and saw her, Arabella and Sirius smiling and waving at the camera. Tears come to her eyes, but she blinked them away. The next picture was of the Marauders pulling face, making Arabella and Harry laugh. There were some of Sirius holding Arabella and trying to feed her some cake. There was one of James with cake on his face after Harry smashed it all over his face. There were some of Lily gushing over Arabella and the little red dress she was wearing. There was one of Peter holding her, but she wanted to go to her father. There was also some of Remus holding Arabella and singing quietly to her. There was also one of her and Harry playing on the floor with her new toys.

Kassandra was looking at the picture and didn't notice that there was a pop outside of the door and that someone entered through the front door.

'Well, well, well, what do we have here? Kassandra Black is it?' drawled a voice near the front door.

Alarmed and scared, Kassandra looked up from the album and saw four figures standing there. She saw the speaker, Bellatrix Lestrange, Rodolphus Lestrange, his brother Rabastan and to her surprise, Barty Crouch Jr.

Kassandra jumped to her feet with her wand in her hand, but Bellatrix disarmed her is a swift motion and started to laugh at her foolish attempt.

'So Kassy, or Kas as my dear sweet foolish cousin used to call you, we're going to have some fun,' said Bellatrix in a wicked voice, waiting for what was to come.

'No time for that Bella. Let's come for what we came for and leave,' said Rabastan, pulling out his wand and uttering the words that scared Kassandra. 'CRUCIO!'

Kassandra didn't scream, he didn't put any effort into that one and she's faced worse from the likes of them, but she was knocked to the ground.

'Hum… not good enough. CRUCIO!' exclaimed Rodolphus.

Kassandra let out a scream, her bones were on fire, and she wanted it to stop.

One by one each of the Death Eaters took turns torturing her.

'So now that your tongue is a bit loose, tell us, is there any word on the Dark Lord's whereabouts?' asked Barty Crouch Jr. with a wicked happy look on his face, eager for any news on his master.

'Burn in hell,' Kassandra said to him, with seat on her face.

His face turned from a wicked happy look to a furious one.

'You'll pay for that you filthy half-blood! CRUCIO!'

Kassandra let out another scream that hurt her throat and made Bellatrix laugh at her state.

Suddenly Bellatrix stopped laughing and smiled towards the stair. Walking towards it slowly.

'Well if it isn't my dear sweet cousin's daughter. Arabella is it? Want to go see Mommy?' asked Bellatrix in a false sweet voice.

Arabella, who had some tears in her eyes, shook her head and tried to get away from the monster that stood in front of her.

'Nonsense. Let's go see Mommy,' said Bellatrix, grabbing Arabella's arm roughly and dragged her to Kassandra. 'Here she is. Beautiful isn't she? On the ground, below our feet where she belongs.'

Rodolphus and Rabastan held onto her arms so that she can see what was happening. To her shock, Kassandra saw her daughter with Bellatrix holding onto her arm.

'This should make you loosen your tongue,' said Bellatrix as she let go of Arabella's arm and pointed her wand towards her.


Arabella felt that her whole body was on fire and she let out a big scream. She wanted it to stop, she wanted her Mommy to get rid for these people and she wanted Uncle Moony to take away the burning feeling. She started to cry with the pain of it.

'No! Stop! Have some mercy! She's just a child!' said Kassandra, who couldn't believe that someone was this evil and that she couldn't do anything to stop this from happening to her daughter.

'Then start talking!' snapped Barty, who just wanted information on his master.

Kassandra didn't pay attention to him; all she saw was her daughter and Bellatrix torturing her.

'Not talking are you? Well then it's a pity for what I'm going to do to this pretty one,' said Bellatrix as she dragged Arabella by the hair into the next room.

'No! Where are you going with my daughter! Come back here!' said Kassandra as Rodolphus and Rabastan let go of her arms and the men started to put the cruciatus curse on her again.

Kassandra wasn't focused on the burning feeling her body was going through. She was focused on the screams and cries that can from the next room.

A couple minutes later Bellatrix came back into the living room dragging Arabella with her.

'Look at your beautiful daughter. Isn't she precious?' asked Bellatrix in a false sweet voice with a smile on her face.

Kassandra looked at her daughter and, to her horror saw cuts all over her daughter's arms. Arabella was crying and hugging her chest.

'Look I don't know anything about Voldemort or where he is or anything,' said Kassandra, hoping that it would make them stop torturing her daughter.

'HOW DARE YOU SPEAK HIS NAME! YOU FILTHY HALF-BLOOD! You're not even worthy of the Black name! You are a disgrace to the wizard name! You and your filth of a daughter!' screeched Bellatrix whose face became red.

'We're going to give you one last chance. Where is the Dark Lord?' asked Rabastan in a low dangerous voice.

'I don't know. There haven't been any signs of him anywhere. Please, just stop,' said Kassandra, thinking that her daughter didn't deserve this kind of pain in her life.

'Enough. I'm getting tired of this. Let's just leave,' said Rodolphus, getting bored with no information being brought out.

'No. Not yet,' said Bellatrix, pointing her want at Kassandra. 'AVADA KEDAVRA!'

With a flash of green light, Kassandra Black was gone from the world.

'MOMMY!' shouted Arabella, more tears falling to her eyes as she watched her mother's body become lifeless.

'Don't worry about it Arabella. You'll see her too,' said Bellatrix, smiling and pointing her wand at Arabella, who managed to reach her mother's body and cry onto her neck.

'AVA – '

Suddenly the door busted open and Aurors came into the living room pointing their wands at the four Death Eaters that occupied the room. Leading the charge of Aurors was Alastor Moody with his wand out.

'Drop your wands down now!' he exclaimed, watching the four Death Eaters and the child on the ground.

The Death Eaters dropped their wands and they were quickly put into handcuffs.

'You four are under arrest for the torture to insanity of Frank and Alice Longbottom. The torture of Kassandra and Arabella Black, and the death of Kassandra Black,' said Alastor Moody, looking at the four of them with disgust in his face.

'He'll rise again! You wait and see! We are his most loyal servants! We will be welcomed with open arms by the Dark Lord!' screeched Bellatrix, looking at the Aurors with a look of pride on her face for what she had done.

'Take the vermin away. I don't want to see their disgusting faces right now,' said Mad-Eye.

After they left the living room, he turned to the little girl that was clinging on to her mother, shielding her away from any more harm, and crying.

'Get Dumbledore and tell him what happened. Tell him to also come here urgently. Now!' he barked at one of the junior Aurors, who nodded his head as he went to the fireplace.

Mad-Eye approached the girl on the floor.

'Hey, kid. Why don't you sit on the couch or something?' he asked, unsure of how to act around three year olds.

Arabella looked up at the man that saved her life and shook her head.

'What's your name kid?' asked Mad-Eye, trying to get her mind of her mother's death.

'Arabella,' she replied in a small, cracked voice.

'Well, Arabella, there's a man named Albus Dumbledore that's going to come soon. He'll be able to sort this all out.'

'Moony. I need my Uncle Moony.'

'I don't know who Moony is. Albus will probably know though.'

Just as he said that, two people entered the living room. First was Albus Dumbledore with a grave look on his face. Following him was Remus Lupin with a sad, terrified look on his face.

'UNCLE MOONY!' Arabella exclaimed while running to go hug him, clinging onto any part of him she can reach.

'Arabella! What happ – 'he stopped midsentence after seeing the blood on his goddaughter's arms and the body that was on the ground.

'It was horrible Uncle Moony! There were these people and they did something to Mommy and she was in pain and one of them saw he and they did the same to me and my whole body was on fire and then she said something and Mommy's not waking up!' exclaimed Arabella who started to burst into tears again.

'Shush. It's going to be fine. It's going to be okay. I'm here sweetheart,' said Remus, who had tears in his eyes and voice started to crack when he realized that his last remaining friend was gone.

Dumbledore turned to Mad-Eye.

'Who were the people that you arrested?' asked Dumbledore, his voice dangerous and there wasn't the usual twinkle in his eyes.

'Bellatrix Lestrange, her husband Rodolphus, Rabastan and Barty Crouch Jr.,' said May-Eye, also turning away from Arabella and Remus.

'Barty Crouch Jr.? Are you sure?' asked Dumbledore with disbelief on his voice.

'I was surprised to Albus. Kid was good. Wonder what happened.'

Dumbledore turned back to Remus.

'Remus, we have to get her the St. Mungo's. Her arms have to heal,' Dumbledore said with a sad look on his face as he saw the cuts all over the innocent's child's arms.

'Yeah, ok I'll take her. Can you tell Andromeda? She'll probably want to know.'

'I'll owl her. Just focus on Arabella for now. She needs you.'

Remus nodded as he disappeared through the fireplace.

'We have to move the body and bury her later,' said Dumbledore as he turned to Mad-Eye.

'I'll as one of the junior Aurors, you go write that letter and I meet you in St. Mungo's,' replied Mad-Eye who was filled with concern for the little girl that left the room.

Dumbledore nodded and left the room.

Some time later

Remus was waiting outside of the room in St. Mungo's as his goddaughter was in a room getting healed up. He heard footsteps and a clunking noise coming his way. He looked up and saw that Dumbledore and Mad-Eye were walking this way.

Dumbledore reached him first.

'How is she?' he asked with concern in his voice.

'She's getting her cuts healed, there might be some permanent scar since some of them were pretty deep,' said Remus who still had tears on his face.

'How is she mentally?'

'She's not good. She keeps crying. I tried to calm her down but nothings working. They made me leave the room so that they can check her properly. I don't know what else to do,' said Remus, as his voice started to crack again.

'Everything will be okay Remus. She's safe now,' said Dumbledore, trying to reassure Remus, but finding it very hard as he remembers Kassandra from her time at Hogwarts.

'What's going to happen to those people now?' asked Remus, hoping that they would be locked up for life, never seeing the light of day ever again.

'Trial in front of the Council. Hopeful put away for life,' replied Mad-Eye.

Remus nodded his head.

'I want custody of Arabella. I'll take care of her. She's like a daughter to me and I'll take care of her,' said Remus to Dumbledore.

Dumbledore nodded his head.

'I'll try to see what I can do. Just worry about Arabella. Andromeda should be here anything soon,' said Dumbledore as he turned away, heading towards the Ministry to sort out Arabella's guardianship.

'Take care Lupin,' said Mad-Eye as he patted Remus' back and walked away.

Soon after the door opened and the healer let Remus into the room. The healer told his that she was sleeping and that they were going to keep her here overnight to watch some of the deeper cuts on her arms. Remus nodded and entered the room. He saw Arabella's sleeping form on the bed.

She looks so innocent. She doesn't deserve this he thought as he grabbed a chair and pulled it close to her bed. I'm going to protect you. No one is ever going to hurt you again, as he stroked her hair with tears in his eyes.

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