Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 11

The pain was unbearable in a way she'd never felt before. She'd dealt with rapevictims a lot of times and always told them it would be okay. That was a big, fat lie, she realized now, and she promised herself that she would never say anything that she knew nothing about. It felt like something had broken inside of her and everything down there hurt in an excruciating way. Emily could only lie there, naked on her stomach, while that old bastard got dressed, talking about what a good time they'd had together. Together. As if the two of them had agreed on this and both of them had decided how to do that. He had untied her and probably expected her to get the hell up and out of there, but she just couldn't move. The long time spent in the cell had made her weaker than normal and it felt as if she could bruise from one single touch. In that case she would have a lot of bruises. He had touched her everywhere and not in a gentle manner. Emily had noticed from the very first words he spoke that he was from Germany. People did say that Europeans had crazy sex. No... She wouldn't think of this as 'have sex'... It was something much worse.

While he was talking Emily tried not to throw up, afraid of what would happen if she did. Did anyone ever throw up on them? How could they not? Especially after being forced to swallow his... God, how long was they in here? He'd forced himself on her in all ways possible and for a man his age it was surprising how many times he could come. Though, Emily would guess that he got more time with her since the last time she broke his nose. Or maybe he got her for less money. Why else would he come back? Why would he ever want her again? If only she hadn't fought back the first time maybe he hadn't stayed for so long. Though, it would definitely have hurt just as much.

Emily felt the bed shifting beside her and her eyes widened when a hand started stroking her hair.

"It was very lovely, Agent Prentiss," he said, his German accent breaking through his English. "I will be requesting you next time. You truly know how to fulfill a man."

That was it. Emily couldn't stop the bile for rising and she opened her sore mouth to empty her stomach, the little food she had there since she ate last time, whenever her mother's dinner was. The German jumped from where he sat and Emily was glad she couldn't see the expression on his face.

"Fuck!" He yelled. "You should be really glad that you didn't hit me or I would've taken you again and beat you to a bloody pulp."

"I think there's people here that wouldn't like that," Emily forced out, her throat hurting as she talked. He had forced himself in too far than what she could handle. There was a moment when she thought she would die because she couldn't breathe. He had repeatedly hit her gag reflex and loved every minute of hurting her that way. The man looked over her exposed body once more and decided that she was right. Emily knew they'd spent a great deal of money on her so she would probably have to stick along for a long time. Plenty of other old men who would play out all their sick fantasies on her. Every day, many times a day, until they felt that she was too old or too damaged to satisfy their customers. They had been careful so far to not hurt her too much, but she'd seen the girls that had performed lap dances, would she have to do that? And they had bruises that indicated that they'd been whipped. Would that happen to her too? Of course it would.

Whipped, spanked, caned, flogged and beaten with a belt. She'd seen the tools in the room. Just the thought of it made bile rise in her throat once more, but she took a deep breath to not throw up again.

The man kissed her cheek before pressing a button, a red one maybe, by the door. A buzzing sound rang in her ears and seconds later one of those muscular men came inside once again. He accepted some money before walking up to Emily's motionless body. Behind him, Emily could see that the older German left with an all too big smile on his lips.

"You've made quite the mess in here," the man sighed, irritated and pointed at the vomit. The man turned towards the door to get someone else in there and started talking in Arabic, no knowledge about that the girl on the bed could understand every word they said. "Should we throw her in the cell?"

"I don't think our boss would like that. She's already spent 12 hours in there since she came and she has clients lined up that's waiting to get a piece of her."

Emily tried not to react to what he had said, a very hard task, but she succeeded.

"So we'll just let her clean up here, give her a quick shower, get her dressed and send her into the next guy?"

"That's the way boss would like it. It gets easier after a while, following orders. I know you're not used to it, but it comes out with a prize. If we're good and behave he'll let us try out the girls." He shrugged and moved towards Emily to make her sit up. She'd learned some new stuff. This muscular guy was new so maybe he could be manipulated into helping her. He didn't like to follow orders at least so maybe she could use this to her advantage.

They made her sit and handed her a towel. She pretended to not know what to do with it and wiped her mouth before handing it back.

"Clean!" The smaller man said and Emily just stared at him, deciding whether or not to listen to them. If she didn't she could be here forever and wouldn't have to move on to the next client. So she decided to continue with the staring to let him know that she would not clean her own vomit. The man started to look impatient and broke of the stare with a roll of his eyes. "For God sake's, just clean up. We don't have all day, you have clients that's waiting." Emily still didn't move. The smaller man looked to the muscular one who sometime during her stare-down had moved to stand a little behind her and only a second after the smaller one nodded a hand gripped the back of her neck hard, making Emily gasp. He pushed her down towards the vomit, her face inches from getting dipped in it and the smell making her want to throw up again.

"Now clean or we'll do it with your face."

That was all it took for Emily to start with the towel. The men laughed as she did it and she had never felt this humiliated in her life. Though, these last couple of days were all humiliating.

When she was done the muscular guy handed her a robe and she thanked God that she wouldn't have to walk naked through the house. They led her to the same shower as before and helped to wash her, much to their pleasure. They'd probably do anything to touch her. To a beginning she struggled and told them she could wash herself, that she wasn't that weak, but they refused to let her and threatened to restrain her in the shower if she continued with the fight. She closed her eyes instead and took a deep breath as she felt their hands wash over her breasts, over her ass and finally between her legs. If Morgan would have seen this they would have already been dead. Why couldn't she do it? She was a trained Agent after all and should be able to get out of this situation, right? Emily felt helpless. There were too many guards to take down for only one person. One weak person who couldn't remember the last time she ate and who was in serious pain.

Emily didn't notice that they'd taken away their hands; she still stood with closed eyes.

"All done." The smaller man said and she could hear the smile in his voice.

She opened her eyes and regarded the two men closely as they dried her body with a cheap towel. Her eyes got wider when seeing the small bulge of the men's pants and she quickly looked up again. 'Please let them be done soon, please let them be done soon' she continued to beg to whomever would hear her. Soon she found herself dressed in a lace bra with matching thongs and was dragged through a corridor again. When would they let her rest? If only she could get something to eat and a little sleep then she would be able to think clearly and maybe get the hell out of there.


When Morgan heard they had caught the bastard at the New York airport he wanted to go back to the states immediately. He didn't care that there might be more to find in Moscow, he just needed to beat the crap out of Emily's poor excuse of a brother. They were dealing with the hardest case they've ever had; to track down their agent who had been sold and shipped of to somewhere in the world. It was probably impossible and they all knew it so beating up the cause of it was the only thing Morgan knew how to do. After questioning Igor Morgan had driven to the airport, with a lot of protests from JJ, but Morgan wouldn't listen to reason. She even got Hotch on the line to try and talk some sense into the man, but none of it helped. Hotch had promised to come to the airport too and help JJ with the impossible task of trying to stop Derek Morgan. He had arrived 20 minutes later and together they tried to convince one angry Agent to stay and wait until there was nothing left to do in Russia.

"We don't need everybody here for that, Hotch." Had been his strongest argument and it was very much true. "I just can't let my girl wait anymore. They will hurt her, they probably already have and I hate feeling this helpless." Morgan was quiet for some time drinking in their reactions. "We were planning on having kids. We were trying and I don't understand how she could just be gone when everything was great. We let her down. I let her down." Morgan slumped down in a chair. "I let my future child down."

JJ approached Morgan and sat down next to him, tears staining her cheeks. "You couldn't have known. All of us thought she was here to attend a couple of political dinners. We will find her..." JJ knew that it was a pretty big lie. They could try all they wanted, but the chance of them finding her was pretty small. Nobody had asked Reid about the statistics, afraid of the answer and wisely enough he had kept his mouth shut.

"Go." Hotch finally said. "But take JJ with you. We will handle things from here." Morgan rose from his seat and looked at his boss. "Oh, and give Evan a fist from me too."

So about 9 hours later JJ and Morgan found themselves in JFK airport and headed straight to the police station where Evan was currently being held. Morgan knew he would lose it as soon as he saw Emily's brother, but Hotch had probably sent JJ with him so it wouldn't go too far.

An officer led Morgan to an interrogation room. Evan had stayed in jail ever since they picked him up from the airport, waiting for the BAU to come back and question him. He saw Evan through the window and his anger got worse seeing him there okay while Emily was nowhere to be found.

Morgan took one deep breath before slowly opening the door.

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