Potter and Black: The Goblet of Fire

The Yule Ball

disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, just Arabella. Hope you like it!

The Yule Ball

Despite the very heavy load of homework that the fourth years had been given for the holidays, Arabella was in no mood to work and spent the week leading up to Christmas enjoying herself as fully as possible with everyone else. Gryffindor Tower was hardly less crowded now than during term-time.

The house-elves down in the kitchen were outdoing themselves with a series of rich, warming stews and savory puddings, and only Fleur Delacour seemed to be able to find anything to complain about.

'It is too 'eavy, all zis 'Ogwarts food,' they heard her saying grumpily as they left the Great Hall behind her one evening (Ron skulking behind Harry, keen not to be spotted by Fleur). 'I will not fit into my dress robes!'

'Oooh there's a tragedy,' Hermione snapped as Fleur went out into the entrance hall. 'She really thinks a lot of herself, that one, doesn't she?'

'Hermione - who are you going to the ball with?' said Ron.

He kept springing this question on her, hoping to startle her into a response by asking it when she least expected it. However, Hermione merely frowned and said, 'I'm not telling you, you'll just make fun of me.'

'You're joking, Weasley!' said Malfoy, behind them. 'You're not telling me someone's asked that to the ball? Not the long-molared Mudblood?'

Arabella, Harry and Ron whipped around, but Hermione said loudly, waving to somebody over Malfoy's shoulder, 'Hello, Professor Moody!'

Malfoy went pale and jumped backward, looking wildly around for Moody, but he was still up at the staff table, finishing his stew.

'Twitchy little ferret, aren't you, Malfoy?' said Hermione scathingly, and they went up the marble staircase laughing heartily.

'Hermione,' said Ron, looking sideways at her, suddenly frowning, 'your teeth…'

'What about them?' she said.

'Well, they're different…I've just noticed…'

'Of course they are - did you expect me to keep those fangs Malfoy gave me?'

'No, I mean, they're different to how they were before he put that hex on you…They're all…straight and - and normal-sized.'

Hermione suddenly smiled very mischievously, and Arabella noticed it too. It was a very different smile from the one he remembered.

'Well…when I went up to Madam Pomfrey to get them shrunk, she held up a mirror and told me to stop her when they were back to how they normally were,' she said. 'And I just…let her carry on a bit.' She smiled even more widely. 'Mum and Dad won't be too pleased. I've been trying to persuade them to let me shrink them for ages, but they wanted me to carry on with my braces. You know, they're dentists, they just don't think teeth and magic should - look! Pigwidgeons back!'

Ron's tiny owl was twittering madly on the top of the icicle-laden banisters, a scroll of parchment tied to his leg. People passing him were pointing and laughing, and a group of third-year girls paused and said, 'Oh look at the weeny owl! Isn't he cute?'

'Hermione,' whispered Arabella as they watched Ron picking up Pigwidgeon. 'I think I'm in love with you.'

'I love you too, Arabella,' said Hermione, smiling a bit guilty and patting Arabella's arm a bit.

'Stupid little feathery git!' Ron hissed, with Pigwidgeon in his hands. 'You bring letters to the addressee! You don't hang around showing off!'

Pigwidgeon hooted happily, his head protruding over Ron's fist. The third-year girls all looked very shocked.

'Clear off!' Ron snapped at them, waving the fist holding Pigwidgeon, who hooted more happily than ever as he soared through the air. 'Here - take it, Harry,' Ron added in an undertone as the third-year girls scuttled away looking scandalized. He pulled off Sirius's replies off Pigwidgeons leg. Harry pocketed it, and they hurried back to Gryffindor Tower to read it.

Everyone in the common room was much too busy in letting off more holiday steam to observe what anyone else was up to. Ron, Harry, Arabella and Hermione sat apart from everyone else by a dark window that was gradually filling up with snow, and Harry read out:

Dear Harry,

Congratulations on getting past the Horntail. Whoever put your name in that goblet shouldn't be feeling too happy right now! I was going to suggest a Conjunctivitis Curse, as a dragon's eyes are its weakest point –

'That's what Krum did!' Hermione whispered

– But your way was better, I'm impressed.

Don't get complacent, though, Harry. You've only done one task; whoever put you in for the tournament's got plenty more opportunity if they're trying to hurt you. Keep your eyes open -particularly when the person we discussed is around and concentrate on keeping yourself out of trouble. Keep in touch, I still want to hear about anything unusual.


'He sounds exactly like Moody,' said Harry quietly, tucking the letter away again inside him robes. ''Constant vigilance!' You'd think I walk around with my eyes shut, banging off the walls… Go on, read yours Arabella…'

Dear Arabella,

Me and Moony are in hiding, sort off. You know where, don't worry about us. Keep an eye out for anything unusual, and watch out for Karkaroff if you can. Go straight to Dumbledore if anything strange happens. Keep an eye out for anything and Karkaroff, I wouldn't rule him out as a suspect anytime soon. Moony sends his love. And we all need to have a talk about this Bulgarian boy. You're too young to be dating. Keep in touch. I miss you.


'You know where he is?' asked Hermione, astonished.

'I don't know,' said Arabella, re-reading the letter for any more clues, but came up with nothing. She kept re-reading the note and muttering to herself about where they could be hiding. Harry and Ron were playing chess while Hermione watched.

'NOOOO,' said Arabella after about ten minutes of mindlessly muttering to herself. Her eyes were wide and her mouth wide open in a perfect circle. If it wasn't for the severity of the situation, she would probably be laughing at herself.

'What happened?' said Harry, alarmed.

'They're – they're in – shit!' said Arabella, face palming. She couldn't reveal where Sirius and Remus were hiding, no matter how much she wanted to at the moment.

'What?' said Ron, worried. Hermione was watching her with a concerned look.

'I can't tell you, but, like, it's pretty bad, but nothing you should be worried about, but something I should be worried about,' said Arabella in a rush.

'What?' said Harry, Ron and Hermione, confused.

'Er, nothing, nothing – just, continued on with your game,' said Arabella, nervously with a reassuring smile, though it wasn't. Harry and Ron resumed their game with Hermione watching, though they kept giving her worried looks at the corner of their eyes.

They were at Grimmauld Place, the house Arabella inherited when her grandmother, Walburga Black, died back in 1985. Arabella has met her grandmother a total of two times, once when it was the custody hearing in the Ministry of Magic and another in Grimmauld Place. She initially wanted to know her relatives, so Remus let Arabella visit Walburga, and what a HUGE mistake that was. Her foul grandmother kept going on and on about how low werewolves are and how they should be hunted down and executed. Thankfully Remus wasn't there at the time and Andy dropped her off for only two hours. Two hours too long if you ask me Arabella thought. She then went on about pure-blood supremacy and how Voldemort had the right idea in getting rid of Muggle-borns and having pure-bloods in charge. She then mentioned about how Sirius was a disappointment and a disgrace to the Black name, and how low of a wizard her mother, Kassandra, was. But Walburga didn't say Kassandra or your mother, she said, 'that swine my son married.' Arabella wanted to throw the tea cup she was holding at her ugly, old, twisted little face, but managed to keep her temper intact. She then showed Arabella her room that she made for her. It was horrible. The walls were green in colour with snakes in a darker green colour. The bed was abnormally large with black coverings that made it look unwelcoming. On one side of the wall were paper clippings of Voldemort from the Daily Prophet and a couple pictures of Death Eaters. Walburga apparently got it from Regulus Black's room. She thought it would inspire Arabella into going down the 'right path.' Arabella had no idea what her grandmother was thinking when she decorated her room. Arabella will never be able to live with her, nor would she ever want to. She then showed picture of Bellatrix and Narcissa to Arabella.

'They are the perfect example of who you should be when you grow up,' said Walburga in a stern voice, peering down at the photo album with Arabella beside her. 'Narcissa married a respectable pure-blood and has a son to carry on the Malfoy name. Bellatrix also married a respectable pure-blood, Rodolphus Lestrange, and they joined the Dark Lord together, serving him as husband and wife. They are what you should be, not like Andromeda, that filthy little blood-traitor. Never marry a Mudblood Hufflepuff, you would never do that. You'll be in Slytherin, marry into a proper family, and aid in the Dark Lord, my little Slytherin princess.'

Arabella was never more relieved to see Andy in her whole life until that moment. All she wanted to do at that moment was to get as far away as possible from Walburga and Grimmauld Place. Walburga was a nightmare and Grimmauld Place was no better. The first thing Arabella said when she got home to Remus was, 'I don't want to know my family. They're a nightmare. Don't ever take my back there again. Ever!'

If Sirius and Remus were hiding there, then her hearts went out to both of them. She would rather be anywhere else in the world than in Grimmauld Place. Arabella shuddered.

'You okay?' asked Hermione, alternating between watching Arabella and the chess game.

'Yeah, just remembered something,' said Arabella, shuddering again.

Arabella woke up on Christmas day with a big smile on her face. Presents! She screamed in her head. Grabbing her pillow, she made her way over to Hermione quietly. Their other roommates weren't there, probably at breakfast or something. She held the pillow above her head, ready to strike when –

'Don't even think about it,' said Hermione, opening her eyes with her hand clutching her wand. 'I'll hex you if you do it. You know I will.'

'Sour pus,' said Arabella, pouting and going back to her bed. 'Anyway, Presents!'

Hermione had gotten her a book called Quidditch Team of Britain and Ireland; Ron, bag of Dungbombs; Remus got her excellent books called Practical Defensive Magic and its Use Against the Dark Arts, which had amazing moving colour illustrations of all the counterjinxes and hexes it described. It was going to be very useful in the future. Sirius gave her a pocket knife with the handle in black. Just in case. Merry Christmas! was the note attached to it. Hagrid gave her a box of Chocolate Frogs. Mrs Weasley got her a new green jumper and homemade mince pies. Fred, George and Ginny got her a box of Zooko's best products. Nymph got her a polishing broomstick kit. Andy and Ted got her a necklace from their trip to Italy. Harry got her a picture of the four of them in a simple brown framing and one of just the two of them in a blue frame. She liked the one with Hermione, Ron Harry and her, but favoured the one with just Harry and her. Their arms were around each other's shoulders as Harry was holding up two fingers, making the bunny sign behind her head, while Arabella kept messing up his hair. She vaguely remembered taking this sometime before their second year when they were staying at the Weasleys.

'ARABELLA!' yelled a voice from the common room.

'What was that?' said Hermione.

'I think it was the twins,' said Arabella, getting up and moving towards the door with Hermione. They went to the common room to find Fred and George, smiling with excitement. Arabella saw Harry and Ron coming from their dormitory, wondering what was going on. As soon as the twins saw Arabella, they got down on their knees and started to bow to her chanting, 'We're not worthy, we're not worthy…'

'I take it, you got my present then?' said Arabella, smiling in amusement.

Fred and George got up and gave her a hug, sandwiching her in between them.

'I love you,' George whispered loudly, practically almost in tears and rubbing his right cheek on top of her head.

'You can have whatever you want from our store for free!' said Fred, giving her sloppy kisses on her forehead.

'Please, I need air,' said Arabella in a hoarse voice. Fred and George let go of her, and beamed at all of them.

'What did you do now?' said Hermione, worried.

'I gave them a colour bomb,' said Arabella casually.

'What?!' said Harry and Ron.

'What is that?' said Hermione.

'Only the greatest present ever!' said George, smiling. 'It turns the whole room into colourful while the people in said room are covered in black paint.'

'Have you completely lost your mind?!' said Ron, horrified at the idea of the twins having it.

'Relax,' said Arabella, too laid back for their liking. 'It took me three years to make it, and they've got to do it themselves. This is just a sample and it's the only one I'm going to give them.'

Fred and George walked back to their dormitory, muttering between themselves and holding the colour bomb like it was some delicate flower.

'You've doomed us all,' whispered Harry.

'Stop being such a dramatic daisy,' said Arabella. 'It'll be a while before they figure out how to make it. Relax.'

They went down to breakfast together, then spent most of the morning in Gryffindor Tower, where everyone was enjoying their presents, then returned to the Great Hall for lunch.

They went out onto the grounds in the afternoon. Hermione chose to watch Arabella, Harry, Seamus, Dean, Neville and the Weasleys' snowball fight rather than join in. It was Arabella, Harry, Ron, and Neville against Fred, George, Seamus and Dean. So far, Arabella's team (Ron would be saying that it was really his team) was winning, but at five o'clock Hermione said that the two of them had to go back to the castle to get ready for the ball.

'Why do we need three hours to get ready?' asked Arabella, doubtfully as a large snowball from Dean hit her at the side of her head. 'I know that came from you, Thomas!'

'Because we're getting ready with Ginny,' said Hermione.

'That's not an answer!' yelled Arabella, making a big snowball and throwing it towards Dean, but it hit Fred's face, dead centre.

'Come on,' said Hermione, rolling her eyes and grabbing on to Arabella's right arm.

'No! But I was winning!' said Arabella, struggling to get out of Hermione's hold. She grabbed on to Harry's arm, but somehow, Harry, ho matter how much he tried, wasn't as strong as Hermione because he started to move with them. Arabella eventually let go of Harry and got Hermione to do the same. She made one last snowball, which hit Dean on the face, and walked peacefully with Hermione back to the castle.

'Who're you going with?' Ron yelled after Hermione, just she just waved back at them.

Three hours, that's how long it took for them to get ready. Arabella changed into her dress, managed to get her hair in the way she wanted to, then asked Ginny to help her put on some make up. Then end result was better than before. She was wearing the red dress, which showed most, if not, all the scars on her arms, with her hair down that ended in the midsection of her back in simple curls. She was also wearing the necklace Andy and Ted got her and her wand was attached to her lower right thigh.

Ginny already went downstairs to meet Neville. She looked beautiful with her straight red hair and beautiful green dress. The only other person with her was Hermione, who was nervously pacing before her.

'Come on,' said Arabella. 'Krum's waiting.'

Arabella and Hermione went to the common room, which was full of people wearing different colours than their usual uniforms. Arabella looked around for Harry and Ron, Hermione doing the same, but they weren't there.

'Wow,' said George. 'Don't you two look lovely? Don't they Fred?'

'Lovely indeed George,' said Fred, smiling.

'Don't want Angelina to hear that,' said Hermione.

'Come on, let's go,' said Arabella. 'We have to go meet them.'

The entrance hall was packed with students, all waiting around for eight o'clock when the door to the Great Hall would be thrown open.

'You go on,' said Hermione nervously, standing back away from the staircase.

'But –'

'Just go,' said Hermione firmly. 'I'll wait until the doors are open.'

'Fine,' said Arabella reluctantly as she continued down the staircase. At the foot of it she saw Nikola. He was wearing a nice set of dress robes with his hair slicked back. He was standing next to Krum, making small chit-chat. He looked up just as she was half way and smiled, then slowly smirked as she got closer. She saw Harry a few feet away from them and was practically glaring daggers at Nikola.

'You look very beautiful,' said Nikola, kissing the back of her hand.

'Thank you,' said Arabella, blushing. She turned to Krum, 'She'll be down in a moment. She's just waiting for the doors to open.'

Krum nodded in understanding, then moved away to give them some privacy.

'You do look beautiful,' said Nikola, his smirk widening.

'Thank you,' said Arabella. 'So do you.'

Nikola nodded as Professor McGonagall's voice called, 'Champions over here, please!'

Harry and Parvati walked forward, as did Fleur Delacour, Roger Davies, Cedric Diggory, Cho Chang, Victor Krum and Hermione, who was looking a bit nervous. Most people were looking at her like they haven't seen her before. Parvati was gazing at her in disbelief. When the front door to the Great hall opened, some girls stalked past her, glaring at Hermione with the deepest of loathing. Pansy Parkinson gaped at her as she walked by with Malfoy, who didn't even come up with an insult to throw at her. Ron walked right past Hermione without looking at her. Arabella and Nikola walked past the champions and Arabella gave Hermione a small smile.

Once everyone was settled in the Hall, the champions entered and walked up towards a large round table at the top of the Hall, where the judges were sitting. Arabella was sitting with Nikola and some of his friends. Some of them didn't speak English but managed to catch some words that did not sound flattering by their tone of voice. She tried to make some conversation with the person sitting beside her, but he wasn't looking at her, so she gave up. Nikola was talking with one of his friends, and wouldn't look at her.

Arabella looked at her menu then looked down at her plate and said, 'Lamb chops!'

And the lamb chops appeared. The rest of the table followed soon after her, but still kept ignoring her. Arabella looked around the Hall. Harry looked bored, Ron was staring at Hermione with narrow eyes, Ginny seemed to be enjoying herself with Neville, and Hermione looked happy. She then looked at Nikola, who was still talking to his friend.

When all the food had been consumed, Dumbledore stood up and asked the student to do the same. Then, with a wave of his wand, all the tables zoomed back along the walls leaving the floor clear, and then he conjured a raised platform into existence along the right wall. A set of drums, several guitars, a lute, a cello, and some bagpipes were set upon it.

The Weird Sisters now trooped up onto the stage to wildly enthusiastic applause; they were all extremely hairy and dressed in black robes that had been artfully ripped and torn. Arabella saw Harry trip over his dress robes as he stood up. The Weird Sisters picked up their instruments, and struck a slow, mournful tune.

The champions were revolving slowly on the spot as the music kept playing and soon many other people started to dance too. Arabella saw Ginny and Neville dancing nearby, though Ginny kept wincing as Neville accidently stepped on her toes. Dumbledore was waltzing with Madam Maxime, who moved gracefully for a woman who was very tall. Nikola's friends were dancing and it was just the two of them. She kept waiting for him to ask her to dance, but he said nothing.

'Would you like to dance?' she asked, getting impatient as the Weird Sisters were starting to play a new song, which was her favorite.

'Not really,' he said, shrugging. 'Would you like to go outside?'

'Um, sure,' said Arabella, taken back. What was so interesting outside? The Weird Sisters were at Hogwarts!

They managed to slip out the doors without being seen by any of the teachers. As soon as they got outside, Nikola pulled her closer to him and placed his left hand to low from her waist.

'It's beautiful, isn't it? The stars?' he said, taking something from his inside pockets and taking a big gulp. Something told Arabella that wasn't pumpkin juice.

'Sure, I guess,' said Arabella, actually looking up.

There was nothing there. They were standing against the wall of Hogwarts, watching the star-less sky as Nikola took another gulp of whatever he was drinking. He then started to move his hands and brought his face really close to her before kissing her. It really wasn't pleasant. It was forcefully and uncomfortable, like last time, but worse. He kept moving his hand everywhere, in a groping manner and tried to open her mouth with his tongue. She could smell the alcohol coming from him.

Arabella tried to push him away, but he stronger than her. Nikola then started to kiss down her neck, which made Arabella squirm a bit.

'Please, stop,' whimpered Arabella, but he didn't. He kissed her on the lips again; probably think that's what she wanted.

Arabella had enough of this. She slowly lifted her right thigh without him noticing and took out her wand.


With a swift wave, Nikola was push away from her and on the ground, looking shocked. This time, it was Arabella's turn to smirk. She took a look at him and started to walk away. She barely made it five feet before he roughly grabbed onto her and pulled her back to him.

'Mine,' he growled. He reeked of alcohol and was mumbling nonsense under his breath.

'Not yours,' said Arabella, getting free of his grip and walking away. 'Never yours.'

'And you'll never be Potters,' he said, smirking nastily.

'What?' said Arabella, stopping and turning around.

'I see the way you look at him,' said Nikola, looking quite foul. 'He'll never go for you. Honestly, who you do you think you are? You're just a broken little girl with ugly scars on her arms. I asked you to the ball out of pity; because that's all people see when they look at you. Pity.'

Arabella was staring at him, never feeling so low in her life. Nikola smirked again, and resumed kissing her neck.

Arabella drew back her right arm and punched him in the stomach.

'Oomph,' groaned Nikola, backing away.

Before he could do anything, Arabella pointed her wand at his mouth and said 'Scourgify!'

Pink bubbles started to form in his mouth, and he was choking a bit.

'You're mouth needed a bit of washing of you ask me,' said Arabella coldly. She stood up straight and said, 'I am Arabella Kassandra Black, daughter of Sirius and Kassandra Black, the blood of ancient wizards run through my veins, and I will not be degraded by a foul, pathetic excuse of a boy like you. You will never come near me again, and you will never come near my friends. If you do, I'll show you how much of a Black I really am.'

Arabella turned around and walked back inside Hogwarts where she reattached her wand back to her thigh and then walked into the Great Hall. She spotted Harry and Ron sitting at a table, looking quite miserable. Ron stood up to leave and Harry did the same before he spotted Arabella sitting down at another table with an unopened bottle of butterbear.

'Hey,' said Harry, taking the seat next to her.

'Hey,' mumbled Arabella, taking a big gulp of the butterbear. 'Enjoying yourself?'

'No,' said Harry, shaking his head. 'You?'

'The foulest time I have ever had at Hogwarts,' spat out Arabella. 'Stupid, freaking Nikola. I hope he jumps off a cliff or goes back to Bulgaria, so I never have to see his face again.'

Harry looked taken back. 'What happened?'

'He started to kiss me weirdly, then said some shit,' said Arabella, feeling quite miserable herself.

'He did?' said Harry, sounding mad and was about to get up to go find Nikola and set him straight, but Arabella grabbed onto his arm.

'Don't worry,' she said. 'I took care of it.'

'What did you do?'

'Washed his mouth, nearly choked him I think,' said Arabella. 'Then said some things that made me sound tuff, but looking back at it now, it sounds a bit ridiculous.'

'What did you say?'

'I think, at one point, I said that the ancient wizard's blood runs through my veins,' said Arabella, laughing a bit, Harry joined in too. 'Well, I was trying to sound tough.'

'I sure you were very convincing,' said Harry, offering her a smile.

Arabella smiled back before turning her eyes on to the dance floor. There weren't many people there now. The crowd seemed to have disappeared as there were only a couple students in the Great Hall and only one teacher watching them. The Weird Sisters weren't on stage now and the music was coming from an old record player, playing some Muggle songs. Ginny was sitting at a table, talking to some boy that was clearly not Neville.

I didn't even get to dance Arabella thought. The only ball I'm ever going to go to and I didn't even get to dance. Stupid, freakin' Nikola. I hope you jump off a cliff somewhere.

'Want to dance?' asked Harry, watching her.

Arabella turned back to him, shocked. 'You actually want to dance?'

Harry shrugged. 'Sure, why not?'

'Okay,' said Arabella, taking his hand and walking towards the dance floor.

Harry seemed more relaxed than she saw him earlier dancing with Parvati, maybe because nobody was looking at him while dancing. He placed his hands gently on her waists and she did the same on his shoulders. They swayed a little to the music. It was Frank Sinatra singing My Funny Valentine.

'You look really nice by the way,' said Harry, his neck a bit red. 'Really, really nice.'

'No every other day of the year, I look like an ugly toad?' teased Arabella.

'No,' spluttered Harry. 'That's not what –'

'I know, I'm just teasing,' said Arabella. Harry narrowed his eyes at her. 'You clean up nice, Potter.'

'I do what I can,' said Harry, shrugging with a pleased smile at himself.

'Thank you for the gift, by the way. I really like it,' said Arabella, after a few moments of silence passing between them.

'No problem,' said Harry. 'I like yours too. It's actually pretty funny.'

Arabella got him a book called How to be friends with Dragons 101 and some Quidditch gloves made out of leather.

'I thought you might like it,' said Arabella, smiling.

'Can I ask you something?' said Harry, looking a bit uneasy about what he was going to ask her. Arabella nodded.

'Why did you go with Nikola?'

'Because the person I really wanted to go with didn't ask me,' said Arabella, giving him a sharp look.

'The person I wanted to go with went out with somebody else,' said Harry, returning the look.

'Well, aren't we just lucky,' said Arabella, sighing.

'Very lucky,' mumbled Harry.

They continued to dance for another two songs. Neither one of them moved away from each other, but seemed to move closer. Arabella's head was on Harry's shoulder with her arms wrapped around his neck, and Harry's arms were wrapped around her waist, his head also on her shoulder.

Harry then gave out a small chuckle.

'What?' asked Arabella, quite happy with their positions.

'Nothing, I was just thinking about the summer before our second year, the prank war with Fred and George,' said Harry, smiling.

'That was a really good summer,' said Arabella, smiling fondly at the memory. 'Fred and George with blond hair –'

'-and blue skin.'

They laughed together at the image of the twins looking quite silly.

Arabella was now watching Harry. He looks so relaxed and carefree. And his eyes are truly wonderful and bright.

'What?' said Harry, also staring at her.

'Nothing,' said Arabella, shaking her head. 'It's your eyes, they're quite beautiful. Really brought out when you laugh.'

'Thanks,' said Harry, shrugging slyly.

'Don't be full of yourself, Mr Potter,' said Arabella.

'I'm not full of myself,' said Harry, huffing. 'Quite the opposite actually.'

'Really? Is that so?' asked Arabella, raising her eyebrows and leaning closer.

'Really,' said Harry, smiling.

Arabella didn't know what came over her, but due to something going on in her brain, she leaned in and kissed Harry, right on the lips. Harry was shocked for about a second before wrapping his arms tighter around her waist and returned the kiss.

Arabella suddenly realised what she was doing, snapped open her eyes, and moved away from Harry.

'I'm sorry,' stumbled Arabella, taking a step back. 'I didn't – I'm so –'

Arabella quickly turned around and ran out of the Great Hall. Harry stood there for a moment, unable to comprehend what just happened, but then took off, following her.

Thank you for reading! I honestly didn't know where I was going when I was writing the thing Arabella said to Nikola. In my head it sounded tuff. The dress should be on my account page.

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