Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone


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As November came, so did Quidditch season. On Saturday, Harry would be playing in his first match of weeks of training: Gryffindor vs. Slytherin. Hardly anyone had seen Harry play, Wood decided that he was their secret weapon.

It was really lucky that Harry had Hermione as a friend now. She had become a bit more relaxed about breaking rules ever since they saved her from the troll. She and Arabella have gotten along better after she made another apology and they hugged. Arabella was happy not to be the only girl and that Hermione was with her.

The day before the match, the four of them were out in the freezing courtyard during the break when Hermione conjured them up a bright blue fire which could be carried around in a jam jar. They were surrounding their backs to it, trying to get warm when Snape crossed the yard. Harry noticed that he was limping. The four of them moved closer to block the fire from view; they were sure that it wasn't allowed. Unfortunately Snape still came over. He didn't see the fire but seemed to be looking for a reason to tell them off anyway.

'What's that you've got there, Potter?'

It was Quidditch through the Ages. Harry showed him.

'Library books are not allowed to be taken outside the school,' said Snape. 'Give it to me. Five points from Gryffindor.'

'It's a stupid rule. He made it up,' said Arabella. Glaring at Snape's limping figure as he walked away.

'Wonder what's wrong with his leg?' asked Harry, who was also angry.

'Dunno, but I hope it's really hurting him,' said Ron bitterly.

Gryffindor common-room was very noisy that evening. The four of them sat together next to a window. Hermione was checking Harry and Ron's Charms homework for them, while Arabella was looking over their Defence Against the Dark Arts homework. Arabella and Hermione would never let them copy theirs. Hermione would say that they would never learn and Arabella would tell them all the wrong answers, saying that copying would never do them any good. But they would look through their work to see if they got it right, usually they do.

Harry felt restless. He really wanted Quidditch through the Ages back. Why should he be afraid of Snape? Getting up, he told Ron, Arabella and Hermione he was going to ask Snape if he could have it.

'Rather you than me,' said Ron and Hermione was shaking her head.

Harry turned to Arabella smiling, hoping that she would come with him.


Arabella looked at him with a 'are you stupid?' look.

'There's a chance that he's going to yell at me. Do you want to miss that? Then you can tell him about how bad of a teacher he is,' said Harry, knowing Arabella, she would want to be there for that.

Arabella gave him a small smile.

'Let's go Harry,' said Arabella, getting up and giving Ron and Hermione a small wave.

They made their way to the staff room and knocked. There was no answer and knocked again. Nothing.

'Maybe we should just go in? He's probably not in there? He might have left the book there. We can go in and get out there really fast,' suggested Arabella.

It was worth a shot. Harry opened the door slightly so that they both could see inside. They were met with a horrible scene.

Snape and Filch were inside, alone. Snape was holding his robes above his knees. One of his legs was bloody and mangled. Filch was handing Snape bandages.

'Blasted thing. How are you supposed to keep your eyes in all three heads at once?' said Snape.

Harry tried to shut the door quietly, but –


Snape face was twisted with fury as he dropped his robes quickly to hide his legs. Harry gulped as Arabella went white.

'I was wondering if I could have my book back,' said Harry.


They left, before Snape could take any points away from Gryffindor. They ran back towards to common-room.

'Did you get it?' Ron asked as Harry and Arabella joined them. 'What's the matter?'

In low whisper, Harry told them what they saw.

'Do you know what this means?' he finished breathlessly. 'He tried to get past the three-headed dog at Halloween! That's whatever it's guarding! And I'd bet my broomstick he let the troll in, to make a diversion!'

Hermione's eyes were wide.

'No – he wouldn't,' she said. 'I know he's not very nice, but he wouldn't try and steel something Dumbledore was keeping safe.'

'Hermione, I know Snape. He's evil. I wouldn't put it past him to do something like this,' said Arabella, who finally regained her breath.

'Just because he mean doesn't mean that he's evil. He's not that bad,' said Hermione in an uncertain voice.

'Honestly, Hermione, you think all teachers are saints or something,' snapped Ron. 'I'm with Harry and Arabella. But what's he after? What's the dog guarding?'

Harry went to bed with the same question buzzing in his head.

The next morning was very bright and cold. The Great Hall was full of the delicious smell of fried sausages and the cheerful chatter of everyone looking forward to a good Quidditch match.

'It because it's Gryffindor vs. Slytherin. They've had a rivalry for years. It's legendary,' said Arabella after Harry asked her about the buzz in the Great Hall.

'Harry, you have to eat something,' said Hermione after looking at his empty plate.

'I don't want anything.'

'Just a bit of toast.'

'I'm not hungry.'

He felt terrible. In an hour's time he'd be walking to the pitch.

'Harry, you need your strength,' said Seamus Finnigan. 'Seekers are always the one who get nobbled by the other team.'

'Thanks, Seamus,' said Harry, watching Seamus pile ketchup on his sausages.

Arabella was watching Seamus and his sausages with a slightly disgusted face.

She turned to Harry.

'He's right Harry. You have to eat something.'

Harry opened his mouth to tell her that he's still not angry. But before he could she took a slice of toast and stuffed it in his mouth.

'Ahh – what was that for?' exclaimed Harry, chewing on a bit of the toast.

'You have to eat something. This is what I do with Uncle Remus when he's being stubborn like you,' Arabella smirked. 'It made you eat, didn't it? Feel better?'

Harry glared at Arabella. She was right, he did feel better. He wasn't going to tell her that.

By eleven o'clock the whole school seemed to be out in the stands around the Quidditch patch. Many students had binoculars. The seats might be raised high in the air but it was still difficult to see what was going on sometimes.

Ron, Arabella and Hermione joined Neville, Seamus and Dean up in the top row. As a surprise for Harry, they had painted a large banner on one of those sheets that Scabbers had ruined. It said Potter for President and Dean, who was good at drawing, had done a large Gryffindor lion underneath. Then Hermione and Arabella performed a little tricky charm so that the paint flashed different colours and that the head of the lion opened his mouth, giving a little roar here and there.

Meanwhile, Harry was in the changing rooms with the rest of the team. Wood cleared his throat.

'Ok, me,' he said.

'And women,' said Chaser Angelina Johnson.

'And, women,' Wood agreed. 'This is it.'

'The big one,' said Fred.

'The one we've been waiting for,' said George.

'We know Oliver's speech by heart,' Fred told Harry. 'We were on the team last year.'

'Shut you, you two,' said Wood. 'This is the best team Gryffindor's had in years. We're going to win. I know it.'

He glared at them all as if to say, 'Or else.'

'Right, it's time. Good luck, all of you.'

Harry followed Fred and George out of the changing room and hoping his knees weren't going to give way, walked on to the pitch to loud cheers.

'It was Snape,' Ron explained. 'Arabella, Hermione and I saw him. He was cursing your broomstick, muttering, he wouldn't take his eyes off you.'

'Rubbish,' said Hagrid. 'Why would Snape do somethin' like that?'

Harry, Ron, Arabella and Hermione looked at each other, wondering what to tell him. Harry decided on the truth.

'We found out something about him,' he told Hagrid. 'He tried to get past the three-headed dog at Halloween. It bit him. We think he's trying to steal whatever it's guarding.'

Hagrid dropped the teapot.

'How do you know about Fluffy?'


'You named a vicious looking creature Fluffy?' said Arabella with her mouth slightly opened.

'Yeah – he's mine – bought him off a Greek chappie I met in the pub las' year – I lent him to Dumbledore to guard the – '

'Yes?' said Harry eagerly.

'No, don't ask me anymore. That's top secret, that it,' said Hagrid gruffly.

'But Hagrid, Snape's trying to steal it. He's doing it under Dumbledore's nose,' exclaimed Arabella, throwing her arms into the air.

'Rubbish,' said Hagrid again. 'He wouldn't try to steal somethin'. He's a Hogwarts teacher, he'd do nothing of the sort.'

'So why did he try to kill Harry?' asked Hermione.

The afternoon's events certainly changed Hermione's opinion on Snape.

'I know a jinx when I see one, Hagrid, I've read about them all. You've got to keep eye contact, and Snape wasn't blinking at all. I saw him!'

'I'm tellin' yeh, yer wrong!' said Hagrid hotly. 'I don't know why Harry's broom acted like that, but Snape wouldn't try an' kill a student! Now listen to me, all four of yeh – yer meddlin' in things that don' concern yeh. It's dangerous. You forget that don, an' you forget what it's guardin', that's between Professor Dumbledore an' Nicholas Flamel –'

'Aha!' said Harry. 'So there's someone called Nicolas Flamel involved, is there?'

Hagrid looked furious with himself.

Harry, Ron, Arabella and Hermione were walking back to the castle when Harry turned to them.

'What do you guys really think of Snape? Hagrid seems to trust him, but…'

'He's mean. Foul git,' said Ron, shaking his head at the thought of Snape.

'I agree with Ron. He isn't a very good teacher. We're going to have him for seven years and all he does is criticizes us. We need a proper teacher,' said Hermione, while Ron was rolling his eyes at her concern for a better teacher.

Harry turned to Arabella. She was the only person Snape hated more that Harry.

'I don't trust him, not matter of everyone else does. He's up to something. I just hope we're wrong about this. I rather he was far away from whatever the dog's guarding,' said Arabella.

Harry, Ron and Hermione turned to her, stunned that she showed some compassion for Snape.

'Not because I care about him, jeez,' said Arabella, rolling her eyes. 'I just don't want him to get his hands on whatever it's guarding. It's probably really powerful. If Snape gets his hands on it, who know what could happen.'

Harry nodded his head, agreeing with her.

As they entered the common-room and separated to their dormitories, Ron and he got ready for bed. As he started to drift off to sleep, he wondered what the dog was guarding and what Snape would do with it.

Thank you for reading! I love Quidditch but I didn't want to write the whole thing out.

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