Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 13

Another night passed, of that she was sure. Anya slept close to her, waking her up every now and then because of some terrible nightmare. Emily was sleeping too, but it was all but peacefully. She couldn't stop worrying about when someone would come in and get her, come in and get Anya.

Emily didn't know what it was that made her feel much stronger today. Perhaps it was the few hours of sleep, the fact that she'd actually gotten fed or the renewed will to survive. Someone came to get her before Anya and it was painful to let go of the young girl, but this time she had to if she wanted them all to get out of there. They did like they always did, showered her and dressed her in some new lingerie, before taking her to a room that pretty much looked like all the other.

The guy who walked in minutes later did look strong, she had to give him that, but she still needed to get out of there. She shouldn't wait much longer, she probably wouldn't feel this strong again. When the new guy came in she stood quietly in her bra, panties and high heels, letting him look her up and down like a lion eying his pray. She didn't do anything, just watched quietly as he tied her hands to the bedpost with two scarves. There really was no plan so far, but if she just managed to get him down quietly then maybe she could take out the guards too. Only problem was that there were so many guards to knock out around the premises. She thought for a moment and decided she had nothing to lose. If they would catch her, fine, she would try another time.

The guy turned her so she was lying flat on her stomach while his hands moved down to unclip her heels. She could feel him crawl back up against the length of her body, whispering things of nothingness. That's when Emily took her chance. She hooked his head between her legs and squeezed tightly so the man wouldn't be able to breathe, and therefor all his words got strangled. She turned her body around to get a firmer grip around the guy and when she was sure he had stopped struggling she let go, waiting a couple of seconds before she started on the knots tying her hands to the bedpost. When she was finally free she didn't really know where to go next, but she decided to strip the guy of his clothes and got dressed in them. The pants was a little too long so she folded them to make it easier to run away. There was no chance any of the guards would think she was a man, but it was much better than to run out in no clothes at all. She counted to three before pressing the button by the door that would make the guards enter. Not even ten seconds later, as if on cue, the guards came in. Emily was prepared to grab the first one around the neck, kicking the back of his knees to make him fold. The other guy was quick to react, but Emily dodged his blow, followed by a kick in his guts. The guys weren't completely down, but she couldn't risk them to overpower her so she took a run for it. There were guards in the corridor outside the room she was in too, but she couldn't waste a minute. She ran past them all, well aware that they started to reach for their guns and charged after. They only had time to react before she was down the stairs. Surprisingly enough they didn't shoot her and they stopped chasing her. It almost seemed too easy getting past them all, but at that moment she didn't care. She was so close to the exit. On the way out she only had to give three guards a blow to either their face or their gut. Adrenalin kept her running far away from that house, only looking back once to see if someone was following. No one did, but still she kept running a great distance away from the house. It was like she didn't dare to stop, afraid that something was going to jump her. She would keep the pace up, as good as she could, until she reached a police station. Until she reached someone who could help her and contact her team.

Back at the house, the brunette had escaped from, it was almost too calm. The boss was out quickly when hearing people yell to know what was going on. He saw the young woman clad in men's clothes running down the stairs. He put up his hand to keep the guards from shooting her or running after her and walked slowly down the stairs to see her running out the door. He saw her hit some of his men, but he didn't care. A big smile was spreading on his lips when standing in the doorway to see her running farther and farther away. The woman finally showed the fighter in her after losing her hope. He hadn't liked that; he bought her for a reason.

"She's running away." One of the guards stated the obvious. "Why can't we just shoot her in the leg. It will heal."

The boss just shook his head, still grinning widely. "She won't get far. Allah will bring her back."

Of course Derek was positive something would go wrong in his plan to save Emily, but the anger rushing through his body kept him going. He purchased the next ticket back to Russia. Evan would probably tell JJ exactly what he'd told Morgan and the team would go check it out before Morgan put his foot back in Russia. They would be two steps in front of him, but that shouldn't stop him. The hard part would probably be to get out of the airport without any of them seeing him, because surely they would realize where he was going. He had withdrawn a lot of money from his account so he wouldn't have to pay with card; he didn't want Garcia on his tail. It was a long trip to Russia; the way back felt more painful than ever. He didn't care how much he had spent going back and forth, it was worth every penny if it meant he might get Emily back. Maybe he should've felt guilty for leaving JJ behind, but honestly he didn't. Only one thing was on his mind and he would get it.

The plane landed an eternity later in Moscow and he was quick to jump out of his seat. He was wearing sunglasses and a cap, but he doubted he was unrecognizable to whoever was waiting for him by the baggage claim. Now he just needed a clever way to avoid being seen. Though, he still wasn't sure if they would actually stand there and wait for him, but something told him they would. If it was anyone else in his shoes he would've guessed that they were to go back to Russia and he would have staked out the airport.

Exiting the plane, he rushed towards the baggage claim, always checking the signs where to turn. Moscow's airport was not nearly as big as New York's so it didn't take him long to reach it. However, he stopped just before reaching his destination, still sure that someone would be there to catch him. He took his opportunity when a large group of people passed him and was about to walk out to get their luggage. Staying close to the group, he was sure he could sneak out undetected and catch the closest cab. He didn't dare to look back to see if someone saw him, if he saw them they would see him. He made it safely to a cab and told the driver where to go. Morgan wondered slightly if they'd already visited the club. His plan might be harder if they had, but he refused to let it go.

The sign for the club was visible just as they pulled up on the street. It was a giant pink X that was lighting up the street. The club was open, luckily, so he was positive that they would be there. They just had to. He paid the cab driver with the few rubles he had left, keeping his eyes on the building while doing so. Evan had told him the two men would be easy to recognize and he was right. As soon as Morgan entered the busy club he spotted the two men that were much nicer dressed than anyone else in there. They were both standing by the bar so he took the empty chair next to them and ordered a beer. He listened in on their conversation a little, one of them had a thick Russian accent while the other talked perfect English, to hear if they would mention any locations, but they were only talking about gambling. They did mention some girls. Never a location, but that they were getting new ones and had to sell them. When Morgan ordered his second beer he felt ready to talk.

"I couldn't help but overhear about your girls." He started and immediately attracted the two men's attention. "I'm trying to buy some girls, that's why I'm in Russia."

"Is that so?" The American guy asked.

"Yes, I'm new to this business, me and the guys only have 3 girls." Morgan cursed at himself for being such a bad liar right now. There was no way they were going to buy it. "I visited your website, but the good ones were already gone you know? I need a really sassy girl. One that would give my clients a little fight."

"You like the fierce ones, huh?" The Russian guy grinned. "Understandable. They can be hard to find; not all our whores have that will to survive."

"Exactly. The girls I have just lie there like some fucking rag doll. We need the pleasure of a fight. Hell I need that pleasure." Morgan decided to sound a little more angry and was disgusted by the words leaving his mouth.

"If we get your number we can let you know when one of those girls come out on the market."

"That would be great. Even though I quite enjoyed some of the girls that was already sold. Is there any chance that I could get a location so I can fly out and get me some?"

"Our clients don't want us to give out information like that to just anybody. We might be able to provide a country but that wouldn't get you far." The American guy explained.

"I understand. It's just sad that I missed my opportunity," Morgan said and took a sip from his beer before looking at them with a grin. "But tell me this, how the hell did you manage to get your hands on an FBI agent? I'm really impressed."

The Russian guy narrowed his eyes for a few seconds and Morgan was sure he was caught, but the narrowed eyes soon turned into a wide grin.

"I see where you're going. Let me tell you: the bitch never knew what was coming for her. She deserved it." Morgan wanted to kick his ass right then and there. What had Emily ever done to deserve something like that? No one deserved what they were doing. Morgan couldn't tell him that so instead he chuckled as he took another sip from his beer.

"I hear ya. They all deserve it the way they're whoring around."

The men laughed and raised their glasses as to say cheers. "You're alright." The Russian guy said. "Tell you what, why don't you come in to our office tomorrow at 2 and we might have a proposition for you." Morgan accepted his card with an address and a phone number. He quickly finished his beer and told them he would see them the next day. Even if he didn't want to wait another day and delay finding Emily, it was the best he could do. At least he was one step closer.

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