Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 12

Evan looked scared as soon as Morgan entered the room. Damn right he should be. If Morgan could have it his way Elizabeth Prentiss wouldn't recognize her own son if they ever saw each other again. But this time Evan had several guardian angels to stop that from happening. They were in the form of JJ, the law and his own badge. Though, a part of him didn't care about the last two, but if he was going to find Emily he needed to be out of prison.

Morgan was at a loss of words when they finally stood across from where Evan sat. All the anger in him made it hard to talk without burtsting. JJ quickly got this and decided to take the lead.

"You know why you're here right?" she asked.

"Ehm, yeah-yes. I might know."
JJ rolled her eyes. 'Might know'. Yeah right.

"Can you tell us what happened?"

"I-I didn't have a choice. They were gonna kill me."

"So you gave them your sister?"

Evan was quietly looking down to his knees a couple of seconds before he answered.

"That was the only thing they wanted from me. I offered to search the streets for a prostitute or anybody to take her place, but they'd done their research. The prostitutes were too impure and my sister was a catch. That's what they said anyways. I'm sorry."

"Why did you make her profile good? You could've written in a way that they didn't want her anymore." JJ said, not noticing that her voice was starting to rise.

"I know, but what if they'd decide to kill me? I couldn't take that risk. You gotta do whatever it takes to live."

Morgan clenched his fist, restraining himself from jumping the younger man.

"Giving away your sister to some perves was the answer?" JJ said, starting to see just as red as Morgan. Hotch or Rossi should've gone here with him instead, they would have at least been able to control themselves better.

"But I made it right. I made it right." Evan said with a half smile that made both of the agents want to strangle him. "I called you guys and gave you clues how to find her."

He thought that was making things right? JJ scoffed. "Emily is gone, Evan. They've taken her to God knows where and I don't doubt that men have already hurt her in ways none of us thought was possible. And this will go on for a long time because the fact is, you sent your big sister away and there's no way to find her." JJ had become calmer, whispering those last words with tears running down her cheeks. Damn, that was not how an interrogation was supposed to go. Why was she crying? Why had she just spoken the words that had flown around in her head? Evan shed a tear too, but JJ felt no pity for him.

"Where's her things?" Morgan asked suddenly.

"What?" Evan looked towards Morgan and he took a step forward to get closer.

"The things she brought to Russia. I saw her computer, but all her clothes. Where are they?"

Evan got nervous and picked on his fingernails, just like Emily used to do.

"Well, I threw them in the lake," Evan murmered quietly, but loud enough for Morgan to hear and that was all it took for Morgan to jump him. He grabbed Evan's collar and pushed him up against the wall. JJ thought about helping Evan, who looked absolutely terrified, but JJ didn't because what he'd said made her want to hurt him too.

"Hey, please put me down. I didn't know what to do." Evan begged.

"So throwing her clothes in the water was the best option?" he asked and banged Evan's head against the wall.

"I just had to make mother think that she left. I had to get rid of her things so she would believe that Emily left."

Morgan banged his head against the wall once more. "This just makes you even more guilty. You lure her to Russia with some story that her mom wants her here, you take her out to a club, drug her and leave her barely consciouss to get taken. Then on top of it all you throw away her things so you wouldn't get caught. Guess what? You failed miserably and if I don't get her back you're going straight to hell." Morgan said, now inches from the younger man's face.

"Club X." Evan whispered through his erratic breathing.


"In Moscow. That's where the guys buying Emily used to hang. I met them there and that's where they took her too. You'll recognize them when you see them. I think they might own the place. Please, that's all I can give you."

Morgan looked at the sorry excuse for a man in front of him to see if he was lying. It didn't seem so. Before Morgan left he slammed his head right into Evan, satisfied when he heard the crack that effectively broke Evan's nose. Morgan let go of him, letting him sink to the floor and clutch his broken nose, and then charged out of the door. JJ ran to the man to help him up on his feet.

"Morgan?" she called after him, but he was already out of there. JJ waited until two police officers ran after Morgan, but he was nowhere to be seen. Where was he going?

She hadn't heard the conversation going on between the two men when they'd been so close to each other while JJ had focused on her own anger and how good it was to hear Evan's head connect to the wall. How could she have let that happen? This was bad.

JJ hurried back inside and ran to the room where they'd questioned Evan. God no, the man was out cold.

"What the hell happened, officers?" JJ asked acusefully.

"Well, we needed to feel if his nose was broken and there was a little blood. When he saw his own blood his eyes rolled back into his head and well... He's out."

"Then wake him up." JJ said and rushed over to the guy. She tried shaking him and calling his name, but nothing worked. Then she slapped his face too, but nothing.

"There's no point. We've called for an ambulance so they can take him in for tests, we will let you know as soon as he wakes up."

JJ shook her head and got up. This couldn't be happening right now. Morgan was gone and the only person knowing where he might've gone was out just because he had seen a little blood. She took out her phone and dialed Morgan's number. Straight to voicemail three times in a row. She sighed before dialing the number to her boss who answered after the second tone.

"JJ? How did it go?"

"He's missing."

"Evan's missing? I thought that..."

"No. Morgan is. Evan told him something and Morgan stormed out of there. His cell is off. I think he's going to find Em on his own and he knows exactly how to do it."


Disgusting. That was what she was feeling at the end of the day, night, whatever time it was when they finally let her back up to the room to rest. She'd jumped from room to room with only a shower in between and probably met six different men. Six guys who had forced themselves on her and used her body. She didn't know what was worse, the 60 year old man who'd really liked caning(with his own cane, of course) or the boy that hadn't been considered legal in the states. He had been nervous first, an obvious sign that it hadn't been his choice to be there, but a father of some kind. The guards had tied her up before he'd entered and she understood why when the bony boy entered. She probably would have won in a fight with him no matter how week she was, and she was week seeing how this was her fifth guy since she'd arrived. When he started by stuttering out an introduction of himself she had sat up more straight in the bed that was ten times better, if you didn't think about what its perpose was, than the ones in their room. This guy could be manipulated, she knew that. If she just used the right technique he could untie her and help her get away. She started with a nod towards the edge of the bed and he sat down quickly.

"I can see you don't want it just like I don't want it and you don't have to you know."

He looked up and met her eyes.

"But w-what about my d-dad?" he stuttered out. "He n-need me to do this. T-that's probably the o-only reason I got to c-come with him to Dubai."

"He can't control you like that. You have your own free will and it's way too early for you to engage in something sexual. And this is illegal."

"I'm scared. I-I don't wanna hurt anybody." he looked down on his knees."

"Then don't. Help me get out of here. Untie me and we'll run out of this hellhole."

"I will just get in trouble." He sighed.

"No, I promise you won't. Please, just help me out of here and you can come with me back to the states. No one will find you. Please..."

She hated that she sounded so desperate and that tears were threatening to fall any second. The young buy looked up to her again, letting two small words fall from his lips.

"Thank you."

If she'd have only heard the words she would have thought that he had taken her up on his offer, but the glimt in his eyes told her otherwise.

"What?" she asked, confusion written all over her face.

"It feels great hearing you begging. I know now how big my power is. I own you for the following two hours and you can do nothing about it other than being the obediant little whore you were born to be."

She opened and closed her mouth several times. What was she supposed to say to that? Where had he even learned to talk that way? "Please don't..." she started, but stopped as the younger man drew in a deep, loud breath through his nose.

"Ah, like music to my ears. I love being in control, thank you for giving it to me."

Fuck. That didn't go as well as she thought it would, she'd completely missread him. What a profiler she was, falling for his trick like that, or had it been a trick or had she just made him more confident by showing that she relied on him? Emily turned her head away when the boy pulled down his pants, she didn't need to see that. It wasn't staterory rape if he was the one raping her, right? No, she knew it wasn't, but she would probably forever hate herself for this. The boy was barely 16 and he was ready to jump her, a 40 year old. How could they even let a youngster like this in here. Fake ID maybe? She found out later that the place she was in didn't have an age limit in either sex slaves or clients. So as soon as a boy reached the beginning of his puberty he could come here. They could come even before they got it up to do other stuff. The thought made Emily sick to her bones and she didn't have time to brace herself before her underwear, if you even could call them that, was torn off and the boy rammed into her with a force she wouldn't have imagined he was capable of. The surprise of it all made her scream. She screamed and she hated herself for doing so.

Now she was lying in her own bed, or if you could call it her bed, the real one was in DC in an apartment she shared with Morgan.
Morgan. She'd been with other men, or more correctly other men had been with her. How would Morgan ever be able to look at her again, let alone touch her. She was damaged goods. Dirty. Unworthy. No man would ever love her again.
The worst was that she hadn't fought back on all of them. Maybe just in the beginning, but she had been quick to give up. Too quick. Everyone though Emily Prentiss was strong, hell she thought so too, but now when she was on that bed, completely alone in the room, she knew she wasn't strong. She hadn't even said no to the last one, she'd just lain there lifeless, hoping that if she stopped being a tough FBI agent and instead a broken doll they would get rid of her, however they'd do that. She didn't know them enough and hadn't heard any rumours so her guess was that the only way out of there was death. The chance of them letting her go after all this was probably slim to none unless they thought she was too broken to even remember her own name.

Emily promised herself that she would never go that insane, but how was she going to keep this up. Being thrown from man to man, every single one of them degrading her more than the last, was not how she had planned her visit to Russia, she'd choose her mother's political shit over this anyday.

Suddenly she heard someone sniffle and she turned to quickly for her body to handle towards the sound. It was Anya. She was sitting in the corner of the room, she always chose the corners, and she was crying. She did not look as bruised as Emily was, obviously the young girl hadn't even thought about fighting the big men. That didn't mean that the young girl wasn't already damaged. She'd lost her virginity that day by some pervert and Emily hadn't stopped it. She had tried of course, but not near hard enough. When seeing the girl she finally made an effort to sit up, despite how sore she was.

The girl didn't look up, she just sat there and cried into the corner. It took a long time for Emily to work her brain for something to say that wasn't too stupid, but in this situation there wasn't much Emily could do to make things better.

She cleared her throat and the girl got quiet. "I'm sorry, Anya. I know those words doesn't help and I promise that..."

"Like you promised to fight and that we would get out of here before we got hurt? If you can't keep them I don't wanna hear them." Her voice was trembling and she sounded just as weak as Emily, but she was right. Emily had told her that, but spending all day with different men who just made her weaker and weaker made her doubt her own words. Maybe it wasn't too late. Sure, every fiber in her body were sore and there was a lot of guards around the premasiss, but if she got some rest now and some food she could really work out a plan to get out of there. Not that she would have anything to return to. She wouldn't be able to look into their eyes and they wouldn't be able to look at her after knowing what the different men had done to her, but she would get them out for Anya's sake. To think that Emily had given up. She'd forgotten all about promises she'd made. Not anymore. As soon as she got her chance she would get the hell out of there and run to the nearest police station. They could storm the place and get everybody to safety. Maybe she could call Morgan too. Just to let him know that she was okay. That sounded like a good plan, but only if she got that far.

"I will get us out of here. I will, just give me time to do it." she said and hoped that she sounded as convincing as she had meant to. She didn't want Anya to hear the weakness in her voice; it wouldn't add to her hope.

"Sure." Anya said and turned her face back into her corner.

Emily fought against her pain to get out of the bed and walked with small steps over to the young girl who clearly needed to be held, even Emily needed that kind of love. Carefully she reached out her hands and pulled the younger girl into her arms. Immediately the girl clung to her and Emily felt her shoulder getting wet from her tears. Deep inside she knew that she once again had made a promise she couldn't keep, but she would try. No matter how hurt she'd get along the way she would get all these girls to safety.

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