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Potter and Black: The Prisoner of Azkaban

By ArabellaBlack

Other / Adventure

The Breakout

So this is the third book! Hope you like it. Thank you for following, putting it as your favorite and writing reviews for the previous book. I really appreciate :)

Hope you like it :) This is the one I've been waiting for since I started writing the first book.

disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, just Arabella.

The Breakout

Arabella meet Remus outside the magical barrier and gave him a hug. Mr and Mrs Weasley were also there to greet them. Arabella gave Mrs Weasley a hug and thank her for the Christmas gift. Mr and Mrs Weasley thanked her for begin there for Ginny in the Chamber. Arabella said goodbye to Harry, Hermione and the Weasleys and went off with Remus.

'How's your arm?' asked Remus and they were walking behind the train station.

'Fine,' said Arabella. Remus took a hold on to her good arm and Apparate them to their house.

There were standing in front of their little cottage house just outside of Dufftown. The closest neighbour about a block away, but they had a lot of space to do whatever they wanted. Especially play Quidditch.

'So, Andy's here?' asked Arabella nervously.

'Yup, Mad-Eye's also here,' said Remus, walking towards the door.

'Mad-Eye? Why's he here? Not that there anything wrong with him or anything, but is there something going on?'

'No,' said Remus, walking into the living room. 'Just wanted to visit.'

Arabella walked into the living room and saw that Andromeda was sitting on the couch with her head in her hands. Ted and Tonks were also sitting on the couch, inching away from Andy. Mad-Eye Moody was standing near the window, looking out for something.

When they noticed Arabella's presence, Andy's head shot up. She took one long look at Arabella and pulled her into a bone crushing hug.

'Oh, my baby,' mumbled Andy. 'I'm so sorry that you had to go through all that. Are you okay?'

'I'm fine,' choked out Arabella, having some difficulty breathing.

'Dromeda, let go of her. You're suffocating her,' said Ted, teasing her a bit. Andy let go of Arabella and Ted hugged.

'Thanks Teddy Bear,' said Arabella.

'No problem Arry,' said Ted, letting go of Arabella so that Tonks can hug her.

Tonks managed to break a vase while walking the short distance to Arabella. Mad-Eye rolled his eyes and fixed the vase.

'Hello Daredevil,' smirked Tonks.

Arabella rolled her eyes and hugged her. Tonks took her chance and ruffled Arabella's hair. Arabella couldn't swat her hand away since her own hand was in a cast. She tried with the other hand, but was a bit slow.

'So, to what do we own the pleasure Mad-Eye?' asked Arabella, looking over at Mad-Eye.

'Nothing, just want to check up on you,' he said, coming to Arabella and giving her a pat on the back. She gave a grateful smile. 'You still coming to work with me in a couple weeks?'

'Wouldn't miss it for the world,' said Arabella.

'Why are you going to work with Mad-Eye?' said Tonks with a confused look.

'He wanted to show me how much you suck at being an Auror,' said Arabella, smirking at Tonks.

'Why you little – come here,' said Tonks, chasing her. They ran around for a bit, Tonks trying to catch Arabella who was too fast for her. This happened until Tonks tripped over on Mad-Eye's wooden leg. When she fell down Mad-Eye gave Arabella a wink.

'I win. Let's eat!' exclaimed Arabella.

They all ate some Lamb for dinner and made some conversations. After dinner, Arabella and Remus said goodnight to everyone and retreated to the couch near the fireplace.

'So,' said Arabella, nudging Remus.

'So?' said Remus.

'Did Dumbledore talk to you?'

'Yes,' said Remus, smiling.


'And what?'

'Are you the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher or not?'

'I am,' said Remus.

Arabella gave a small squeak and attacked Remus with a hug and some kiss on the cheek.


'Thanks – can you please get off of me?' teased Remus. Arabella let go of Remus and sat back on the couch.

'So, can I tell anybody or is this a secret?'

'Do you really want to tell your friends? Don't you want to see their reactions at the feast?'

'True, true. I'll wait, but Hermione'll probably figure it out before the rest of them do,' said Arabella.

'So, what happened down in the Chamber or do you not want to talk about it?'

'We just met Voldemort and saved Ginny.'

'Anything else?' asked Remus, raising his eyebrow towards her.

'Voldemort offered me to join his side and said that I would be his equal and he'd treat me like a Queen and other stuff,' said Arabella, tears springs to her eyes.

Remus gave her a hug and rocked her back and forth like how he used to do when she was little.

'Don't worry. Nothing's going to hurt you,' said Remus, kissing the top of her head.

'Sorry, it's just that, seeing him and talking to him. It was so scary. And seeing Ginny's body there in the Chamber. I thought she was dead. I thought that we were too late to get her,' said Arabella, more tears coming out. 'And then hearing that he wanted to give me to Bellatrix, Moony. I was so scared. I – I –'

'I know,' said Remus, keeping a tight hold on her. 'I know. She's got going to hurt you. And he's not going to hurt you. You're fine and you're safe. Everybody's safe. Don't worry. We're all here for you.'

It took some time until Arabella managed to calm down and her breaths became steady. Remus looked down and saw that Arabella fell asleep. He gave a little chuckle and stood up with her in his arms. Remus managed to walk all the way upstairs, into her room and put her to bed without her waking up. He gave her a kiss on the forehead and left the room to go to his.

Couple Weeks Later

'Come here… This way… Don't you want to see me…'

I do… Where are you…

She was running to so unknown voice…

'Quickly… Don't you care about me… Don't you love me…'

I do… I really do…

She kept running and running… There were so many doors… So many turns…

Then there was a flash of red light. She was too late…

'You never cared… It's all your fault…'

I care… I really care… Don't leave me…

Arabella… Please… Arabella… No…

'Arabella, wake up,' said Remus, shaking her.

Arabella's eyes flew open and saw that it was Remus.

'Oh, Moony,' she said, throwing her arms around him. 'You're alive.'

'Of course, I'm alive. I'm not leaving you anything soon,' said Remus, returning the hug. 'Did you have another nightmare? Your arms aren't bleeding.'

'It was a sort of nightmare. I mostly heard voices and a red light,' said Arabella, letting go of Remus. 'It was better than the other ones.'

'Why don't you get ready? Mad-Eye's here,' said Remus, leaving the room. Arabella got dressed really quickly, since her cast was off, and went downstairs, where Mad-Eye was waiting there for her.

'Ready?' he grunted. Arabella nodded.

Mad-Eye went through the fireplace first, then Arabella after she gave Remus a goodbye.

'So, what are we going to do?' asked Arabella curiously as they entered the Ministry.

'You said you wanted to be an Auror, right?' he said, walking towards the elevator.

'Yes,' said Arabella, as the elevator was taking them to the second floor.

'Well, this year's my last, so I wanted to show you what Aurors do,' said Mad-Eye, as they reached their destination.

'It's your last year?' said Arabella, shocked. 'But you're –'

'I know what I am,' said Mad-Eye who stopped walking. 'But I'm getting old and I don't know what I have left in me. This is the last batch I'm training then off to retirement.'

Arabella nodded, understanding where this is coming from. He one of the greatest Aurors and he deserves to take a break. He's lost an eye and a leg, who knows what else he could lose.

'Let's go,' said Mad-Eye, walking away. They walked through a long corridor until they reached two doors. They could hear some shouting and yells coming from the other side.

'This is the training room. Today they're going to go through an obstacle that I made with Kingsley Shacklebolt. You'll meet him later. Let's go.'

He opened the door to a large dark walled room. There were about a hundred something people in there, talking and messing around. They all became silent when they saw who opened the door.

Mad-Eye stood there for what seemed like an eternity, staring at all of them and giving them a hard look that said 'I'm the boss.'

'Today,' he shouted, 'you're all going to go through an obstacle. Failure to complete it and you're out of here. We'll be going this alphabetically, so Anderson, you're going first. We have a guest here today, so try and not to embarrass yourselves. You will not speak to her. You will not look at her. Ready? Go!'

Mad-Eye and Arabella stood in the sidelines as each trainee went through the obstacle. The obstacle consisted of twenty areas that they need to go through to get to the end. Some of them did really good. Others barely made it to the third part. Mad-Eye kept muttering under his breath when each trainee started.

'Your mom went through the same obstacle,' said Mad-Eye, turning to Arabella just as Nickerson started. 'She was really good at it. One of the finest Auror we ever had.'

Arabella nodded, not knowing what to say to that.

Finally, it was Tonks' turn. She gave Arabella a wink before starting. She made it through the first fifteen rounds before she got a big scratch on her stomach, but she kept going until she finished.

Arabella was about to cheer but decided against it, since she was sitting right beside Mad-Eye.

After Zinke was done, they all went out the door to get a shower and check on their wounds. Tonks stayed behind and went to where Arabella was sitting.

'Tonks! Get that cut looked at!' yelled Mad-Eye.

Tonks waved it off and gave Arabella a hug.

'How was I?' she asked, letting go of Arabella.

'You were great,' said Arabella, giving her a smile. 'But you really have to get that cut looked at.'

Tonks rolled her eyes before she left the room.

'What did you think?' asked Mad-Eye as they exited the room.

'It looked difficult,' said Arabella. 'Will they all get to be Auror?'

'Not all of them. We have a grading system, me and Kingsley. At the end of this year, we'll figure out who's in and whose out,' said Mad-Eye.

'Mr Moody!' came a voice ahead of them.

'What?' barked Mad-Eye.

'Mr Shacklebolt wanted me to get you. It's an emergency,' said the young man breathlessly.

Mad-Eye nodded and walked towards Kingsley's office with Arabella right behind him.

'Wait here,' said Mad-Eye as they were outside Kingsley's office. Arabella nodded as Mad-Eye entered the office.

Arabella stood out there for a very long time. She was so bored, watching all the Aurors running around frantically, trying to figure out something.

Finally, after a very long time, Mad-Eye came out from the office with a tall black man and some other wizards behind them. They all went their separate ways except for Mad-Eye and the dark wizard.

'Hello,' said the unknown wizard with a deep voice, sticking his hand out. 'I'm Kingsley Shacklebolt.'

'Arabella Black. Pleased to meet you,' said Arabella, shaking his hand.

'We're taking you home. There's some news we need to tell you and Lupin,' said Mad-Eye, limping towards the elevators.

'What's wrong?' said Arabella, as they three of them entered the elevators.

'We'll tell you when you get home,' grunted Mad-Eye.

They used the fireplace to go back home, where they met a curious Remus.

'What's wrong?' said Remus as he saw Kingsley right behind them.

Arabella shrugged her shoulders as she sat down on the couch.

'I'm Kingsley Shacklebolt,' said Kingsley, sticking his hand out for Remus to shake.

'Remus Lupin. You were in Ravenclaw, right? A couple years above me?' asked Remus, as he shook Kingsley's hand.

'I'm surprised you remember me, Remus,' said Kingsley, smiling.

'Enough chit-chat. Tell them,' said Mad-Eye, looking outside the window.

'Tell us what?' asked Remus.

'Sirius Black had escaped Azkaban,' said Kingsley.

'What?!' shouted Remus. Arabella's mouth was open and her eyes popping out.

'How did this happen?' asked Remus, furious.

'We don't know. This is the first time it has happened,' said Kingsley, looking tired and feeling miserable. 'The thing it that, during his last few weeks in Azkaban, he's been saying "They're at Hogwarts, They're at Hogwarts," in is sleep.'

Kingsley was looking at Arabella as he said that.

'You think he's coming for me?' she asked in disbelief.

'It's a possibility. You are his daughter,' said Kingsley.

Arabella looked at Remus as he looked even more furious.

'What now?' said Remus, through his clenched jaw.

'There's going to be some security at Hogwarts. I've talked to Albus Dumbledore in the morning about this and he agreed to it. We'll have some Aurors come around her occasionally just in case he decides to show up.'

'We're not going to be here starting September. I got a job in Hogwarts,' said Remus.

Kingsley nodded. 'They'll only be here until then. Keep an eye out; if you see something unusual call us.'

Remus and Kingsley shook hands as Kingsley left through the fireplace.

'You okay kid?' asked Mad-Eye, looking at Arabella.

Arabella nodded her head.

Mad-Eye shook hands with Remus, gave Arabella a pat on the back and left the living room to go back to the Ministry.

'How are you?' asked Remus, taking a seat next to Arabella.

'Fine,' mumbled Arabella.

'He's not going to get to you,' said Remus.

'I know.'

They sat there in silence for a while, not knowing what to say after hearing the news.

'What did he mean by "they"?' asked Arabella, after a while.

'What?' asked Remus, snapping out of his thoughts.

'What did Kingsley mean by "they"?' said Arabella.

'I don't know,' lied Remus. 'Why don't you go wash up for dinner?'

Arabella nodded and left the room.

Remus sighed and put his head in his hands. He wanted to tell her the truth, he really did. But he and Andy decided that she wasn't ready to learn it yet. How can a twelve year old girl learn that her father betrayed her best friend's parent? How can she know that her father is the reason why Harry is an orphan? It will ruin her and her friendship with Harry.

'Are you okay?' asked Arabella, re-entering the living room.

'I'm fine,' said Remus, standing up and walking towards the kitchen. 'We've having chicken today.'

'Did you make it spicy?'

'Of course I did.'

Thank you for reading :) Hope you like it!

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