Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 10

"Let's have a baby."

Emily's startled body moved away from Morgan.

"What?" Emily asked, shock evident on her face. Did Morgan just suggest this?

"You'd be a great mother and I'd be an awesome dad. Besides, I know how much you've wanted one."

Emily was actually considering it. Morgan did have a point. They would be the coolest parents ever. Emily had watched him with Jack and Henry and the role as a dad would fit him perfectly. But she still had her doubts.

"What about our jobs? Do you really think we could make it work? I mean JJ can because she has Will and Hotch manages because he has Jessica. We don't have people like that." Emily said, very disappointed.

She had really liked the proposal, but she was forced to look at the flaws of this plan.

"Garcia!" he said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "She can help us whenever we're out on a case."

Emily thought it over one last time before looking at Morgan with a big grin. "Okay let's do it! Let's have a baby!"

Morgan matched her smile and pulled her into a big hug. Emily's heart was beating rapidly. They were actually doing this. She was happy, nervous and excited at the same time. This was something she had never imagined happening to her. She'd had her chance when she was fifteen and then when she'd never found that special guy that someday would marry her she had lost all hope. Even when she'd started to develop strong feelings for Morgan she never thought he would suggest to have a baby. Any other day Emily would have beaten herself up for letting her tears spill.

"Hey, hey, hey... Don't cry, hun." Morgan tried to soothe her.

"I'm sorry... I was just so happy. We were gonna start a family and now it's all ripped away. Let's face it, you will never find me. I can pretend to keep my hopes up and all, but honestly, I know that I'm too far away. I love you so, so much. I'm not sure if I ever got to say that, but I really do."

Emily startled awake on the cold concrete floor. The tears running down her face was the only warmth she felt, but they also got cold halfway down.

They'd taken her to a basement somewhere in the house. She hadn't struggled or anything on the way there since wherever she was going was better than some horny old man. The real struggle began when they wanted to undress her and she had managed to keep them on for a good ten minutes before one of the men kneed her in the abdomen to keep her down and then ripped it open with a knife. Reflexes had made Emily curl into a ball as soon as her top was off, both because off the fact that she didn't want to show herself naked in front of these scums and also because of the cold that hit her. Then they had left her there, completely naked on the cold floor in a room with no heat. She didn't know how long ago that was, but she knew that hunger burned her insides and that she was getting weaker and weaker by the minute. That had been their plan with the cell. Make her weak enough so she wouldn't be able to over-power her clients. Their clients. They knew she would still put up a little fight, that was the special thing about her, but any man would win now. They could easily tie her up now and do whatever their sick fantasies allowed. Emily shivered, and pulled her knees closer under her chin. She wanted to fall asleep again, to see Morgan. The cold wouldn't allow it this time; she was still amazed that she had managed the last time.

Emily didn't have to think much more about it as the metal door suddenly opened, letting in some light that was way too bright for a woman who had been lying in dark all day. This time it was only one muscular guy that came to get her and she didn't resist when he tugged her arm to make her stand. She was still naked so she tried to hide herself from the man's hungry eyes. Even if the guards probably weren't allowed to be with the girls in that way, there was still a possibility that this one could disobey orders with the way he was looking at her. Especially now when they were alone in a dark basement with no one to tell him to stop, or kill him for not doing as he was told. Luckily, nothing happened. He just took her hand and dragged her out of the basement and up to a shower room where he wanted her to shower and then get dressed in just as revealing clothes as before. She wouldn't get to rest in a warm bed and gather her energy before being thrown into work again.

Instead she figured that she could stand in the shower a long time to get her normal temperature back. That wasn't what she wanted when she stepped under the water. It was cold. Almost as cold as the cell. She only wet her hair quickly and put shampoo in it, quickly getting rid of it again and when the dirt on her body was gone she stepped out again. The man was ready with a towel and she wiped herself off before putting on some clothes, that did nothing to get her warmer.

"Stop shivering." The man said coldly with a thick accent. "It doesn't look you attractive."

Emily rolled her eyes over the man's poor english skills. If he'd have stuck to arabic she would have understood him better.

She still tried her best to stop her shaking body, which she surprisingly succeeded with, and then followed the man out of the room. They proceeded through the same room they'd walked through when they'd first gotten there, where girls were giving men lap dance and now she could see that some were even given a blow job. Emily averted her eyes away from the scene, focusing on the man's hairy neck. When they stopped in front of a door, the man turned around.

"This time you gonna behave." He said threateningly before opening the door and pushing her inside.

The man inside looked at her. He had a broken nose and a bruise on his stomach that she had caused.

"Finally you're back. Now, where were we?"

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