Consanguinity kills the cat

Chapter 14

Morgan was pretty much right when it came to the team. JJ called Hotch as soon as Morgan had left. She told him exactly what had happened and that whatever Evan had said was a clue to where Emily was. JJ didn't need to say more for Hotch to understand that Morgan was most likely on his way back to Russia. They estimated that he wouldn't be back for at least 12 hours so JJ's sole assignment was to patiently wait until Evan woke up and then tell Hotch. That way the team members in Russia would beat Morgan to wherever he was heading.

Evan had been taken to the hospital, unfortunately, and JJ sat in one of those dull waiting rooms, glancing towards the clock every five minutes. The time ticked by slowly which made the wait excruciating. So far she didn't even know what was wrong with Emily's little brother, but one thing she did know was that the blood couldn't be the only reason for the younger man to pass out. Hotch called ever so often for updates, but JJ couldn't tell him much and neither could he. It went slow even in Russia. The men who took her hadn't left any clues, heck they didn't even know from where Emily had disappeared. They were chasing someone that people didn't want to get found.

JJ wasn't sure, but it had to have been an hour later that a nurse came out to the waiting room and approached JJ. It was the same nurse she had talked to when Evan got checked in. JJ had gone in the ambulance with him in case he would wake up on the way. Of course he hadn't.

"Agent Jareau, sorry to keep you waiting, but we had a lot of other patients to deal with."

JJ wanted to be angry with the woman who practically admitted that she had forgotten to inform her about their prisoner's condition, but the exhaustion the woman showed made it hard to be. "It's okay." She answered instead. "Is he awake?"

"Unfortunately, not yet. Mr. Prentiss is very dehydrated and is close to enter the stage of starvation which his body reacted to and shut down." The doctor answered and JJ sighed. This was just what they needed to add on all of this.

"Will he be okay?"

"We're giving him IV now and hopefully his body will get the nutrition it needs." The nurse answered truthfully and looked down to her journal to see if she'd forgotten anything. She closed it again and looked up at JJ. "I'll inform you if anything changes."

"Please do." She wanted to add 'if you remember to', but left that part out and decided to call Hotch instead. As soon as the nurse was out of sight she pressed her speed dial.

"Any news?" Was the first thing he said.

JJ sighed and rubbed her forehead. "Yes. He's dehydrated and starved. He's still out. My guess is that everything he planned with Emily got him so stressed that he didn't eat or drink..."

"And then the anger and the blow from Morgan was the last straw?"

"Yes, Evan didn't look so good when Morgan was interrogating him. He pushed Evan too hard."

"Okay, we'll stake out the airport and get him before he's able to do anything more. You just wait and hopefully he'll wake up before Morgan gets here."

JJ nodded even if no one on the line could see her and then hung up. She didn't want to talk anymore, knowing that her voice would sound cracked and that the lump in her throat would be obvious. She hung her head between her legs and closed her eyes, tears burning behind her eyelids. Now both Emily and Morgan were gone. Of course she knew approximately where Morgan were, but it hurt her that he would just take off and leave her like that. And Emily... She had no clue about what Emily was going through. How long had she been gone? 3, 4 days, she didn't know, but JJ was sure she'd been gone long enough to be hurt. In some way. Probably the worst ways possible.

JJ glanced to the clock again. This time it had moved quite a bit. How long had she been sitting there crying? Must have been close to two hours. It didn't feel like it. She hated it. Evan needed to wake up now if they were going to get anything out of him before Morgan would try to go on with his plan. Try being the magic word, because she was sure Hotch would catch him when he left the plane.

A few nurses started to run and a big commotion was going on inside of the emergency rooms. JJ felt her heart drop and gripped the edge of her seat, the cell she was holding cutting into her skin. It couldn't be Evan they screamed Code Blue to. It couldn't be. The emergency doors closed and she couldn't do anything else but to wait for news. A quite sweaty nurse came out to the waiting room ten minutes later. She held a journal in her hand and was glancing around the waiting room to find the person she was looking for. She did and approached a young man who couldn't have been more than 20 years old. The nurse looked into her journal, even if she knew what she was going to say, and looked up at the man with sad eyes.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Jones. You're sister didn't make it." And those words were the only thing it took for the man's world to break apart.

JJ felt pity for the boy, but at the same time she was struck with relief that it wasn't Evan that had died. No matter how much JJ despised the man they needed him to find Emily.

Hotch's phone called just as they got into ambassador Prentiss' car and he answered at the first signal.

"What have you got?"

"Morgan used cash when buying the ticket, but I saw him entering a plane about an hour after he left JJ," The normally chirpy technical analyst told him.

"Then he is on the way here and shouldn't arrive in quite some time."

"Please just stop him before he does something stupid," Garcia pleaded with Hotch.

"We'll try," Hotch said before breaking the call.

The men in the car got quiet as they drove towards the inner city of Moscow to later continue to the airport. It was early to go there now, but they didn't have much left to do in Moscow. They'd searched through Emily's suitcase, coming up with nothing, Emily's computer, once again nothing, and the both siblings' rooms, nothing. They knew that Garcia was frantically trying to hack into the website's database so they could get some information on Emily's buyer or the people behind the site. It was a hard wall to break, but if anyone could do it Garcia could. Even if she'd earlier sounded as if it was hopeless. If only they got a country they would have somewhere to start, but right now they were at zero. The only thing they could do was to sit and wait for something to happen. It was killing them all.

They didn't have much time to waste either. 2 days had already gone by, 12 more days would go by just as quickly. Much time would be wasted on traveling. JJ and Morgan had already spent 24 hours flying. The only sleep the pair had gotten was sitting in an airplane, if they had chosen to sleep or been too worried. Elizabeth Prentiss had been kind enough to offer the remaining three agents beds to sleep in and after realizing that there was nothing more to find they took her up on her offer, if only for a couple of hours. Sleep was important if they were going to get somewhere.

When they arrived to the airport it would be several hours before Morgan's flight would touch ground so they sat down at a café and ordered some food. Hotch kept an eye on his phone the entire time even if the sound was on. He was anxiously waiting for JJ to get back to him with some news about Evan.

It was about an hour later when Reid had just fallen asleep on one of the airport's seats and Rossi and Hotch was ordering another cup of coffee that JJ called them.

"Is he awake?" Hotch said.

"No, they sedated him." JJ said angrily. "He woke up and panicked, yelling for Emily and they put him to sleep."

"Okay, JJ, calm down. Morgan will be here in a few hours and we'll be here waiting for him. He won't get far on his own."

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