Potter and Black: The Goblet of Fire

Something To Look Forward To

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Something To Look Forward To

Despite the fact that Arabella was wearing a dress, she was faster than Harry. She was running towards the Gryffindor Tower with Harry a few feet away from her. Arabella yelled out 'Fairy lights!' just as Harry was about to reach her and she entered the common room, Harry behind her. All the things Harry wanted to tell her disappeared as they both stood in the common room with Ron and Hermione, standing ten feet away from each other and shouting.

'Well, if you don't like it, you know what the solution is, don't you?' yelled Hermione; her hair was coming down out of its elegant bun now, and her face was screwed up in anger.

'Oh yeah?' Ron yelled back. 'What's that?'

'Next time there's a ball, ask me before someone else does, and not as a last resort!'

Ron mouthed soundlessly like a goldfish out of water as Hermione turned on her heel and stormed up the girls' staircase to bed. Ron turned to look at Arabella and Harry.

'Well,' he sputtered, looking thunderstruck, 'well - that just proves – completely missed the point -'

Arabella and Harry didn't say anything except watch Ron walk up the stairs to his dormitory. As soon as they heard the door close, Arabella tried to walk away but Harry held on to her hand.

'We have to talk,' said Harry, looking at her, but her eyes were on the floor.

'We don't have to do anything,' said Arabella, nervously and taking a couple deep breaths.

'We have to talk about what just happened,' said Harry firmly.

'No we don't,' said Arabella stubbornly. 'It meant nothing.'

'It obviously meant something.'

'Or it could have meant nothing.'

'So you're saying that if I kissed you right now, it would mean nothing?' said Harry, sceptically.

'Yes,' lied Arabella.

Harry cupped her face gently, leaned in and gave her a soft kiss. Arabella tried to stand still and not react, but soon found herself returning the kiss. She was gripping his sleeves, pulling him closer. This was a better kiss than the ones Nikola gave her. Nikola's were unpleasant and forceful. Harry's were nice, pleasant; it brought a shiver up her spine and put her into a state of blissfulness. If only Harry was the first person she kissed, instead of Nikola.

They were both so caught up in the kiss, that they didn't notice the portrait door open and a single person entering the common room.

'What the -?' said the voice. Harry and Arabella both jumped away from each other and looked at the intruder. It was Neville.

'Neville!' gasped Arabella. 'What did you see?'

'Um… you two… you know…' said Neville nervously, and then make a kissing noise. If it wasn't for the embarrassment going on around the room, Arabella would probably be laughing at what Neville just did.

'We weren't kissing,' said Arabella, in a quiet voice.

'But you were,' said Neville, smiling a bit.

'Listen, Neville, can you not tell anyone?' asked Harry, noticing Arabella's discomfort. 'Just don't mention it to anyone, please.'

'Sure,' said Neville, shrugging and walking towards the boys' dormitory. 'But people are eventually going to find out if you keep snogging in the common room.'

'But nothing happened,' said Arabella, speaking very slowing and emphasising each word.

'Something did –'

'Neville, what's your middle name?' asked Arabella.

'Frank,' said Neville, a bit nervous as to where this was going.

'Neville Frank Longbottom,' said Arabella, putting her hands on her hips and looking quite menacing. Neville looked frightened and even Harry back off a bit. 'If you tell anybody what happened, I will hide all your clothes around the castle and - just make Harry do something else to you.'

It was weird threatening Neville. Sweet Neville who would never hurt a fly. It was also possibly the most pathetic thing Arabella had ever come up in her life. She would never hide any of Neville's clothes in the castle and would most certainly not make Harry do something to him.

Neville could tell that Arabella's heart wasn't in her threat, even though she did look a bit scary. He gave a chuckle before walking up the stairs to his dormitory.

'You weren't very convincing,' said Harry.

'I know,' said Arabella.

'Did you threaten Nikola like that?'

'No, I was more confident then. The threat wasn't as stupid.'

'We have to talk. Just meet me back here in five minutes and bring the map, please,' said Harry before heading upstairs to the boys' dormitory.

Arabella walked up to her dormitory with butterflies on her stomach to see that all her roommates were fast asleep, to her relief. She quickly got changed into her pyjamas, took off her make-up and got the Marauder's Map from her trunk. She made her way down to the common room to find that Harry was already there wearing his pyjamas and holding his Invisibility Cloak.

'Where are we going?' asked Arabella.

'Somewhere we can't be interrupted,' said Harry. 'Let's go.'

Harry threw the cloak over both of them and the left the common room. They walked together for a while. Harry knew where he was going, Arabella was just following him. They stopped at the statue of the One-Eye Witch on the third floor. Harry took the cloak out and ducked behind the statue, pulling Arabella with him. They were squished together in the small space.

'How romantic,' mumbled Arabella sarcastically.

'I do what I can,' said Harry, shrugging. He leaned in and gave her a small peck on the lips, then pulled away and grinned at her.

'You really like doing that, don't you?' asked Arabella, trying not to look so happy.

'A bit,' said Harry, smiling, then turning a bit serious. 'Why did you run away before?'

'Because… you know…' said Arabella, fretting.

'No, I don't,' said Harry, waiting for her answer.

'During the summer you said we were just friends. I thought that you didn't want to be anything more, so I panicked and I just ran,' said Arabella, rushing her words and looking at the ground. 'Plus, what if it doesn't work out? Then it would be really awkward and we wouldn't be able to hang out anymore. Also, you deserve somebody else, someone who isn't deformed by the stupid scars on her arms or someone who has an eternal bad reputation in the wizarding community.'

'You're kidding me, right?' asked Harry, looking taken back and a bit appalled at her words. 'First of all, if this doesn't work out, then we'll figure something out then. Second, those scars aren't stupid. They show how brave and strong you are. Most people would have been completely destroyed with what happened to you, but you're not most people. You don't take shit from people; you give it back to them. You punched Malfoy two times, stood up for Hermione and Professor Lupin, stood in between me and Voldemort in our first year and protected Ginny in the Chamber, even when she was seconds away from death. You and me, we fought off a hundred Dementors and saved Sirius's life. You are the furthest thing from damaged, and if you still think you are, then we're both damaged.'

'You're not damaged,' said Arabella, shaking her head. She felt as though she was close to tears.

'And neither are you,' said Harry, then he cradled her face in his hands and looked her straight in her grey eyes. 'I don't know who told you this, but I have a fairly certain idea, but you're not some deformed monster with horrible looking scars. You're quite the opposite actually.'

'Oh, Harry,' said Arabella, hugging him. 'Thank you.' She really needed to hear that, especially after the shit Nikola told her before. Hearing it come from Harry made it seem better than of somebody else told her.

'So, you like me?' said Harry confidently.

'Yeah, started sometime the end of our first year,' said Arabella, blushing. 'You?'

'What makes you think I like you?' said Harry, teasing her.

'Because you ran after me and kissed me, like three times in one hour,' said Arabella.

'I started sometime during the summer before our second year,' said Harry. 'And neither of us knew?'

'Everybody else did, apparently' said Arabella. 'Do you know they all have bets on us?'

'Really? Who?'

'Ron, Fred, George, Bill, Charlie, Dean, Seamus, Neville, Ernie, Terry from Ravenclaw and some of the teachers,' said Arabella, trying to remember their names. 'Ron, Charlie and Terry said fifth year; Fred, Bill and Neville said sixth; George said summer between fourth and fifth; Ernie said that you will never have the guts to ask me out.'

'I do so!' said Harry, feeling insulted.


'Yes, I do,' said Harry. 'Arabella, will you like to go out sometime, and be my girlfriend?'

Arabella smiled before giving him a kiss. She drew back and said, 'No.'

'What?!' Harry whispered loudly.

'As much as I want to, and I really do,' said Arabella as he was about to open his mouth, 'you have to focus on the tournament. I don't want to be some sort of distraction. You have to focus on getting out of the tournament alive.'

'And if I do?' said Harry.

'Then we'll talk, but only after the end of the year,' said Arabella firmly. 'I promise.'

'Well, I'll need something to look forward to,' said Harry, sighing.

'But,' said Arabella, smiling cheekily, 'we can still kiss.'

Harry smiled before leaning in and kissing her. He wrapped his arms are her waist and brought her closer to him. Arabella placed her hands under his shoulder and behind his back. They stood like this for a while until –

'You two better get going,' growled a voice from the other side of the statue. Arabella was about to scream in fright, but Harry was covering her mouth. They looked around very slowly to find that it was Mad-Eye, who was wearing a sort of amused grin on his face. 'You're lucky it was me and not Snape or even McGonagall. I hear she's got a bet on the two of you. Fifth year. Go on, get going. Be happy I'm not docking any points for orderly behaviour.'

Harry and Arabella nodded gratefully before throwing the cloak over them and walked the opposite direction of Mad-Eye. Arabella pulled out the Marauder's Map and whispered, 'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.'

The map was truly a work of art. They were currently on the third floor. Snape was in his dungeon and Professor McGonagall was walking around the fifth floor. Filch and Mrs Norris were near the Great Hall.

'Okay, coast is clear,' whispered Arabella. 'Let's go.'

They walked back to the Gryffindor Tower and managed to get in the common room after waking a very grumpy Fat Lady up. Thankfully, the common room was empty. Harry took the cloak off of them.

'So, I'll see you tomorrow?' said Arabella, smiling a bit.

'Yeah,' said Harry, smiling. 'Are we telling anybody about this?'

'Not now,' said Arabella. 'Not until the tournament is over. Maybe sometime beginning of next year?'

'Sounds good,' said Harry. He gave her a kiss on her forehead before heading upstairs towards the boys' dormitory.

Making sure she was completely alone in the common room, Arabella gave a jump of joy and did some weird victory dance before heading to bed.

Thank you for reading! If it doesn't sound romantic, please don't hate me. I'm probably the most unromantic person in the world. I think I'm better at writing the stuff before they confess their love, like the subtle hints and meaningful looks. Also, I tried to make it somewhat funny, like when you're dating, but still act somewhat like friends, but then you all of a sudden go make out somewhere. But they're technically not dating yet... so yeah...

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